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June 1998

     Saturday June 27, 1998 
New Comic 

Got another one up, this one's frames are kinda bigger so it may take a little longer to load.
8:20pm EST   -Warik

Derogatory Email Reply! 

Cool, "" has written a reply to me, mystery how he didn't include his email address again ain't it?

Subject: N/A
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 22:44:34 -0400

I love how you can turn a story around and make people think your the good guy in the story, half of the stuff you said was totally not true.

"Totally not true"? Like what? Be more specific when you are making a fool of yourself.

now its my turn to make a few points. Dont steal in the brit GY, i'm yet to see someone live afterwards.

Err, I've stolen things many times from the Britain Graveyard without being killed, and so have members of EiG on Atlantic on several occasions, so you must be blind. Oh and, don't you mean "I've yet to see someone live afterwards"?

If your a theif and get killed, dont go whine about it to the people that killed ya.

I believe I already established the fact that I wasn't whining. Oh and... don't you mean "you're" and "thief"? Geez man if you're going to sit there and insult me as if you were omnipotent or something then at least ATTEMPT to spell a word or two correctly.

Why the fuck do you steal wearing full plate anyway? dont ask for your shit back...thats lame as hell.

I steal wearing full plate because I'm not some newbie rogue with an empty backpack and a death robe because he knows that there's a 99.99% chance that he's going to get killed. When I DID steal the item the only two people around were those two who I nearly ripped to shreads until the butt-pirate legion showed up. Oh and, I didn't ask for my stuff back - one of you people offered and I said "Sure, hand it over and I'll leave."

you may steal from pussies but those pussies are our friends....something you dont seem to have very many of.

Nah, the people I stole from aren't pussies - it's just you guys. They stayed and fought instead of running off in less than a second yelling "AAAAH HELP PKS!" If you had any respect for your friends you would have let finish the fight that they started. No friends, me? Ok, I guess the hundreds of people who come to my site everyday just hate my guts. I also bet that the people who say "Warik! sup nice page man" at the bank each time I go are just people waiting to shove a dagger through my ass huh? Try again pal.

and you died twice after being ressed, i missed that one in your story.

Oh sorry, I failed to mention that I was killed at the healer twice while at 1 HP when I was gray until I remembered to wait 2 minutes before I ressed. I'm so sorry that I didn't make your lack of genitalia seem more evident the first time, I hope I cleared that up right now though.

and some lame ass there didnt gate an air ele. cause they do that all the time....someone did it a few minutes ago as a matter of fact.

Oh really? My mistake. I didn't know the person who said "hehe hold on I'll kill him" then stepped through a moongate with an air elemental following him was just doing it for fun. Get real dude, we're both smarter than that (at least one of us is.)

In conclusion I would just like to mention how big a lamer you are for ONCE AGAIN not including your email address. If you're going to write yet another reply, include your email address or I won't even bother reading it.

7:45pm EST   -Warik 

     Thursday June 25, 1998 
He's Alive... Alive! 

Yes ladies and gentlemen, Omega is alive... he did an udpate! Woohoo!
9:27pm EST   -Warik

New Stories 

Aight, I'm not dead or anything : ) Posted three new stories, one by Sandstone, one by Mortus Kaine, and one by myself, as Mescaline.
9:03pm EST   -Omega

Editorial Section 

Since OSI can't hear me when I talk to my friend about all the problems in the game, I've put up an editorial section hoping that by some miracle of God someone from OSI sees it. The first one is just a general editorial talking about things ranging from old, old bugs to problems in the rep system.
8:20pm EST   -Warik

My First "Bitch-Mail" 

Cool, I knew it was only a matter of time but I finally got my first derogatory email! I'm so happy.

