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September 1998

Wednesday September 30, 1998
Another Story

A good story was posted to the Forum by Morgan the Brigand, so I put it in the Stories section.

3:46pmEDT -Nighthawk/Crum

New Story

Posted a new story by Sir Jaysin from the old school Dread Lord days. I miss those days...

12:35pmEDT -Nighthawk/Crum


I got an email today from Voyager who pointed out that my UO Screenshot link led to the UO SreenSAVER website instead. Thanks for pointing that out. UO Screenshot Utility is awesome and now the link is correct - if you take screenshots and you have that spam in the upper left corner, get real and get this.

Here is the screenshot of the new Nighthawk's stats/skills after 1 week and 2 days. His archery and swords dropped because I've been training Item ID to get his INT up, but you get the idea that he's not horrible... :)

10:52amEDT -Nighthawk/Crum

Tuesday September 29, 1998
Dungeon Clearing Stuff

Lemme get this outta the way. DON'T ICQ/email me "how do I do the xxxx bug" unless I've already met you and you've obviously made an effort to train for the event. I've gotten way too many ICQs about the resist bug. I'm not a bug board and I sure as hell don't want to waste my time typing out explanations of bugs to everyone who gets my ICQ number. If you don't know and you're not in the JoV Army - TOUGH. Go to a bug site.

Ok. I've done some modifications to the Dungeon Clearing section. There is a big ole link just above this news section. If you're interested - follow it.

5:08pmEDT -Nighthawk/Crum


Well folx, it seems that an era has passed. The Naked Avenger has hung up his antlers and called it quits. He emailed the webmaster of The Warcouncil that he had lost all interest in UO and didn't show any signs of EVER coming back. *sigh*

We'll miss ya big guy. Maybe we should dedicate the JoV Army to Greybeard and do a little ass-kicking for my boy.

4:56pmEDT -Nighthawk/Crum

Previous News changed

No big deal, but I divided the Previous News into months. The file was heading toward 150k in size and that's outta control. Now, downloading should be a bit more reasonable and finding something specific should be MUCH easier.

1:45pmEDT -Nighthawk/Crum

Thanks Guys

I just wanted to take a second to say thanks. All of you that send in stories, pictures or even a "good job on the site" emails - I really appreicate that. After all, I'm not doing the site because I have a huge ego (even though I DO have a huge ego) - I do it for you guys. So, if you want something, fuckin tell me. ;)

Anyhow, I got 4 new pictures up. Three in the Oddities section and one in the Misc section. I also added another story by Cyle of EiG (GL). I'm working on more stuff for the Dungeon Clearing. I'll be putting a link (and if I have time, a graphic) for it under the JoV graphic.

1:17pmEDT -Nighthawk/Crum

Lotta work at work

Holy shit. Well, I had some updates planned yesterday, but none got done. The company I work for, MCI, just merged with another company. Well, I do a lot of the internal websites for the company, so I actually had to do a SHITLOAD of changes because the company is now MCI-Worldcom, not MCI. Needless to say, I had a LOT to do yesterday, which is uncommon. So, no update.

However, that means that I have that much more to put up today. So, check back in a bit and something new will be up.

11:57amEDT -Nighthawk/Crum

Monday September 28, 1998
JoV Army

Sorry about not posting anything this weekend. I was busy getting the JoV Army hooked up at the JoV Training Hut, supplies, etc. I've had 26 people email me that they're interested and 7 people have shown up to get trained. If you're interested but haven't gotten in touch with me in game, ICQ me or email me after you've created your character. I'll provide anything you guys need (weapons, training hut, etc) except for regs (which you won't need right away).

I've got a story and a couple of screenshots to add, so that will be the next update in a couple of hours.

10:39amEDT -Nighthawk/Crum

Friday September 25, 1998
Newbie PK Dungeon Clearing

Wow. I didn't expect to get that quick of a response, but so far 6 people have emailed me about the Baja Dungeon Clearing. Fantastic.

I put up a section HERE that describes what I think you should start with, how I plan on doing things, etc. If you want to participate, email me. I'll make arrangements to meet with your newly created character and get him/her started.

5:11pmEDT -Nighthawk/Crum

Another Story

Stories are just rolling in today. This newest one is by Voyager.

