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January 11, 2001
AC JoV Guildpage

Some AC sites still point to the main WTFMan or here page as the correct place for information on the Asheron's Call Joy of Villainy guild. It's not, so here is the correct JoV Guildpage URL.

11:00am EST -Nighthawk

Monday November 27, 2000

I would have sworn that I mentioned several times that I was only updating the main page. All of the posts here on JoV are mirrors of what I was posting over there and about February 2000 I decided that posting everything twice was stupid. I mentioned what I was doing earlier, but if you came in late and didn't see that update, it looks like this site was abandoned. Well, this "section" of WTFMan is, I guess, but we still post occassionally (but not often) on the main page. All the news from this page will remain here in the Achieves below.

To answer some questions before I again direct you to the main page, I most assuredly DO NOT play that shitty, overpatched and antiquated piece of shit game Ultima Online. Don't send me questions asking me where to find UO Autopilot or anything else, because I don't keep up with the game anymore so my information is very out of date. If there are broken links in the links section, I'll happily remove them, but I won't research where the correct website is for you.

If you have any Asheron's Call questions or whatnot, feel free to email me. Hell, just about any topic except UO is encouraged (except for begging for links).

8:00am EST -Nighthawk

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