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July 1998

     Tuesday July 28, 1998 
Hergayles: The Legendary Journeys 

Well I just read most of Herc's rant (whine) and I must admit that this guy is very, very dumb. I read his little "Oh if you were GM everything and had 10 of each stat GMs wouldn't fix it." Gee no shit man, how many times do you think that has happened to someone? Never, no one's stats have ever dropped down to 10 while they were GM everything. The GM will assume that you're some bug exploiting fuck and won't fix shit because there is no way you can have so many GM skills and have 10 of each stat. Then you go about going "OSI you are all retards and you suck." Wow dude I'm sure that is the best way to make them fix everything in the game. Everybody reads my editorials, and I may take a cheap shot at OSI now and then but at least I actually tell them what's wrong instead of making up situations that have never occured in the game. And anyway, you "run" a BUG site. You don't run a "Hi I'm Hercules and this is my daily whine!" site. I don't remember Chris Hawley ever bitching and whining to OSI about anything, but if he did he had the right since he actually updated his damn site. Oh and your 95% of emails that agree with you? No sorry, that seems rather innacurate. How about "95% of my emails agree with Warik's point of view that I'm an idiot, the other 5% have always thought I was an idiot before Warik even mentioned it."

For real dude, put up some bugs and stop crying. I wouldn't be surprised if one day your hit counter started going down instead of up.
10:11EDT   -Warik

Cheap Ass Hosting 

If you have a UO site (or any site for that matter) and your webhost either sucks (Geocities, Tripod) or is ripping you off then try LocknLoad. $10 a month for the works, plus UO sites get one month free. I'm hosted by LocknLoad, why aren't you? =)
10:05EDT   -Warik

Friendly Update Today  

Update took so long today cuz of all the shit I had to type out. Enjoy! Oh and remember, I will cut and paste anything noteworthy from email so if you have something useful to announce then feel free to send it on over.
10:01EDT   -Warik

New Links 

I've added links to both The Edge and The BugZone. The BugZone is a fairly new UO bug site which will hopefully push the Bughouse deeper and deeper down the toilet until it's gone. =)
9:50EDT   -Warik

Stories Added 

I have added four stories. Two by Bobo the Clam, another by Wren Delar, and another by me. I had another entertaining guild confrontation last night and it's way too long to type out here.
9:45EDT   -Warik

The Edge 

I received the following from The Edge:

The Edge episode 3.0 has finally arrived! The interview with GM Datura that has been rocking the web is back with the second part of the interview! The final part of the interview will air on August 4th, so make sure you donít miss it. Coming up in the next few weeks we have some kicking interviews, news stories and parodies so be sure to tune in every week for your weekly dose of The Edge. Thanks to all the fans of the Edge for making the Edge the number one UO Show on the web!

A little side note, The Edge is looking for shard specific reporters, if your interested send email to

See you next week.

You can access The Edge at
9:30EDT   -Warik
     Monday July 27, 1998 
They don't call me Big Sexy for nothing! 

Here's a little story that I'm gonna post here. First some background: Early last night I became a murderer (in town) due to a friendly bug that OSI is either too lazy to fix, or hasn't even discovered yet. After "riding a superguards halberd © Greybeard" about 10 FMS guys (my guild) picked my corpse clean and saved my stuff. I went off to macro to get rid of the murder, and it was gone today by the time I got home from class. Now for the story... I went over to the cave and sat around waiting for my guild leader to logon and gimme my stuff, I met up with FoxFlam in the cave and we started talking. Suddenly, two guys from the F*C guild (rival guild) Sir Frogger and Sir Toad (wow such cool names!) with an air and water elemental. They immediately attacked FoxFlam with the elementals and with their spells. I stood around being pissed since I couldn't help (I was naked and unarmed) but suddenly I am handed a heavy crossbow and 2 bolts by a spectator. "Here Warik, they're all I got... make them count." he tells me. And make them count I did, I targetted Sir Toad and shot him down to less than half. He was forced to backoff from Fox and heal himself - thus enabling Fox to survive and heal himself. I had no bolts left and wasn't about to give up, so I ran up to Sir Toad and stole ALL of his bolts and unloaded on Sir Frogger. He dropped dead within seconds and Sir Toad took off running. FoxFlam and I chased him town and taught him the infamous "Polymorph into a corpse" trick. Isn't it cool how I took down Sir Frogger while I was NAKED with an orc helm and he didn't do jack? That's why my title is Big Sexy baby!   
8:18pm EDT   -Warik