3:25pmEDT -Nighthawk/Crum

Dungeon Clearing

I've been thinking about having a BAJA Dungeon Clearing party some Saturday down the road. I would like to invite anyone to start a newbie PK on Baja. I have an open 2 story house on Deceit isle that we can trap polars in to get archery up in no time. My goal would be to raid every dungeon except for Hythloth and Despise and CLEAR THEM of all blues level by level. Anyone interested? I dunno when we could this, but the more that respond the merrier.

12:45pmEDT -Nighthawk/Crum

Two Stories

I posted two stories - one by Charnase and one by me.

From a couple of suggestions I'm going to start working on some updates/expansion to the Newbie section. The main focus right now is, obviously, for the beginner rogue. But, since some FAQs could be answered there, I'm going to put in some info that is useful in any profession.

12:21pmEDT -Nighthawk/Crum

Thursday September 24, 1998
The Banning Party

Zander sent me this "press release":

Hey Fellas - I'm hanging up the UO shoes for good shortly. I was going to engage in a lone act of defiance and get myself banned and give some poor GM the riot act. Then it occured to me that perhaps it might actually make an impact if I could gather a group of similarly disgruntled OSI customers. Call it Sosarian Terrorism.

I'm going to be holding a 'Banning Party' on Baja. Details will follow at my website -

The point is to get a whole bunch of people who don't care anymore about their accounts and who don't care about getting banned. Once we gather then we will tear it up using as many cheats and exploits as we possibly can. Hopefully enough of a critical mass will gather so that OSI will know that we want*ED* the game fixed.

We did not ask for "The 2econd Age". Those of us who actually took the plunge and bought UO when it first came out are getting the shaft and are being asked to TO PAY EVEN MORE FOR this UOT2A. At this point OSI and EA couldn't give me money to buy the word "satisfaction" issuing from my lips.

The goal of this "banning party" is to create such a ruckus that all the in-game support staff, the Counselors and all the GMs won't be able to respond in any efficacious manner. We want for Chaos to run rampant. I am drawing up some battle plans now.

"Go ahead and ban us. We don't care anymore, OSI."

Call it a last dying gesture - Martyrdom in the name of Quality. Quality we find lacking in this product.

Welp, I won't be going and getting myself banned, but I hope that *something* wakes OSI up. If I were going to quit, I'd certainly try to do something to help out the people I leave behind. Best of luck.

4:19pmEDT -Nighthawk/Crum

An interesting morning

I had a couple of good in game friends of mine, Temptress and Vapor, do something pretty cool for me early this morning. It has NOTHING to do with evil, killing, looting, or the other Nighthawkish activities most of you wanna hear about. But, since I thought it was cool, I wrote a quick little story that's only going to be posted here so it doesn't interrupt with the rest of the content. I'll be posting another story more along the lines of what you'd expect in a couple of hours.

I got about 1 1/2 hours of sleep last night because I was busy moving my stuff out of the large forge. I never realized how much shit I had until I had to move it all. :)

1:26pmEDT -Nighthawk/Crum

Wednesday September 23, 1998

If you own a large forge like I do, I have news for you. You're fucked.

There is a new breakin bug that only works on that type of structure. I *HAVE* tested this and it works. No, you putting a guild stone in the doorway WON'T save you. NO, I won't tell ANYONE what the bug is, because frankly I got the shit looted out of me when the res-bug was around and I don't want a repeat performance.

If you want a hint on DEFENSE, here it is. Put a guildstone in the door that leads from the front area to the patio. Test the spot with a chest and see if you can summon an animal on the spot (surround yourself with chests so the only place an animal can appear is the test spot). If you cannot summon an animal there with a chest there, stand there and place your guildstone. This combined with locking the door from the patio to the back area will secure you IF you don't have a key loose. DON'T put a guildstone in the door leading from the patio to the back area - trust me, it's not secure.

Me? Someone has a key to my house after the mystery macro-killing of my murderer, so I'm kinda fucked. I'm buying a new house tonight and getting my stuff the fuck outta there.

6:46pmEDT -Nighthawk/Crum

Story and Picture

I posted a story by Firepunk and a picture by Voyager. Go check them out.