Subject: N/A
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 13:41:39 -0400

i found your webpagfe with all your "cool" storys why dont you tell a story about trying to steal something in the brit graveyard and getting the hell beat out of ya then you come back and try to bitch about it and everyone starts making fun of you

Ok... I will. A few days ago on Chesapeake after a fun evening of gray-killer killing, I went over to the Britain Graveyard in hopes of finding someone to kill. I found two people, one on horseback and the other on foot. I go up and steal from one of them and I am attacked by both. The damage they did to me was so horribly pathetic that I decided not to try for a 1 on 1 this time, I took them both on. After ripping them apart and having one of them at the point of near-death, 6 or 7 people come out of nowhere. "GREY!" Then suddenly I am spammed by "... is attacking you!" messages. Uh oh! Attack of the "nobles." 2 on 1 was no problem, 7 on 1 is, I ran. After battling with severe lag and the cool heat seeking arrows (Wow OSI, hand-held weapons with heat seeking projectiles in a medieval world. Modern day science hasn't developed crossbows like that yet.), I was killed and looted. I returned later to the graveyard for a friendly conversation about how they needed 7 people to take me down, and how I could take down ANY of them in a 1 on 1 confrontation. Their response? "haha", "no", "yea right", "why do 1 on 1 when it can be 7 on 1?", "haha crybaby" (and yes they said all these things.) I find it rather humorous how they call me a "petty thief" but their massive, incredibly powerful selves lack the testicular fortitude (the balls) to fight me 1 on 1. But there's more! A few minutes later one of them decided to kill me, but I didn't die. Why didn't I die if I was a newly ressed guy in a death robe? Oh simple, because the thought of gaining a murder count was just TOO much for any of them! One of them recalled over to a dungeon and gated an air elemental over to the graveyard. But why didn't an air elemental kill my newly ressed self? Simple, because it was too busy killing the person who gated it, and it would have if the server didn't crash about a minute later.

Oh and in reply to that well thought out email...

#1: Thanks for failing to include your real email address, if you're going to say something bad about somebody, at least do it so they can reply to you.
#2: Thanks for misspelling "webpage" and "stories", I enjoyed the laugh.
#3: Ever heard of a period or a question mark?
#4: Do the words "run-on sentence" mean anything to you?
#5: Fucking my chick at your house dot com? Darn, I thought the days of incest were long gone.
7:15pm EST   -Warik 
     Wednesday June 24, 1998 
New Stories Coming Soon 

ehehe, I know I haven't put up a story by me in about 3 days (ah!) but I've been busy. I'm joining EiG on Atlantic and I'm working up stats, once I'm buff and tuff you can expect some laughter (cause unlike on Chesapeake, I don't care if this Warik becomes a murderer!) =)
8:09pm EST   -Warik

New Comic 

Made new comic, enjoy.
8:03pm EST   -Warik

     Monday June 22, 1998 
Big Mistake! 

I have made a TERRIBLE mistake in the "Adventures in Hythloth" comic, the good guy won! I have put together a "Adventures in Hythloth Part II" to correct this problem. Please go take a look at it, sorry! =)
9:20pm EST   -Warik

Recall patch 

I saw this on UOVault:

The Central and East coast servers (West coast already patched) will be brought down to put in a fix involving Recall. Players will no longer be able to recall to a location where an object is already there.

Ummm, ok... 8:30pm EST   -Warik 

ImaNewbie Strike Over 

It's about time, go check out his new comic at ImaNewbie Does Britannia.
8:20pm EST   -Warik

New Comic 

Super Warik returns!
8:16pm EST   -Warik

New Story 

Got another story up by Coby.
8:13pm EST   -Warik

     Sunday June 21, 1998 
New Stories 

Yet another story by me has been posted (gotta love this new rep system.) This one is about a gentlemen who truly, truly has NO genitalia whatsoever. Also got a story sent in by Coby.
1:17am EST   -Warik

You Know You're a Lamer When...  

After all the crap I've seen in the past few days, I figured writing one of these was a MUST.