UO Bughouse = UO Beghouse 

Lol guys take a look at the Bughouse. It seems as though the newest "webmaster" of the Bughouse has turned it into the Beghouse. There's ONE useless bug posted (server boundary crap) and the rest are little "rumors" and "can you guys tell me how to do this?" bugs. Bughouse started going downhill once Chris Hawley left, but it's been the pits since they unfairly/unjustly fired Chef EGG.
8:01pm EDT   -Warik

Links Section Updated 

I've added a link to PK-HQ. Pretty cool PK site, go check it out.
7:55pm EDT   -Warik

Added a Story 

I know a lot of you sent me stories, but I was only able to post one today. I just got my pupils dialated at the eye doctor and they hurt more than a crossbow bolt up my ass so don't bitch. =) Story by Slick by the way.
7:55pm EDT   -Warik

     Sunday July 26, 1998 
Real Late Today 

Yea, today's update was late... but it's still today! So far I'm on an undefeated daily update streak, let's see how much longer I can keep it up. =)
10:02pm EDT   -Warik

Updated Links Section 

I've updated the ImaNewbie link, he has moved to I've also added a link to The Great Moongate.
10:00pm EDT   -Warik

Yay! Not a Murderer Anymore 

Yay, I'm not a murderer anymore. Funny, I killed over 7 people WHILE I was a murderer and it wore off. Love the rep patch OSI! =)
9:23pm EDT   -Warik

Two New Stories 

Got two new stories up, one by Kepher and one by me. Mine is a little short though but it wasn't that exciting to begin with. =)
9:18pm EDT   -Warik

     Saturday July 25, 1998 
Early Pic of the Week 

I put in the Pic of the Week a day early cause I was working on the comic and figured I might as well get this out of the way. Enjoy.
3:23pm EDT   -Warik

Ha, Ha *Points at Green EGG*  

Just a quick second to laugh at Green EGG for his latest "rumor" on his page. It seems that they JUST NOW discovered the bug where you use telekenisis to steal ore from other boats. That is NOT a rumor, it's a BUG and it's been a BUG for the longest time. Damn dude how about finding a bug that no one knows about? And stop saying "I'm investigating a breakin bug" we all know you're just saying that so people don't think you're doing nothing. Sorry, just had to get that out. =)
2:20pm EDT   -Warik

New Comic 

I've added a new comic. Note: You should take a look at Zeromus' UO Toons and look at the comics with the character Malik in order to understand this comic fully.
2:15pm EDT   -Warik

     Friday July 24, 1998 
Small Update Today...  

Sorry for the small update today, but there was only one story in my mail and I haven't finished the newest comic.
7:55pm EDT   -Warik

New Story 

New story up by Dringe, kinda reminds me of myself back in the old days. =)
7:50pm EDT   -Warik

     Thursday July 23, 1998 
UOHoC Statloss Poll 

I got this from Nighthawk:

There is a new ballot up at the UOHOC ( The developers have they're bi-weekly meeting sponsored by these people, so they might be listening to the ballot results.

One of the voting topics is "Should all players have a statistic/skill loss on death?".

I think we need to get some support over there and all vote NO so maybe we can get rid of or lessen the stat-loss-on-death for us murderering types. Just a thought.

I agree, take a quick moment to go over there and vote "no." Although statloss for murderers doesn't bother me that much, the fact that the little "nobles" get to die left and right with no penalty except for fame which ain't good for crap anyway.
4:15pm EDT   -Warik
New Comic 

You wanted it, you got it. Go look at the new comic "Another one bites the dust."
4:15pm EDT   -Warik

Fuck Off, Love Origin Systems 

I saw this on UOEVIL.COM which really pissed me off:

Thank you for the suggestion, now go fuck yourself...

