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July 1999

Saturday July 31, 1999

Saw this link over at the MoB site on I laughed, omg, I fuckin laughed.

The link is to two screenshots of when someone hacked a guy who had a digital "see-you see-me" camera setup on his system. They hacked him with Back Orifice and they completely tooled him. Go to the Back Orifice 2000 Screen Shots of the Week.

Look at both those screenshots. I think I would have that exact same look on my face. =)

9:11am EST -Nighthawk

Fuck Siege

I think that sumarizes my feelings on that shard. Goddamn them for fuckin up such a cool idea. They couldn't just make it like other shards with no recall, 3x expensive non-buying NPCs and no stat loss. No, people would actually enjoy that... can't have that.

No, OSI had to screw it up so that it took me 30 minutes to get from 0.0 Tactics (how the hell do you have 0.0 tactics?) to 2.3 tactics. At that rate, I would soon be on a plane to Austin to shove a developer's head so far up his ass he'd be wearing himself as a hat. So, to avoid that, I quit Siege.

I've gone back to my happy, asshole-ridden home shard of Baja. It's good to be home.

7:29am EST -Nighthawk

Friday July 23, 1999
Siege Perilous

I believe we're looking at a wipe on this shard here soon. A JoV member spoke to an elder counselor last night for an extended amount of time and came to understand that GMs have deleted some towers on SP. Apparently, there is some type of dupe bug that they cannot take care of...

I think a wipe is on the way... *sigh*

12:49pm EST -Nighthawk

Thursday July 22, 1999

OSI pulls a 180 on me. They not only removed the stupid skill/stamina bullshit, but when you log into SP they actually have a voting screen come up about wiping the shard. Umm... wow... they're listening...

*NH walks off stunned at the sudden increase of customer service*

9:44am EST -Nighthawk

Wednesday July 21, 1999
Goddamn OSI

Everytime they do something cool, they fuck it up. On the Siege Perilous shard they have made some alterations with this morning's maintanence. If you snoop, swing, herd, or bascially anything, you lose stamina. Guess what you can do with low (not full) stamina? NOTHING.

You cannot perform any skills - not even anatomy or eval int. I understand how that might be an anti-macroing technique, but that's just stupid. Snooping and anatomy taking away 10 stamina... how gay.

What's funny is that they probably think that this will decrease macroing. Hahahah... let me get this straight, if I'm out in the wilderness and I try to actively use my skills for gain, I could get killed from not being able to run and swinging my weapon slow as hell. OR, I can sit in the safety of town and set my macro delay so that it waits for the 10 stamina to be regenerated. Gee, that's a tough one. Idiots...

8:07am EST -Nighthawk

Monday July 19, 1999
More SP Talk

The reason I like SP is because you have to be a pro to be able to survive and thrive. Considering I cannot macro at all lest I risk perma-banning, I think I've progressed my character nicely.

Also, SP has brought back several of my favorite UO players of all time. Ronald McDonald, Zander, Dalamar, and Sir Richard to name a few Baja old schoolers. This is going to be a very unhappy to shard to be on here within the next couple of weeks.

I'm sure we're not the only hardass old schoolers who are going to make this our playground. Goddamn I love competition. I think this shard will be solid red soon. Sweet.

1:51pm EST -Nighthawk

Siege Perilous

I've found a lot of things to be pretty funny on this new shard :

  1. The Shadowclan Orcs are basically a bunch of gangbangers who roleplay. I went to their fort, gave a tribute (as requested) and was there for a total of 2 minutes before 10 other orcs came up (aside from the original 5 who asked for a tribute), all asking for a tribute. Eventually, you have to say no, no matter how badly you want to see these marvels of role-playing. :/ At that point, plan on running or killing one or two before being overwhelmed. Several of them did ask me (before attacking) if I was the hummie with the skypage - at least that was nice.
  2. If you kill or challenge someone, they will inevitably tell you how they have a Glorious Lord or a Grandmaster Mage (how rare!) on whatever shard they normally play.
  3. The exception is when someone is a badass. I've found some quiet folx with some decent skills.
  4. Most importantly : the shard is a challenge.

I'm fuckin thrilled it's here. I wish they had gotten rid of one aspect of the game that has allowed people to get rich for doing nothing. I hope they wipe SP, take that out, and start over since it's a "test" shard. But, even if they don't, I'll be there. Makes me sick how much effort I've put into Baja just to go to another shard... ugh.

7:21am EST -Nighthawk

Friday July 16, 1999
No updates

It's been a hectic week here at work with the move of our NOC to another part of our building. So, sorry for the lack of updates, but I've been busy.

I'd like to congratulate my good friend and JoV member Jesus H Christ on his win in the recent magery competition held on Baja. He won 100k for his efforts... not bad, eh?

Also, I've been asked a lot whether I'm going to be on the SP shard. In short, hell yes.