1.) You sit around at the healer killing newly ressed grays.
2.) You run away yelling "PK PK!" when you start losing a fight that you started.
3.) You sit around in a dungeon watching people kill stuff, then steal the kill with an energy bolt.
3b.) You then loot the kill.
4.) You say "Please give that back." after getting robbed.
5.) You whine like a baby just because someone is blocking a door. (ever heard of teleport?)
6.) You die due to your own stupidity then blame it on the new rep system.
7.) You have one of those "How goes it kind shopkeeper? I wish to buy some of thy wares!" macros.
7b.) You also have a "vendor buy bank guards" macro.
7c.) You ALSO have a "vendor SELL bank guards" macro.
8.) You kill murderers simply because they are murderers.
9.) You don't like me.
10.) I don't like you.

That's all I can think of. Post some more on the message board if you know any.
12:32am EST   -Warik
Britain Healer's Gray Slaughter Turns Bad 

I was chillin' in Britain till I walked past the healer's place and noticed many corpses on the floor. I was disgusted and decided I had to do something about it. Read all about my slaughter here.
12:07am EST   -Warik

     Saturday June 20, 1998 

Hehe, for those of you who haven't seen it yet. check it out.
3:42am EST   -Warik 

New Story 

I got a new story up depicting how I saved the life of a newly ressed criminal. This may seem like a "noble" action to some of you, but I assure you it isn't! Saving bad guys is a bad thing to do; therefore, I have done NOTHING noble. So please, don't ask me why I'm turning into a nice guy all of a sudden. =)
3:40am EST   -Warik 

Editorials Coming Soon 

I suppose it's about time I start writing a few editorials on various things going on in UO. Expect a small little "essay" regarding some of the features of the rep system tommorow and some other stuff later on.
3:22am EST   -Warik 

ImaNewbie Quitting Britannia! 

This sucks, ImaNewbie (the creator of many of the funniest UO comics) is planning to quit UO. I hereby order ALL of you to go to his page at, and then email him and tell him some stuff that'll make him stay. =)
3:20am EST   -Warik 

New Comic 

Got bored so I made a new comic, lemme know by email or message board what you think of it. Return of Super Warik coming very soon!
3:10am EST   -Warik 

     Thursday June 18, 1998 
New Story 

Got a new story up by KiLJoX of EiG.     -Warik 

Funny Loot 

Hehe, I just had the funniest house loot. I went to recall off a rune to loot one of my old "customers'" houses when I noticed the funniest thing. I wasn't standing infront of his house, I was standing inside someone else's. Apparently his house had decayed and someone had built a large forge in its place. I logged out and back in immediately so I'd be standing inside the house. I walked around and checked the chest and ended up walking out with a box full of 200 stones worth of normal and magic plate, plus a TON of reagents, plus an almost full spellbook, plus some more junk. Thanks, whoever you are!     -Warik 

Friendly Guild War on Baja 

A while ago I started a "good character" on Baja to play with my friend in his friend's guild. A week later after all the crying and whining of our "Guildmaster" my friend and I left the guild and formed our own guild, The Wolfpac. After guild warfare was implemented we went to war with KnT and proceeded to slay both of their guild leaders (Mog and Locke), a guildmember named Sabin, and some other guy whose name I can't remember. All four gentlemen were killed twice, and it was quite a funny evening indeed (although they didn't think so... wonder why.) Check out one of our victory shots here.     -Warik 

Wedding Disruption 

A few days ago me and a few friends decided to disrupt someone's marriage in Magincia on the Baja shard. Read all about it here.     -Warik 

Yay Update! 