Thats pretty much been the response from OSI on my Buc's Den suggestion. I have had TONS of players e-mail me saying how much the idea rocked and how great it would be for the game, but all any one us have gotten back is a typical bullshit form letter. All of us got the exact same letter BTW. -Greybeard

OSI seems to think that this idea sucks, how about we prove them wrong by taking my latest poll entitled "Should OSI assist in the making of an evil town?"
4:10pm EDT   -Warik

Lottery on Catskills 

I got this from Fashidus:

I, the Illustrious Fashidus of Catskills, am quitting Ultima Online, and want to do one last thing before I go. I declare a lottery, pulling from many ideas of the other lotteries that are happening on some shards. It will be a smaller lottery than the new one being done on chesapeake, because there is less stuff to be given away. Tickets will also cost half of that of the chesapeake lottery, 500 gold pieces to be exact.

No one can impersonate me, since I am the only member of my guild, no one else can have [Catskills Lotto, CE] over their name. I will be outside Britain Bank the nights of Wednesday July 22, through Sunday July 26, 1998 at MIDNIGHT EST (thats 9pm PST).

Once again, my name is Fashidus, and above my head is [Catskills Lotto, CE]. I will be writing down the character names and ICQ's of people who buy tickets, and I will contact the winner on MONDAY, July 27.

The Prize for winning this lottery is:
1) ALL of the ticket revenue.
2) About 10 sets of magical plate (all 35+ AR, some 40+)
3) About 30 sets of regular plate of varying colors.
4) 2 Full spellbooks (mine, and my pk's).
5) 2 Large brick house deeds (IMHO the best house in the game).
6) 130k on top of the ticket revenue (the balance of my bank box).
7) My current 2 houses, a large brickie (I told you they are my favorite), and the small field stone next door. (each is loaded with regs and various loot from dungeon crawling and PK'ing).
8) All the unique items in my house (many open books, a music stand, a skull candle, etc.)
9) 3 pure black dye tubs, and a small ship deed.

I would like to thank everyone in advance for participating, and may the numbers fall in your favor!

3:50pm EDT   -Warik 
Added Stories 

I've added a few more stories to the story section, thanks for following the new instructions for uploading stories - it makes my job much easier.
3:37pm EDT   -Warik

     Wednesday July 22, 1998 
Message Board 

I modified the Message Board so that text will wrap correctly when you are replying as well (hope it works, hehe.)
2:53pm EDT   -Warik

New Story 

Added a new story. See guys? Much faster if you send me the actual HTML code you want me to use.
2:40pm EDT   -Warik

     Tuesday July 21, 1998 
Nice Guards 

For those of you who don't know, you can steal an item off the ground in town and get killed by guards. After getting ressed the guard will be gray to you and you can steal all his crap to your heart's content. Enjoy!
4:55pm EDT   -Warik

UOEVIL.COM Press Release 

I got this from my buddy Greybeard at UOEVIL.COM

Player ran towns and taverns have grown in popularity in recent months, but they have been fairly exclusive to the more virtuous folk of Sosaria. Here at UOEVIL.COM, we are petitioning OSI to allow us to create the games first "Evil Players Town." We aren't certain that they will be very receptive to the idea, and I would like for anyone interested to come read about this petition and show your support. Let’s give the thieves and murderers of Sosasia some place they can call their own!

Greybeard's site can be found at
4:50pm EDT   -Warik

OSI Rules! 

Don't worry I still have my sanity. It's just this picture I have of me killing an NPC in town without the guard being able to finish my off makes me laugh very very hard. Everyone go on Test Center and slaughter everything in sight! You are immortal vs. NPCS in town!
4:47pm EDT   -Warik

New Story Policy or something 

I've changed the way I do story updates. I get a huge amount of stories in the mail each day and theres no way I can keep posting ALL of them and maintain a small fragment of a real life. So... I've posted a "template.htm" file in the story section. Simply download that (click it then do save as in the file menu) and you can make the actual file that will be posted for the story yourself. This makes it easier on both you people and me. Me because I don't have to transfer all the words all over the place and make it look nice and neat, and easier for you since your story will be posted much faster and you have complete control of what will appear on the htm file when it is posted. Just make sure to rename the file to "" when you upload it so that it appears as an attachment instead of part of the email (remember you don't have to zip it, just name it .zip!)
4:41pm EDT   -Warik

     Monday July 20, 1998 
Not a big update today 

I was busy today so I didn't really update much. I'll be putting up a buncha storis and hopefully a comic tommorow.
9:40pm EDT   -Warik

Friendly Animated GIF 

Everyone's told me they were all tired of the dumb skull, so I made a new animated GIF to put next to the logo. Say hello to big mean Man of Steal.
8:11pm EDT   -Warik

