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March 1999

Thursday March 18, 1999
I want to be like Ron

We have a genuine celebrity in our midst. Ron just wrote a quick story called Ron and Pals that makes me absolutely envious. I was on ICQ a couple of nights ago when Ron ICQs me saying, "MAN - I just had 4 GMs talking to me!"

Go read the story. You'll want to be like him too...

11:14amEST -Nighthawk

Wednesday March 17, 1999
Flash3 Everywhere

The main page ( has been updated with two Flash3 animations. One is the navigation bar into the three sub sites. The other is the Licharena by a RL friend of mine who also plays UO on Baja. Go check them out.

Also, UOEvil is now hosted by, so if you miss Greybeard, so check out his site. Most of the links are broken from moving in, but that's normal and I'm sure he'll fix 'em soon.

5:00pmEST -Nighthawk

Tuesday March 16, 1999
Two small updates

Updated the Housing part of the Newbie section so that it has a little bit more accurate information. Also added a short Editorial to that section.

2:35pmEST -Nighthawk

Sunday March 14, 1999
New Domain

Obviously, if you're reading this, you've figured out that JoV has a new domain. belongs to Ronald McDonald and I. We're gonna start doing some revamping here pretty soon. I hope all of you have Flash, because you're going to need it to get around the site within a couple of weeks.

I will be posting a GREAT new movie my a friend of mine and Ron's to the main page. So, I wouldn't make your bookmarks to this page, I'd make them to or your going to miss a lot. :)

New stuff coming soon and in mass quantity. Can't wait.

2:30pmEST -Nighthawk

Thursday March 11, 1999

I'm hoping a lot of you will be asking yourselves that same question here pretty soon. Ronald McDonald and I have purchased the domain So, plan on seeing a semi-joined McDonaldland and Joy of Villainy sometime very soon. I'm not thrilled about leaving, but I'm also not paying $40 a month because of the bandwidth this site uses.

I want to take a second to thank Dr TwisTer and Nuker for their help in getting me sponsored and hosted by Although I'm not going to be moving there, them moving so quickly to help me out is appreciated.

Anyhow, look for probably sometime over the weekend or early next week.

8:28amEST -Nighthawk

Wednesday March 10, 1999
JoV Moving Soon

I'm not sure where the site is moving to, but the URL will definitely be changing in the near future. has been extremely generous with the webspace to this point, but when his provider starts hitting him with massive fees because of the amouont of bandwidth this site uses, it's time to move.

I've sent an email to a friend of mine with a well known domain asking to be hosted, so hopefully I'll be able to keep the URL familiar and relatively short. Hell, if my interest in UO wasn't slowly slipping away, I'd just buy and be done with it. But, that's more money than I'm willing to dump into the site since I don't get enough clicks on the sponsor to pay for the site as is...

Either way, I'll let you guys know what's going on as soon as I know.

12:34pmEST -Nighthawk

House Looters R Us

Charley and I went on a bit of a looting spree. I wrote a new story about it with several screenshots. It's in the Stories section so check it out.

11:23amEST -Nighthawk

Friday March 5, 1999
Quick Update

Links section was updated. Check out the New Links to see what's new.

2:35pmEST -Nighthawk

Nighthawk, the miner pk?

No. Well, kinda. I've actually been goofing off a lot in game recently and frankly, I've been having the most fun I've had in game in a while. Let me explain.

Since I don't roleplay much aside from the ocassional "Aye", I figured I'd actually try an idea that J mentioned to me a while back with a slight spin. J seems to think that a UO Mafia would be a pretty cool goal to have, so, I've become the one man Roleplaying Miner Mafia. I walk into a a mine and when I see a miner I pop up my "Do you yeild?" macro along with the just-in-case Explosion spell. 95% of the time, the miner will yield and I'll take his ingots as payment. Of course, if they do not surrendor, they die and their ghost gets a quick explanation as to why that was not a good idea.

From that moment on, everytime I see that miner, I help him. Normally they have a ore thief around or some other pk. I don't kill the pks, but I do ask that they leave alone the one under my protection and none of them have said no yet (red respects red most of the time).