5:13pmEDT -Nighthawk/Crum

Tuesday September 22, 1998
Back Orifice

I would hope that everyone knows what this is by now, but I keep seeing TONS of reports about "my account got hacked" and "I'm quitting because I lost all my stuff". Here's the deal plain and simple in three steps.

1> Don't run .exe files if you don't trust the person who gave it to you 100%. I can't stress this enough.
2> If you use ICQ (who the hell doesn't), turn off the option to show you IP. It's in your Security Preferences - do it and do it now.
3> If you think you may have been infected or if yer just paranoid (like me and all intelligent theives), here is the URL to the place to read up on Back Orifice at Back Orifice Detect 1.5 and make sure you're informed and CLEAN.

7:02pmEDT -Nighthawk/Crum


For those of you who give a shit, my RL pic and stuff was posted on the UO Player Picture Gallery in the Baja section.

2:33pmEDT -Nighthawk/Crum

RL takes over for a night

My girlfriend just had her big 21st birthday last night, so I had to take her out for her first legal drink and whatnot. Again - RL takes over and I don't play much.

But, of course, you guys came through for me. I got several screenshots and a story in today. I posted all of them, so go check 'em out.

12:49pmEDT -Nighthawk/Crum

Monday September 21, 1998
The Purple Llama

I dunno what kind of boredom they have at OSI that makes them like llamas so much, but they do. This has been a bug for a while, but it was the first one I'd seen in months, so I grabbed this pic of it.

Joined a new guild over the weekend. I missed being able to rob and kill in town, but god that gets old quick with no magery damage. Blue healers are the bane of my existence.

I also didn't go PKing much this weekend because I chose the new Jackie Chan movie instead, so we only had time for 20 or so kills. So over the whole weekend between grey killing, steal'n kill, guild wars and PKing, I didn't even hit 50 kills. :(

10:46amEDT -Nighthawk/Crum

Sunday September 20, 1998
Pictures Everywhere

Thanks to all of you who sent in screenshots. I appreciate it.

Obviously, the screenshot section now has 6 new additions (5 in Oddities and 1 in Humor)

2:57pmEDT -Nighthawk/Crum

DON'T Heal Me

Good God. I wish all these "healing" fanatics wouldn't run around healing me. Why? Because they have no choice but to stand within 1 tile while healing (good thinking OSI). I lost .5 of magery and .1 of stealing (among other things) to Learn By Watching this skill that I will never use. I have a Greater Heal spell... worry not, I won't die. You want skill? Use it on someone who wants it.

I had a dumbass gimp in Britain argue with me for 5 minutes about whether or not he'd made me lose some magery. He claimed that healing advancement is broken. Stupid people are everywhere. It may SEEM broken to him because his level was so high that advancement is slow, but it rasied me .5 with ONE heal. What really torques me is when he said I was lying - why the fuck would I lie to some moron? Am I trying to impress him with my stat LOSS?

Stupidity is everywhere... and it's incureable.

11:37amEDT -Nighthawk/Crum

Friday September 18, 1998
Three new pics

Three pictures added to the Screenshot section. One under Kill Shots, one in General Humor and one in Oddities.

Sorry about all the "News" items recently, but there is a lot of stuff out there I think is important to know. I don't want anyone missing anything. Plus, patch time normally is a big fistfuck for us evil types, so I want you to know what you can still get away with and what they've fixed.

5:22pmEDT -Nighthawk/Crum

Macro yer heart out

Designer Dragon posted this earlier on the Crossroads of Britannia Dev Board :

From: Designer Dragon
Date: September 18, 1998 at 1:01 pm
Subject: Re: DD You want to tell me Why I have an Email From GM Beast>>

I have no idea why you would have said email.

All 3rd party programs are illegal at the moment, including UOA. This means programs that allow you to do something with the client that the client by itself cannot already do.

Macroing programs are not illegal. Neither is sitcking a penny in your keyboard. But having seen the number of bans since the update, I gotta tell you, we're not catching tons of innocents here.

The 3rd party thing: believe me, we want to get this done ASAP.

I guess this states pretty clearly that macroing IS LEGAL. If you were worried about it - don't be.