Important Poll 

I think all those rumors about Cyberthrill being a big scam are true. I had 7 unique hits earlier today (which should be more) and suddenly when I check now I have 0. I know that is IMPOSSIBLE because *I* clicked my own damn banner AND I did it from school, from an IP number very unique since Cyberthrill has never seen it. I need everyone who has ever clicked my sponser ad to take the newest poll so I can be sure if these people are screwing me.
7:55pm EDT   -Warik

     Sunday July 19, 1998 
Story Section Modification Complete 

I'm done modifying the story section. On the main stories page it will tell you how many total stories are written by the person, and if there are any new ones in the past few days. On the person's story page it will tell you which of those stories are a week or newer old.
3:51pm EDT   -Warik

New Story Section 

I'm modifying the story section. The "beta design" is up in the Warik area of the stories section. Go there and take a look at the proposed change and take the poll in the polls section to tell me if you like it or not.
2:36am EDT   -Warik

     Saturday July 18, 1998 
Two New Stories By Me 

I've written two new stories about my life as a murderer, go check them out. Oh and, before any of you email me and ask me "why have you become a pking asshole?"... don't bother. I HAVEN'T become a pking asshole, these things just happen. Become a murderer yourself and you'll see what I mean.
6:44pm EDT   -Warik

Done Moving 

After two days of grueling uploading, downloading, chmoding, configuring, and getting pissed off... the page has finally completed its move. I have double checked everything as best as I possibly can, but if you find anything wrong while you are browsing the page please let me know.
6:00pm EDT   -Warik

Things That Have Changed 

Here are a few things that have changed. I put a cool "Warik" logo in the maintained by: area on the top of the main page that was created by my secondary partner in crime Apollo. I changed the message board so that text would wrap as you type it in the text box (unfortunetly the board had to be reset.) And I also shrunk the size of all the comic picture files by about 50%, thus making them take less time to load.
5:50EDT   -Warik

MANY New Stories 

It was a bitch, but I managed to put up all the stories I have been emailed before my hair turned gray and I died. Go take a look at them.
5:43pm EDT   -Warik

Villains Unite! 

I was sent this by Greybeard from UOEVIL.COM

Villains of Atlantic Unite!

Do you or your guild enjoy nothing more than a good PvP battle? Are you tired of seeing these bands of so-called "virtuous" guilds camping out at the healer killng newly ressed thieves or gang-banging that poor sap who cast that blade spirit? And let us not forget all those former anti-PK’s who talked much trash about dreads, while at the same time casting EV’s on innocents and looting their corpses. Well here is your chance to participate in a group that puts the smack down on these self-righteous mutts. Evil is Good, an Atlantic based guild of bad guys is seeking to unite the most skilled thieves, killers and other PvPers under a single guildstone to decimate guilds of these "Illustrious Lords" and their ilk.

If you and your guild would like more information about how to take part in this alliance, visit UOEVIL. COM ( for more details - Greybeard

5:05pm EDT   -Warik 

New Link 

I've added a link to The Caves of the Bloody Dagger
4:53pm EDT   -Warik

Many Help Offers 

I've had a bunch of offers to help me out with the page, so I'll reply to them here instead of by email. Currently, the answer is no. I don't need any help with the JoV at this time. The JoV has always been a one-man operation and will continue to remain so until help is absolutely necessary. When that time comes, I will ask for it and you all can apply for the job. =)
4:21pm EDT   -Warik

Murderer Editorial 

I'm gonna write an article regarding the whole murderer idea by OSI and have it up by tommorow or the next day. Just letting you all know in advance.
4:00pm EDT   -Warik

     Thursday July 16, 1998 
JoV Moving 

The Joy of Villainy will be switching hosts within a few days. There won't be any updates until then because I'm going to be busy uploading things and configuring all the cgi and stuff. Check back in a few days for the new link.
7:51pm EST   -Warik

     Wednesday July 15, 1998 

Ok, since Omega won't be updating anymore then all stories must go to me if you want them posted. For those of you who sent me some before, sorry but I deleted them from email and replied asking you to send them to Omega since he was in charge. For any of you who have new/old stories that they want posted, please email them to me if you still want them posted. Please be sure to include your character's name, shard, title of the story, and any other information you'd like posted. Also make sure that everything is written EXACTLY as you want it posted because I will simply be cutting and pasting from email... no proofreading for spelling mistakes or sentences 5 paragraphs long will be done. =)
8:10pm EST   -Warik

For those who noticed... 