8:27am EST -Nighthawk

Wednesday July 7, 1999
Two quick things

BTW, I added a link at the top of this news page to the Commando Movie in what I hope will turn into a Flash3 movie collection eventually. For right now, it's just that one...

Also, I'll be going through the links, adding new links to New Links and removing dead links.

9:47am EST -Nighthawk

OKC Confirmed

I will be at the player gathering in OKC. If you want information on attending, click here.

In other news, UO is getting pretty redundant. Thus why there have been no big updates here recently. I've basically been going around and killing greys in Deceit, Shame and Destard. No big deal, so no big update.

For anyone who complains about the lack of updates, just remember - I'm just another player. I can only generate so much interesting stuff. Granted, as you can tell by the events over the past month or so, interesting stuff seems to follow me, but honestly, I can do without the bannings and ebay scandals.

If anything interesting happens tonight (to me or to someone who submits something), then there will be a posting about it tomorrow. Otherwise, I probably won't post anything (except for some links) until I get back from my weekend in Oklahoma.

9:38am EST -Nighthawk

Tuesday July 6, 1999
The weirdest shit happens to me....

Well, this isn't UO related, but what happened to me in RL last night definitely made it on my "stuff that doesn't happen to most people" list.

I came home with my date from seeing South Park again to find my door slightly open. Thinking it might be my ex-roommate picking up some things he'd left behind, I walked inside yelling, "hello?" I heard movement upstairs, but no answer. By the time I got to the bottom of the stairs, an intruder was coming down them.

I won't get into extraordinary detail, but lets say that he wasn't small and it was a complete pain in the ass to keep him subdued long enough for the police to get there. We even wrestled over near the kitchen where he pulled a very large knife that was in my kitchen knife set. I naturally let him go at that point, but followed him long enough to see him throw it down outside my condo. After grabbing him again outside and asking the neighbors to call the police to tell them where we were (so they could find us), they finally arrived and arrested him.

Weird. So, needless to say, if you were wondering why I wasn't in game/on icq last night - that's why. :/

7:27am EST -Nighthawk

Sunday July 4, 1999
Oklahoma! Oklahoma! Oklahoma!

(that's a Dirty Rotten Scoundrels reference for you non-movie addicts)

Guess where I'm gonna be next weekend? That's right, I'm going to be at the UO Player Gathering in Oklahoma City, OK if I can get Sunday the 11th off. So, those of you who wanna meet the man (ugh), that's where you need to be. Probably my gf (Trinity) and my ex-roommate (Jesus H Christ) will be attending also... at least I hope so, because I'm not driving 960 miles without company.

Anyhow, If I can drive that far, I assume that some of you folx from the mid-west will find a way to get there. Hopefully, I'll cyall there. =)

6:44pm EST -Nighthawk

South Park

If you are even remotely a South Park fan, I highly reccommend this movie. Hilarious.

However, it is not rated R because it's a tame movie. This has to be the most vulgar movie of all time. This movie makes Jiggiby look like one of the Brady Bunch. In all the works of Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor and George Carlin, there have never been so many curse words spoken. It is not a cute cartoon for the kiddies.

But, for those of us who can find that funny, it's perfect. Brace yourselves for a lot of songs tho. They do have a song called "Uncle fucker", which is extraordinarily amusing.

Anyhow, go see this movie. Beware of Saddam, he's a sick fucker.

8:21am EST -Nighthawk

Thursday July 1, 1999

Ok, enough goddamn crying. Thankfully I was not perma banned, only 24 hour p-boxed. I think it's time to stop macroing new chars since I obviously have a bullseye on my back.

Anyhow, Brules sent me a thing about a player gathering that will be occuring in Oaklahoma City, OK on July 10th that he will be attending. You can get further details on it here. Maybe we should hold a player gathering in Atlanta so I can meet some folx in rl.

1:40pm EST -Nighthawk

It's great. It's horrible.

That's what it's like to be me in game. There are days when everything just swings my way. And then there are just days when I just get dicked.

Last night I was macroing up my new guy. I turn on my monitor to find myself in the Buc's Den "you've been macroing" place. I try to log in to go home and my account is blocked. I'll be honest, this is the second time in two weeks I was caught macroing. I went from macroing to my tower in the middle of a large spawn area (figuring someone passing my reported me) to macroing in my large forge in the corner of a very sledomly traveled swamp.

I'm not saying that I'm being targeted because of all the bullshit here recently, but it certainly sucks. I was macroing a fisherman on my friends 2nd account IN TOWN and he didn't get thrown in "macroer jail". Funny how me in the middle of nowhere gets caught but my friends account on my 2nd computer in town was left alone completely. I'm hoping it's just a 24 hour ban or some shit. I'm not fighting to come back again....

Anyhow, the long and short of it is to be careful about macroing... apparently, they will find you (or at least me) in the damndest places.

7:44am EST -Nighthawk