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April 1999

Monday April 26, 1999
New Pic of the Week

First new Pic of the Week since last year. Hmmm... maybe I should change that name. Nahhh.

Anyhow, new pic is there. Thanks to my photographer Brules.

5:15pmEDT -Nighthawk


I just received an email about the "I must consider my sins" thing in regards to statloss. Apparently, there are people out there that believe that there is no longer stat loss for murderers. Let me give all of you a short answer before I get into details. There IS still statloss for people with 5+ short-term murder counts.

Being red and having 5+ ST MCs are not the same thing. Think of it like this : lets assume that I have 4 murders on both my long term and short term counters. I kill someone now I'm at 5 STMC and 5 LTMC. At this point I'm red and I have the minimum stat loss. When I say "I must consider my sins" it says, "If thou should return to the land of the living, the innocent shall wreack havoc upon thy soul" (that's bad).

Now, lets say I play/macro for 40 hours so I'm blue again. I'm blue again because I'm back down to 4 long-term murder counts. However, sice short-term murder counts decay every 8 hours (8x5=40 folx), I'm now at zero STMCs. So, when I say "I must consider my sins", it tells me I haven't killed the innocent, even though I've just recently turned blue.

Also, don't forget the "ping pong" counter. In the above situation, I've now added 1 to my ping pong counter by going red and back to blue. Doing that 5 times makes you perma red.

I know it's a lot of fuckin counters to remember, but the game is complex, so deal with it.

4:40pmEDT -Nighthawk

OMG - Two Updates in 24 Hours!

Finally posted one of the two stories to the end of the Ronald McDonald saga. Not my greatest work, admittedly, but frankly - there was no way to capture the moment of being there with Ron for his last runs, so I didn't try too hard. I'll just say, you missed out if you missed being there.

1:42amEDT -Nighthawk

Sunday April 25, 1999
The Slacker finally updates

Sorry about the lack of updates. Ok, enough of the appology and on to what I'm updating about.

As most of you know, you can say "I must consider my sins" in UO and it'll tell you if you will receive stat loss, if you've killed innocents but WON'T receive stat loss, or if you've not killed the innocent. I've gotten a lot of questions about this, so here it is as simple as possible.

Stat loss and being red are not the same thing. If it says you won't get any penalities upon resurrection, then you're free to res without penalties. You might be red for weeks after that, but you will have no stat loss.

"I must consider my sins" has NOTHING to do with how much longer you'll be red. It only tells you whether your character will be raped of it's skills when if you res. I hope that clears it up for people wanting to know when they can go back to town.

Mark a Bucs Den rune and keep playing as semi-usual. Just be careful of campers. Be smart, pre-cast a recall if you don't plan on fighting and be ready to get out of Dodge.

2:17pm EST -Nighthawk
Wednesday April 21, 1999
Interesting Billboard

I was driving home from a job interview and I saw a billboard that was somewhat comical to me. It said:

"You think it's hot here?
- God"

Maybe it was funny because it's nearly 100 degrees today. maybe because I'm quite evil in this online game. Either way, it struck me as funny enough to mention.

Anyhow, on the lack of updates - sorry. I have two stories in the works about my last two adventures with Ron. I don't know when they'll be done, but I didn't want you folx to think that I'd forgotten about the site.

3:30pm EST -Nighthawk
Wednesday April 14, 1999
Server Down Time

Sunsword just posted to the Dev Board that the servers would be down "1.5-3 hours depending on the server" as of 10pm EDT.

So, if you're planning on getting to play a lot tonight, change your plans.

10:06pm EST -Nighthawk
Oh how I love patch day...

The new 800x600 client is pretty cool, but otherwise this is the worst patch day in recent history. They've been having pretty good patches here recently as far as the servers not going apeshit, but today we're back to patch day being unplayable.

All of the servers just crashed except for Abyss. So, how do you spell lag? A-B-Y-S-S

Oh well... at least it's something noteworthy.

9:43pm EST -Nighthawk
Tuesday April 13, 1999
Me, updates, etc...

I know there have been a severe lack of updates here recently. I'm sorry about that. I've recently become unemployed so most of my free time has been spent either job hunting or fucking off with my friends in RL. Oh yeah, and playing UO a bit.