4:54pmEDT -Nighthawk/Crum

XSploitz brags on JoV unknowingly

I had to laugh at Flameboy. He posted yesterday at 1:20pm PST (4:20EDT) that UOE and UOP had new versions out. He then says, "Remember where you read it first!" I agree - remember that I had it here about 5 hours before he did. :)

12:49pmEDT -Nighthawk/Crum

A couple of things about the new patch

I had mentioned one or two of my discoveries from the new patch and I figured I'd share a couple more.

  • Casting invisibility on yourself or others is a waste of regs - it just doesn't work
  • You CANNOT push through someone inside a house! I tried for like 2 solid minutes to push through Vapor when he was macroing to get to a chest, but I just couldn't. This could make door rushing break-ins hard to impossible.
  • You CAN tab in and out of war mode and hide during combat
  • Monsters' explosion spells rarely do damage - a whole night of hunting in the Bone Magi room and in Hythloth caused me to be damaged by 2 explosions. Don't count them out, but I wouldn't panic about them either.
  • Shades and Air Eles have a new transparent look to them (pretty cool)
  • Summoned Eles, demons and blades are all red notoriety
  • If you do the melee skill bug (hold weapon and let monster beat on you) - the monster doesn't make any sounds when it hits you (not a big deal, but wierd)
  • Casting spells while hidden will bring you out of hiding - except some don't. I know Nightsight and Teleport don't reveal you. Maybe it's 3rd circle and below?
  • Fizzling is everywhere - magery is about 20% tougher than it used to be.

I don't know if PLAYER explosions are like this, but after seeing the way effect that monsters' explosions had, I didn't cast the spell once. Someone test this and let me know. (I'm at work, or I'd just test it myself). Also, anyone else have the problems about not being able to push through someone inside of a house?

12:37pmEDT -Nighthawk/Crum

Nothing huge going on

I played a little last night, but the only even semi-interesting thing that happened was that Vapor and I killed couple of daemons with only our hxbows. We did figure out a way to keep daemons from dispelling blades/ev's - just Mana Vampire the daemon before casting blade/ev on it.

11:03amEDT -Nighthawk/Crum

Thursday September 17, 1998
Just some new links

I added a 3rd Party Programs section to the Links area. NO, I don't excourage UOE or UOP use, but I want you guys to have all the information possible so you know what's out there. I use UO Assist (even with the ban - I know, I'm a bad man) and Autopilot for macroing, so I can personally recommend those two IF you choose to ignore the ban. They don't exploit anything or allow you to exploit anyone, but they make gameplay much more fluid and much more user friendly.

Also added a Non-UO links section. Of course, my boy Warik's AfterShock site is in there. I don't know all the upcoming RPG games, so if your favorite RPG isn't listed, lemme know and I'll get it in there.

BTW, I've noticed a complete lack of stories recently. I know that interesting evil shit is happening to someone. Was kinda hoping that some of you guys would hook me up since I'm busy macroing me up another murderer (makes for lousy stories). Maybe I'll go out tonight and try to stir up something interesting... The lengths I go for the viewers... :)

2:22pmEDT -Nighthawk/Crum

New Patch Stuff

It turns out that the "big surprise" that Designer Dragon said that UOE and UOP players were to get after the patch was a crash. The system apparently will give you an "illegal operation" error and forces you to close UOE/UOP. The funny part? Well, the guys over at UO Extreme and UO Plugin have already released new versions of their infamous software. I dunno if it gets around whatever crashes UOE5b1/UOP2.0, but I just thought it was funny how everytime OSI tries to patch UOE/UOP out, they just patch right back in.

There is another undocumented "fix" with last night's patch. Spells cannot be interupted. They used to be like this WAY back when and they've decided that it's a good idea again for some reason. I guess recalling from a fight will be that much easier. DAMNIT. If that doesn't make PKing tougher and encourage even BIGGER hunting parties, I don't know what does.