Anyhow, I've noticed :

  • I always thought that people who wail on laborers are pretty pathetic, but I've found that I can get my fill killing plenty of laborer harassers, help some people who are relatively defenseless and still make gobs of profit
  • I've gotten a ton of ingots and ore. Too bad I don't have a miner/blacksmith - yet
  • I'm amazed at how much stuff people will give you if you spare them when they are SO used to dying
  • Miners die a lot. That has to be a pain in the ass profession without a house or ship to mine from safely
  • Doing this is one of the few times I'm not completely paranoid with taking my murderer out alone (miners and miner harassers normally travel alone, so my odds of getting jumped are low

If you decide to do this, let me offer a couple of suggestions so you don't end up like a sad ass miner killer. Have snoooping so you can tell if someone is lying to you about having ingots. If someone "donates", don't take their tools or anything they need to continue mining - that will just eventually cut down on the donations they make.

Three more important tips: You don't have to thee and thou to roleplay. Evil isn't about being an asshole. I don't give a shit if you don't like what I do.

1:38pmEST -Nighthawk

Man, I've been asked this a LOT

Holy shit. Please, for the love of god, stop fucking asking.

The software that Ronald and Vapor made their web movies with is a program called Flash3. It's created by the same company that created Shockwave - Macromedia. Flash3 retails around $300.

NO, I don't know where to get it for free. If you want to find Warez sites, download it, find the crack, use it and all that ON YOUR OWN, please feel free to do so. I would be happy to do web searches for Warez copies of it for anyone out there for $50 an hour. If your not interested in that, don't ask me to do the work for you.

Sorry, I'm just tired of lazy people asking me to look for things for them. If you're so lazy that you won't look for the program, then you're probably going to be too lazy to make a movie - because it's probably harder than finding the application.

8:40amEST -Nighthawk

Thursday March 4, 1999
I don't mind dying - I really don't

I don't mind dying, but there is one thing that really amuses me. Here's an example that happened last night:

I'm on 4th level Shame draining the mana from a blood ele. I'm having a casual conversation with someone else who's also there for the spawn, and in runs someone. He Magic Arrows me, I try to pull up a heal (I'm at about half-life from the blood ele), but I'm interupted by another guy's paralyse. Well, I knew this was about to go downhill, but I drink a GH and try to tough it out. With the blood ele and three guys pounding on me, I only last through two heals. Then the interuptions begin and I'm dead. *shrug* It happens.

Mind you, all of these guys were blue when they run on my screen. One of the guys says to the other, "Man, he's always bragging about never dying and I've killed him three times". Huh? Granted, I don't die much, but if I decide to try to heal my way through 3 blue morons ebolts/explosions and stuff instead of casting a simple recall and I die (after all three use ALL of their mana), I wouldn't consider that a pussy death. I won't mention the guys name that bragged about killing me three times, but I'll say this - I've never heard of him. After watching his oh-so-brave kill with two friends and brag about it routine, I'm 100% sure this guy has A> never killed me before and B> couldn't kill me without a lot of help.

Needless to say, two of the three guys went red from this encounter - the only one that didn't was the one I didn't get to report because he just paralysed. I'm pretty familiar with the gangbang theory, but I only do it when I'm red and I'm risking stat loss by even showing my face outside my house. Even then, I don't brag. If it really takes 3 people to kill one guy, he's a hardass. Period.

8:35amEST -Nighthawk

Wednesday March 3, 1999
Charging per minute for the Internet?

There has been a rumor going around about a recentl FCC proposal. Supposedly, Congress is going to be voting on whether or not a per minutes charge would be applied to Internet access - as if it were a long distance call. This is false. I went to my congressman's homepage (ironically enough, he's also my former lawyer) and grabbed this :

Internet Long-Distance Charges - Many constituents have contacted me to express concern that a proposal being considered by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) would charge Internet users a long-distance access fee. There has been some confusion regarding this proposal. The FCC has stated, it "has no intention of assessing per-minute charges on Internet traffic or of making any changes in the way consumers obtain and pay for access to the Internet." The FCC is considering options to solve a dispute between local telephone companies, regarding whether or not calls made through Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are long-distance or local. Consumers will not be affected regardless of the outcome of this proposal, because ISPs are charged a flat rate for long-distance service. We will, however, pay close attention to this matter.

I don't know how many of you were worried or knew about this, but I hope this information is somehow useful to you.

3:25pmEST -Nighthawk

Sunday February 28, 1999
Holy Shit - Ron is the Fucking MAN

Well, I knew when I first told Ronald McDonald about Shockwave and Flash3 that if anyone could turn it into something cool as fuck - it was him. Of course, I was right. You absolutely MUST go see his shockwave movie. It's kinda big, but it is oh so worth it. Go to McDonaldland now!

1:18pmEST -Nighthawk