For those who noticed, yes... I know my name is the only one up in the "maintained by" line. This is because Omega will not be assisting me in updating the JoV anymore so well, I guess you can figure out the rest.
8:02pm EST   -Warik

Messed with Message Board 

I changed the message board so that previously read messages will appear white instead of dark red, if anyone has an idea for a better color then let me know (color code, not color name.)
7:58pm EST   -Warik

     Tuesday July 14, 1998 
Poll Commentary 

Here are the results and commentary for the recent polls that have expired:

Have you ever been a murderer since the new rep patch was implemented?

64 people (48%) voted Yes
20 people (15%) voted Yes, but accidentally
16 people (12%) voted No, too scared
33 people (24%) voted No, I don't PK

Ok analysis time... First I want to congratulate those 64 of you who voted that YES, YOU HAVE BEEN A MURDERER (and intentionally!) this makes me very happy. It would be 65 but I became a murderer yesterday and the poll expired by then. For those 20 of you who accidentally did it, well... I hope you managed to stay alive till you became non-murderer again. Those of you who were too scared, you should be ashamed! I think I'm gonna have to write an editorial about the murderer status and how easy it is to live with, expect it up by the end of this week. And for those of you who don't PK, well, I got no problem - up until a few days ago I didn't "PK" either.

Do you agree with stat loss upon ressing as a penalty for murderers?

79 people (45%) voted Yes, it's fair punishment
88 people (51%) voted No, it's unfair for murderers to lose stats.
5 people (2%) voted I don't care.

I was VERY surprised at the results of this poll. With this being an evil-oriented page, I expected almost everyone to vote no, but it turns out that almost half the people agreed that it was a fair punishment. I personally think it's a semi-fair punishment, it needs some modification though; however, I voted that I don't care simply because well... I don't care! I don't usually PK but if I do and then lose stats for dying then I deserve it for being a moron and getting myself dead.
11:36pm EST   -Warik
New Comic 

Made a new one, threw it together really quick so tell me what you think.
11:11pm EST   -Warik

     Monday July 13, 1998 
Update Center updated 

Here's what's been added to the update center:

  • Problems with getting flagged criminal when looting fellow and rival guildmembers should be fixed.
  • Detect hidden changes:
    • The radius you can detect hidden in will now increase based on your skill, up to almost the full screen for a grandmaster.
    • Better hiders will be harder to find than poor ones.
    • The better you are at the detect hidden skill, the better you will be at finding even the better hiders. You can expect to be totally unable to find a grandmaster hider if you are just a neophyte at the skill.
    • The farther the hidden person is from the center of your search area, the harder it is to find them.
  • Spellcasting creatures and NPCs will be smart enough to dispel summoned creatures and beings that are used in combat against them.
  • It will no longer be possible to gate monsters. You will still be able to gate human NPCs and pets.
  • Looting while hidden will result in becoming unhidden.
  • A problem with the formula used in the healing skill will be fixed. The result is that the healing skill will become dramatically more powerful than it is now.
  • Killing cows will no longer lower karma.
  • The "combat auto-move" bug will be fixed.
  • Vendors will gain a "dismiss" command so that their boss can fire them.
  • The problem whereby people of karma tier -4 could not deal with shopkeepers will be fixed.
  • Casting beneficial spells on others can only result in gaining karma, never a loss of karma.
  • Stealing items in chessboards and backgammon boards will not be possible.
  • Ordering a pet or hireling to become friends with inanimate objects will not be possible.
  • Movement while the resurrection menu will be completely impossible. This fixes house break-in problems.
  • The "You are already casting" bug will be fixed.
  • An exploit involving duping arrows was fixed.
  • An exploit with scroll inscription has been fixed.
  • You will no longer be able to learn skills as a ghost.
  • Anatomy and evaluate intelligence will now check line of sight.
  • Guildstones will use one's actual name when incognito'ed.
  • An exploit with provocation has been fixed.
  • An exploit with herding has been fixed.
  • Ship claim tickets will be bankable, but only if the holds are empty.
  • Escort NPCs will only respond to "I will take thee" if you are quite close to them.
  • A problem with scrolls not always being consumed when cast should be fixed.
  • The problem with beggars talking to you from miles away will be fixed.
  • An exploit involving carpentry not consuming resources was fixed.
  • Several high level monsters which were supposed to be spellcasters but were not casting will now be making use of their spellcasting abilities.
  • Hiding while being attacked should now work more as it was intended: you will no longer be able to just tab in and out of combat if there are creatures nearby attacking you and who have line of sight to you.
  • A method of boosting stats using magic items was fixed.
  • Resurrectors can no longer be dead. (Don't ask how they managed this...!)