11:21amEDT -Nighthawk/Crum

Big Sexy in AfterShock

Just got an email from da man.

suP d00ds. Most of you have heard that there is a new game going into beta soon called AfterShock. It's an online RPG similar to UO except it's going to be good. I put up a beta page for the game at I'd appreciate if all of you visited my page and took a look at it and posted on the message board/emailed me some feedback. A bunch of early supporters is great motivation to make an ultimate page once the beta comes out. Oh also, if you're interested in becoming a beta tester come to my page and go to the official AfterShock page through my links section and sign up for the beta. Once again the URL for my new page is Hope to see you all in AfterShock. =)


Good to hear from ya man. Best of luck with the new site and RPG!

10:35amEDT -Nighthawk/Crum

Wednesday September 16, 1998
Stealing from hidden people? Not anymore...

Just as I'd suspected. You cannot snoop or steal from someone who's hidden. If you have their bag open and they hide - their bag closes. Last object will NOT open their bag if the person is hidden.

I dunno how this effects any 3rd party things, but I know that hiding is now the anti-stealing technique made easy. Shit. As if being a theif was easy to begin with there's another thing we have to get around. :/

9:26pmEDT -Nighthawk/Crum

New Patch

Apparently OSI is finally done with this patch. Some parts of this were due with the rep patch! *sigh* Here are the important things as best I can tell :


  • Tinkering now consumes resources on failure.
  • Detect hidden is now difficulty-based. You learn faster from detecting better hiders.
  • Carpentry exploit fixed.
  • Anatomy and evaluate intelligence will now check line of sight.
  • Made mining delete ore if it could not fit in backpack (to avoid items in one place piling up and causing problems)

Theiving, exploits and other evil activity

  • Several measures will be put in place against users of UOExtreme and UOPlugin.
    • You will no longer be able to see hidden and invisible people with it.
    • Bank box exploits will be fixed.
    • Stealing exploits will be fixed.
  • Looting while hidden will result in becoming unhidden.
  • It will no longer be possible to gate monsters. Only escorts, hirelings, pets, and summoned creatures.
  • Several exploits were fixed:
    • Carpentry exploit.
    • Stealing items in chessboards will not be possible.
    • An exploit involving duping arrows is fixed.
    • An exploit with scroll inscription has been fixed.
    • An exploit with provocation has been fixed.
    • An exploit with herding has been fixed.
    • Anatomy and evaluate intelligence will now check line of sight.
    • Stat increase from magic items exploit is fixed.
    • Exploits involving vended items outside of a vendor were fixed.
    • Possible exploits with bank boxes were fixed.
    • Movement while the resurrection menu will be completely impossible. This fixes house break-in problems.
    • Added a check so that the resurrector can not be dead.
    • You will no longer be able to learn skills as a ghost.
  • The problem whereby people of karma tier -4 could not deal with shopkeepers is fixed.
  • Bankers will not do business with criminals
  • Healers will not resurrect temporary criminals

Other important stuff

  • You are now revealed if you speak while hidden.
  • The "already casting" spell bug should not recur.
  • Hiding now checks line of sight, so you can run to the other side of a wall or building and successfully hide.
  • You can no longer drink potions when you hve bows or crossbows equipped, or indeed any other two-handed weapon. You can still do it if you have one hand free.
  • Some monsters that were supposed to be casting spells will start to do so.
  • Spellcasting creatures and NPCs will be smart enough to dispel summoned creatures and beings that are used in combat against them.
  • Looting Fellow Guildmember's corpses will no longer flag you criminal.
  • Corpses will dump contents into a bag instead of stacking items into the air when they decay

That's the stuff you need to know. If you want the full list, it's at You bank theives are gonna end up having it rough unless you work in pairs, but frankly - that's fine by me because that's the most worthless "evil" profession there is IMO.

I hope everyone makes it through the patch night ok - judging from MANY past experiences, I'd guess tonight is going to be a shitty night to play (new bugs, tons of down time, misc other fun OSI tricks).

7:13pmEDT -Nighthawk/Crum


We looking through the the polls I've posted since I've been the webmaster here and I noticed a couple of interesting things.

  • 19% think the new look of the website is "ugly as shit" (what's there not to like? :P)
  • 33% have never used a 3rd party program
  • 11% have used a 3rd party program but have stopped since the ban on their use (honest evil people - who'd have thought)
  • 78% are in or plan on getting T2A (so much for an under populated new world)
On a side note, for all of you writing evil stories, sending in screenshots and participating in the Forum discussions.... thanks.