The main reason I haven't updated is... well... nothing really interesting has been happening. I'm pretty amazed for as much as I've been playing that nothing noteworthy has happened. Maybe I truly have done everything in the game and nothing really seems impressive to me anymore. *shrug*

Anyhow, if anything worth a shit happens, you'll hear about it.

10:02am EST -Nighthawk
Thursday April 8, 1999
Upset that Ron is Gone?

If you're upset that Ron is gone, don't worry! He'll be back... they always come back. That's evil bastards I'm talking about, as you'll see in this ICQ Message History snippet, (read it from bottom-to-top), all the evil bastards will return soon.

See you soon, Ron!

7:43pm EST -Warik
Wednesday April 7, 1999
Warik's Updates

Christ, I've gotten a lot of emails and ICQs about this. It's really simple, the page is mine. Warik is a good friend of mine and has been since I took over the site.

When he makes his comeback and has a few things to say, I'm all for him updating. Either way, the site is mine. Hope that answers all the stupid questions of "did Warik take JoV away from you?"

5:40pm EST -Nighthawk
Holy Collapsed Towers Batman!!!

Woah, I just logged out at the conclusion of *THE BEST* property loot in my entire UO existence. Nighthawk, Sauron, me, and a few others camped like we never camped before waiting for this bitch to decay, and decay it did. The item-yield from it was astronomical (over 10,000 stones!!! That's 65 tons of stuff in real life!

Although you all couldn't be there to see it, you're all here now to read about it and attempt to have as good a time as we all did. (Sauron especially, you'll see why toward the end of the story. HAHHAHAHAHA LOL SAURON).

1:36am EST -Warik
Tuesday April 6, 1999
One's Misfortune is Another's Joy

Well, first day back and already two notches on my halberd's pole. These two guys were misbehaving. (They were wearing a GUILD UNIFORM IN MY PRESENCE, no respect I tell you.) So Cheezemonk (Bobo the Clam) and I had to discipline them. Looks like we did a good job.

Too bad I got killed later that night. Doesn't matter really, lost nothing of value (for those of you who care.) Besides, for every time I die I will kill 10 innocents so my death is really irrelevant. What do you expect from three months of ring-rust anyway?


2:53pm EST -Warik
April 5, 1999
Unauthorized Update in Progress

Hmmm, who gave me authorization to do this? No one did, but I have just obtained something... something scary and sinister that I haven't really been able to interpret yet. Perhaps you all can try to figure out what this disgusting, horrendous "thing" I have found means.

I have not yet been able to figure it out, as it scares me and sends shivers up and down my spine whenever I view it.

By the way, Nighthawk, I made this update using "WTFMAN Update Script Version 1.0" that you, Greybeard, and Ronald don't seem to be too fond of as NONE of you have used it after I spent hours making it. Go to heck you bastards.

2:34am EST -Warik
Sunday April 4, 1999
Everyone is a PK

I've been one kill over on my main character recently, so I've been red for several days. I've discovered some very important things about human nature that I'd only suspected before.

Nearly everyone who doesn't know me, attacks me. BUT, they almost NEVER do so if they've heard of me. People who whine most about being gangbanged by pks are the first people to jump on the bandwagon when a gangbang on a red is occuring.

I have run into a small streak while red. Of the twenty-two 1on1 battles I've had in the past three days, I'm 22-0. Of the 41 2+on1 battles I've had, I've survived all but one, and have killed at least one of my attackers 28 times.

I also did an experiment (which you'll see soon in a story) with two people I met. I run into a small group of people with them behind me. They attack me and EVERY TIME, someone else drops whatever they're doing and joins in the gangbang. Naturally, the friends broke off their attack and it quickly turned into a 1on1 that the gangbanger wasn't expecting (those 1on1s were not counted in my 22 1on1s since they weren't duels).

My point? Don't bitch about being jumped unless you're innocent of jumping someone. I'm more than willing to go 1on1 with anyone on Baja (including Thug Life who ran from me twice with even odds (2on2)), so I don't get why people have to bring friends. If you're willing to fight, don't be afraid to do it 1on1. Gangbanging a red is a seriously pussy move.

7:34pmEDT -Nighthawk