It's been a bazillion days, but page is updated. Here's some of the stuff that's changed. I changed the side menu, tell me if you like it or not. I had to get rid of the little fire datebar or else the page would have too much scrolling no matter what your res was. I also fixed (I think) the page for people with 800x600 res (tell me if it's still not fixed.) I put up a QuestGate counter instead of that BeSeen one. That's about it with the major stuff, send in any suggestions, stories, news, or comic ideas to me.     -Warik 

New Story 

I got a new story up, go check it out. I'm gonna try to include some type of screenshot for every story I put up, so if you send in any stories please try to include a screenshot of some sort that is related to it (although this is not required.)     -Warik 

Rep System Bugs/Things That Suck 

Here are a few of the Rep System bugs that you should all know about. Send in any more if you know of them.

Current Reputation System Bugs

  • Guild Warfare
    • You cannot loot the corpses of your fellow guildmates in town - guards will kill you.
    • You cannot loot the corpses of slain rival guildmembers in town - guards will kill you.
    • Rival guildmembers can be assisted by spectators during fights in town with no penalties to them or the spectators who interfered.
    • If two guilds are at war and one changes the name of the guild, and then back again, the war will be one sided. One sided meaning that the guild that changed their name can attack everyone from the opposite guild, but they will be flagged blue to members of the rival guild.
    • It takes a million years to scroll through all the guilds on the guildstone when you are trying to declare war.
  • Criminal Flagging
    • If someone casts certain spells (poison and feeblemindedness being two of them) on you while you are flagged criminal, they will still be blue to you.
    • If someone's criminal flag wears off in town while you're chasing them and your auto-combat hits them, you'll be flagged a criminal and killed by guards.
    • If you're a thief and you are flagged criminal to someone who you stole from a while ago, you can't tell. Suggestion to fix this would be to have something that says [flagged] next to the name of the person in question.
  • Murderers
    • Murder counts are not atrophying every 8 hours like they're supposed to.
  • Karma/Fame
    • You lose no Karma for attacking someone. If Bob is fighting an ettin, you attack him, he gets hit (but survives) and runs away... shouldn't you lose a little bit of karma?
    • Loss of fame for ressurecting isn't totally fair. 10% loss is fine, but what if a player is killed right after ressing? I suggest that you not be able to lose fame for death until after you've reached full HP following a ressurection.
    • People with karma in row -4 (Despicable, Dastardly, Wicked, Evil, Evil Lord/Lady) cannot do business with storekeepers. OSI knows of this already (miracle!) =)

That's about all I can think of right now, if I missed anything then let me know.     -Warik 

New Comic Coming Soon 

No, I have not stopped making comics. There will be a new one either tommorow or the following day. Thank you. =)     -Warik 

New Evil Site 

Go check out The Brimstone.Organization, home of the PK Drinking Game. Gave me a few good laughs and I'm sure it'll do the same for you. Go check it out, now.     -Warik 

The Clans of Sin 

This site seems to be trying to organize several groups of clans to really "own" the various dungeons on the various shards. Go check it out and join if you're interested (just don't hurt me! =)). The address is     -Warik 

UO House of Commons Chat Posted 

The UO House of Commons Chat has been posted at Gee, too bad I asked 4 questions the jackasses didn't even relay 1 of them.     -Warik 

     Sunday June 14, 1998 
I Lied 

I said the page wouldn't be updated from Sunday until Thursday, I lied. My two easiest finals are tommorow so I only studied for about an hour, enjoy the new story. =) (I won't be updating tommorow, till thursday though.) Also, am I the only person who ever does anything evil? C'mon guys, send in some stories.    -Warik 

Main Page Viewing Problem Fixed 

The problem with viewing the main page has been fixed (hopefully.) If it still persists for anyone please let me know.    -Warik 

New Story 

Revenge is a dish best served cold, along with a can of whoopass to wash it down. Read all about the putz who thought that a 3 on 1 was something to be proud of.    -Warik

Rep System Bug 

People with Karma in row -4 (Wicked etc...) should be able to do business with storekeepers, but they aren't. FIX IT OSI! =)    -Warik 