6:07pmEDT -Nighthawk/Crum

Quick Pic

Added a quick screenshot from Jooki in the General Humor section. Nothing else going on... I'll post something if anything interesting happens.

2:19pmEDT -Nighthawk/Crum

Tuesday September 15, 1998
New Poll - New Sponsor

I put up a new Poll about T2A and what you guys are planning on doing when it's released. Speaking of T2A, if you're in the T2A beta and wanna share your screenshots, hook me up.

The old sponsor was for Warik, so I put in one that pays the guy who pays for the site - ME! If you have a second or like what ya see - click on it for the site. I've heard bad things about Cyberthrill, but I was just surfing around and didn't really find anyone else. *shrugs*

5:27pmEDT -Nighthawk/Crum

The Day of Updates Continues

I dunno why I've found a lot to talk about today, but I have.

I was surfing around and I realized that I hadn't mentioned UOE5. Yes, there is actually a UOE5 out that is not a virus ladden trap. You can get it from UOExtreme Homepage. NO, I have NOT tried it. I do, however, speak very frequently with two people who are avid UOE users - so I have some info for you.

YES, you will get banned if you are caught using this. The biggest giveaway that you are using UOE is attacking hidden people. I gotta be honest, but if you do this - you should be banned. Anyone who hides near me normally finds themselves counting backwards from 3 with my little purple friends. That seems to get hidden people's attention and it's done LEGALLY.

I've found something else I like A LOT about UOE5 because I *don't* use it. It's the re-try spell when interrupted option. I've killed 3 people so far alone because they apparently had this option enabled. If your spell is interupted, it will automatically re-try to cast it. Basically, if you start to cast anything, and you're constantly interupted, you can't stop casting so:

  • You can't move (frozen by spell casting)
  • You can't heal (unless you finally cast and cancel the now repeating spell)
  • You can't recall (same reason as #2)

Anyone who wants to duel and have that option on is guaranteed dead in my book. I hit a guy in mid-paralyze with an ebolt and just cast my way to victory. No running, no recall, no heal... it was too funny to see someone so obviously exploiting die such a humiliating death. "Maybe he wasn't using UOE5" Riiight. He was trying to paralyze me for the fourth time in a row when he had like 5 hit points. Nahhh... he wasn't using UOE5.... what was I thinking.

If you wanna use UOE5, be my guest. I honestly don't care. I can handle being yanked out of hiding and all that. What pisses me off is UO Plugin. When you can throw that many GEs at someone who's paralyzed - there's just no defense besides hoping that running when the first one goes off is enough to get the fuck outta the way of the 20 others the guy threw at ya.

Oh well... that's my rant on 3rd party stuff for the day. Send me some GOOD stories. :)

1:19pmEDT -Nighthawk/Crum

Bughouse is Horrible

I know, I know. Big surprise. But I've got to say it:

That site sucks ass. I mean, even their counter is fucked up even though it plainly says what needs to be done to fix it. My god, their most recent bug in their "Newly Reported Bugs" section is from July 24th! Without bugs, you would think that the Bughouse would just give up. Everyone is obviously sending what little they have to Tricks of the Trade and XSploitz.

I just don't understand why the site is even updated.

11:32amEDT -Nighthawk/Crum

Quote of the Day and some Pics

I saw this post last night and I just had to share it. Even though it's not UO related, it certainly has underlying evilness behind it.

Lord, grant me the serenity to accept things that I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to hide the bodies of the people I had to kill because they pissed me off.

I dunno why, but I love that quote. ;)

Also, on a side note, two new pictures sent in by Chocobo were posted to the Screenshot section.

10:54amEDT -Nighthawk/Crum

Quick Story

I posted a new story by Charnase.

Naturally, the one day I get up early to do some shit in UO before work and the damn login server is down. *sigh*

8:09amEDT -Nighthawk/Crum

Monday September 14, 1998
New Story

I posted 2 new stories by Cyle of EiG (GL).

Also, I got a lot of mail about the pking that Vapor and I did. I knew that 33 was a lot of kills for 2 guys in one short night, but I didn't really expect that big of a response. I hope I answered everyone's questions and yes - I did answer every email.

I'll let out my big secret. I have an advantage that not many people in the game have. NO, it's not a bug. I live in the same city (Atlanta) as my PKing/theiving partner (Vapor/Silly Bastard), so we talk on the phone while we PK. My RL roommate also plays on Baja, so if I need a safe person to leave my keys with while I'm out PKing (when do you NOT), he's it.

Yes, Vapor and I will run into a crowd of 5-7 people, kill 1 or 2 and leave. Same thing for stealing. Being on the phone with each other really helps out because without having to type or let anyone else know what's going on, we both move for the same target at the same time. That means lots of dead people. :)

On a lesser note, I moved a lot of news to the Previous News section (link at bottom of this page). This main page is now about 40% of what it was - hopefully that will help the load time a little.

6:19pmEDT -Nighthawk/Crum

Sunday September 13, 1998
Good days and bad days

You ever have one of those days were everything went so right that even when you eventually got fucked that it really didn't bother you? That pretty much sums up my day yesterday.

Last night I decided Shame was mine. I grabbed my boy Vapor and we went to run people out of my dungeon. We killed a lot of people. I mean, we killed a LOT of people. As a matter of fact, I took pictures of most of the kills and made it the new Pic(s) of the week. You can go to that section to see the carnage or you can just click here.

That was a lot of fun and I certainly got a TON (more actually) of loot. The bad part was that I fizzled two ebolts that night. So, I figured I should macro magery a bit. My house is in the middle of nowhere and there is NO traffic out there at all. Well, I woke up to a grey and black screen asking me if I wanted to play as a ghost. Hmmm...

I shrug and figure that someone meteor swarmed me somehow even though I was in the middle of the large back room of my large smithy. Oh well, it happens. I've died before and I can handle it. At least they couldn't get to my key. Suddenly, someone runs up to my door and runs in! WTF!I look around a little more carefully and I realize that there is no pile of stuff where I died.

Oh fuck. I've NEVER lost a key to ANY house and this fool was running around my place like he owned it. I log out as my now ghost murderer and go to get my bad-blue-boy Crum into the action. Yanno what sucks? The fact that you can't insta-logout with a ghost. 5 minutes go by and I'm finally in the game with a character that can defend the house (a live one). I got Vapor on the phone and here's what happened:

He didn't have my key on him tho. I placed a guild stone in the doorway from the patio to the back rooms, so my house is secure and all I lost was 5k ingots. The moral of the story : I have no clue how this guy got into my house. Maybe I was too close to the wall (yeah right) and got meteor swarmed and killed, but how he got in is a mystery.

Oh well... time to macro up a new Nighthawk murderer.

4:08pmEDT -Nighthawk/Crum

Friday September 11, 1998
Just thought I'd make a quick referral

Was talking to the webmaster over at in email. I had to mention this site to you guys because the animated gif on the opening page is great. One of the guys in this guild is apparently a very successful chest trapper and well... you'll see. The gif is pretty big (nearly a meg!), but it's worth the wait.

Yes, they're based on my shard, but no - I'm not one of the corpses. Let me give you an example of why I like them :

"The manifesto:

- Kill without mercy, without warning
- Do not even bother to roleplay
- Kill newbies
- Steal from anyone, at anytime, for any reason
- Talk trash and swear to others, for any reason, or for no reason
- Proffer general disrespect to any and all UO Administrators
Finally, the goal of our continuing to play UO:
- Make others have such an unpleasant experience in the game that they quit"
Hahah... my kinda boys.

5:22pmEDT -Nighthawk/Crum

New poll

I've been reading a lot about UO Plugin recently and it seems that it's spreading about as fast as UOE was when it first hit the public. I knew UOE was widespread, but I guess this is catching up.

I put up a new poll about 3rd Party program usage to see what you guys use and don't. Take a look.

3:18pmEDT -Nighthawk/Crum

Links updated and expanded

I did some work on the links section. I split it up into a couple of sections and added a lot of links. Not all are worth going to unless you have time to kill, but one that is definitely worth going to is UO EVIL. Greybeard runs a helluva good site.

12:00pmEDT -Nighthawk/Crum

Thursday September 10, 1998
New menu, new section and a story

I finally worked out the new menu bar. I hope this one is more widely liked/useable than the JAVA one. I also added the Screenshots section and a story by Lenny Reeferstal.