     Saturday June 13, 1998 
Problem With Page and IE 

There appears to be a problem viewing the main news page if you are using MS Internet Explorer (what do you expect, it was made by IE.) If you are having this problem then you should use Netscape when coming to my page because I haven' t found any possible cause for this problem, so I have no idea how to fix it.    -Warik 

New Stories 

Rep system rules, only a day or two in and I've already had more fun than I have since I started playing UO.    -Warik 

Chesapeake Lag Awful 

Is it just me? Or has Chesapeake (and other shards) been just sitting there frozen for minutes at a time? It took me 5 minutes to tell a newbie to go away after he begged me for stuff earlier today.    -Warik 

Fluffy the Killer Chicken  

This is the funniest thing I've ever seen, go download it.   -Warik 

No Updates Till Thursday  

Sorry everyone, but I have my finals on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and I gotta study for 'em starting Sunday. The page won't be updated (unless it's something minor) until Thursday. Sorry for any inconvenience =(    -Warik 

     Thursday June 11, 1998 
Nothing is Impossible 

By some miracle of God the new reputation system managed to be installed today! The installation began around 2 o'clock and was successful; however, the login servers were screwed for about 9 or 10 hours making it extremely difficult t o login until a few minutes ago. I just got in and so far I'm happy, check out my cool title!    -Warik 

New Comic 

Made a new comic, go check it out. New one will probably be up next week, I've got an idea for one I just don't know how to end it funny enough. =)    -Warik 


Just look at it.    -Warik 

     Wednesday June 10, 1998 
Message Board Fixed 

The message board has been fixed and can be accessed through the Forum button on the side menu. Enjoy!    -Warik 

Rep. System Tommorow (Supposedly) 

The rep system is supposedly coming in tommorow, I wish. After the months of delay from OSI I'm actually betting it won't come in tommorow... Hmmm, as a matter of fact, if I does come in tommorow - I promise to be... nice... for a whole day!    -Warik 

New Comic Up 

I've made a new comic, first one in a long time. Let me know what you think about it. Also, special thanks to Delusion from the Killed on Sight comics site for helping me with the speech text for the characters in my comics.    -Warik 


I haven't gotten around to fixing the 800x600 problem yet, I'll get to it tommorow or the following day.    -Warik 

     Tuesday June 9, 1998 
Page Looks Ugly in 800x600 

After an email or two reporting that my menu images were too big and the right frame had a big scrollbar in 800x600 mode I decided to investigate. I switched my resolution to 800x600, went to the page, and puked all over the place. God it looks horrible, I'll fix it tommorow all you 800x600'ers! =)   -Warik 

Comics Fixed 

Whoops, while re-uploading the page I forgot to upload the whole comics directory. That is fixed now and the comics sections should be working fine. Expect some new comics to be coming up once I figure out how to make the fake speech text for the characters actually look real.   -Warik 

We're Back! 

After a few days of downtime we're back, sorry for the delay. Hope you enjoy the new layout of the page and the future content to come. Some stuff may be missing because I didn't have every single thing on the page backed up on my hard drive, expect it all to be recovered in time. There's a poll up for the new look on the page (sorry all the old polls were lost in Questgate's hard drive crash), and expect some new stories to be up after the much anticipated installation of the Reputation System (if it happens this century.)   -Warik 

Reason for the Downtime 

The reason the site was down is because this past weekend one of Questgate's hard drives which contained all the data for user webpages failed and the backup failed as well thus making it impossible to recover any of the data. We're very sorry for any inconvinience and we hope you enjoy what comes in the future for The Joy of Villainy.   -Warik 

Message Board Currently Down 

The Message Board is currently down, it will be back up tommorow or the following day. Sorry for any inconvinience.   -Warik 

Bobs vs. Fred Final Battle 

The final Bob vs. Fred battle will be held on the Atlantic shard June 20th at midnight EST. Details on the battle can be found at The Bob vs. Fred battles are very funny and entertaining, show up and hack some people down.  -Warik