Now, let me have a quick second to rant here. BAJA is the biggest piece of shit shard of all time. The problems that OSI has with my shard seems never-ending. If you go to OSI's Internet/Shard Issues page, you'll notice a LOT of the issues they experience have the word "Baja" in there somewhere. It's down more, crashes more and has more bugs than any other shard. My shard is cursed.

Well, the good news that at least I have the JoV to work on during down times... :)

3:53pmEDT -Nighthawk/Crum

Wednesday September 9, 1998
4 Stories Posted

Got a couple of stories posted. One by me and Lucki and two by Cyle of EiG (Great Lakes). I re-arranged the stories section in order of how many stories people have written. I don't foresee anyone catching up to Warik anytime soon. :) I'm also going through all of the stories and cleaning up the format of some of them so they're a little easier to read.

I'm also working on the screenshots section and a new menu bar (since about 30% of you don't like this JAVA one). Yes, the new menu bar WILL work with the AOL browser. *sigh* At least, it'll be like the old menu bar, and I can only assume that worked.

Thanks for everyone's input.

12:39pmEDT -Nighthawk/Crum

Ok... I hear ya...

Hmmm... perhaps the graphic changes didn't go over well. AOL users having problems and others just not liking the changes. Fear not, I'll give the graphics a once over after I get the chance to post some stories and screenshots.

12:53amEDT -Nighthawk/Crum

Tuesday September 8, 1998
Some small changes... :)

Well, all I can say is that I warned ya. I wanted to do a little something with the menu, so I did. I put up a poll to see you you guys like the new look. Let me know if I went overboard. I also have a couple of stories to post a little later tonight.

Dak sent me this picture. It pretty well sums up what T2A is all about.

4:59pmEDT -Nighthawk/Crum

Monday September 7, 1998

I live for screenshots. I'm going to put up a section for cool pics, so send 'em in to me. I have a ton, so I'm definitely going to put a truckload on-line probably tomorrow when things get back to normal after the hectic weekend.

Just wanted to give you guys an idea of what I'm looking for from you guys. Get me some stories and some screenshots that will make me laugh my ass off - I'll do the rest. As I said in the Forum, I'm not Hercules - so, I'm not depending on you guys to supply me with content. I have a bit :), but I won't get to my shit 'til tomorrow. Don't worry, there will be plenty.

2:39pmEDT -Nighthawk/Crum

Sunday September 6, 1998
New Webmaster

I have selected the person who will be running the page from now on. There were many applicants and the choice was difficult to make due to all the nice webpage examples I saw. In the end I chose Nighthawk/Crum because of his both personal and professional use of HTML and the fact that his webpage creation program has always been Notepad. Although a high percentage of the applications were good, there can be only one webmaster. =)

Just because I don't update the page anymore doesn't mean you won't be seeing me around anymore, I'll be reading and posting on the message board as often as I can and maybe doing a few other things. Enjoy the new Joy of Villainy and make sure to give Nighthawk/Crum the same stories/suggestions/support that you gave me.

I hope you all enjoyed the work I've done on the Joy of Villainy in the months it was operating. Thanks to all of you for visitations, story submissions, sponser support, message board conversation, praising, and the always agreeing with me when I bashed OSI. =) l8r d00ds.

Your friend,

The Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the Universe
-Big Sexy Warik

2:55pmEDT -Warik

Takin' Over

Hey guys. Looks like I'm going to be taking over the awesome responsibility of keeping you updated with the lastest and greatest of the most evil people in UO. We all know that Warik is da fuckin' man, but I'll do my best to be a good replacement.

Lets get this out of the way... who am I? I play on Baja and I have two main characters as you can probably tell by my name(s). Nighthawk is a PK and doesn't get seen a lot recently unless someone's seeing in black & white. :) Crum is my GM Rogue and he's seen everywhere - but normally stealing and/or looting. I just can't help myself...

I have NO stories that have been sent in, so SEND 'EM! I'll be making the more major changes to the site after the holiday weekend. But if I get stories, I'll definitely post them pretty quickly.

2:55pmEDT -Nighthawk/Crum