Pay close attention to those fixes colored in red, especially the one that is also in boldface type. In response to those additions... *FINALLY!* Those two things are the issues I've been bitching about/"discussing" most frequently on my page and I'm glad that OSI has finally done something about them. Hopefully the patch will actually work. =)
1:11pm EST   -Warik

Warik the Murderer 

I'm a murderer, read all about it! :)
1:10pm EST   -Warik

New Stories 

Two new stories up by me, one about me and my murderer status. Go check them out.
11:08pm EST   -Warik


Yea, I know I haven't been making many lately - haven't had too many ideas. I got a few new ones so expect a new comic up in a day or two.
11:06pm EST   -Warik

     Saturday July 11, 1998 

I've updated the links section. I have added links to You Might Be a Newbie If..., Zeromus' UO Toons, and Razoric's UO Comic
3:25pm EST   -Warik


Sorry for taking so long to update, I've been real busy though and I hope it doesn't happen again. In this update I've added 2 new stories by me, put up another editorial discussing recall, hiding, and gate travel, and fixed the sidebar (I think) so it plays the midi music again. Oh, I forgot to give credit to KiLJoX of EiG for creating the logo to my page, thanks KiLJoX.
3:16pm EST   -Warik

     Tuesday July 7, 1998 
I'm Back 

I have returned from my vacation or something, enjoy the update. I changed the layout of the page a little and now the menu frame should take less time to load, I have a new logo as well, thanks go out to EGG Enforcer from the Bughouse for assisting me in doing so. I have a list of things I plan on doing in the next few weeks so take a look.

Warik's Plans:

  • Character Profile Page
    • A place where you can post information, and a picture of your main character's paperdoll.
  • A Screenshot Gallery
    • A place to post any kinds of pictures relating to UO. Similar to the UOSS Picture Forum (only mine will be cooler.)
    • If you know lotsa CGI and Perl and can write a script to handle this, please let me know and you will be praised many times.
  • A JoV Chat Session
    • A big meeting sometime on IRC where all visitors can go and discuss stuff/ask questions/make suggestions.
  • Newbie Skool
    • Sooner or later I'll probably have a big "seminar" to teach newbie evil people how to handle themselves.
    • Will be similar to that Blacksmithy Seminar some guy had earlier this month.
  • More Comics
  • More Stories
  • Newbie Section Update
  • Advanced Section Creation

Oh and for those of you who voted "no" for the sponser ad poll. Thanks, it's funny how clicking a button once a day is so difficult as opposed to maintaining a webpage and updating it many times a week.
5:45pm EST   -Warik

New Story 

I know I said I'd have a few stories up by me when I got back... but my memory broke or something and I forgot why the other 2 were so funny, so I only put up the one where the humor was obvious.
5:30pm EST   -Warik

Magic Reflect 

According to UOVault you should not have magic reflect cast on yourself while in town, it will end up getting you dead (probably by me.) Nice bug OSI.
5:20pm EST   -Warik

     Thursday July 2, 1998 
Looking for New Logo 

I'm looking for a new logo for the Joy of Villainy. Any artists out there who are good with Photoshop or anything please feel free to submit any logos you may have designed. I'll choose one very soon and give you credit for it. I'm looking for something nice that says "The Joy of Villainy" (with JoV somewhere on it if you like.) Also, please make sure it's not too dark, I had someone send me a nice logo but it was like very hard to read even if I had monitor brightness at 10000%. Please send any logos to
2:24am EST   -Warik

RPG Site 

I was told about a cool RPG site and I checked it out. It's very well designed and has some nice content so I've added a link. You can get to the RPGHQ by clicking on this link.
2:21am EST   -Warik

Heh Heh 

Sorry for the lack of updates in the past few days, but I bought Alundra for playstation and I've been busy have lots and lots of fun with it. =)
1:50am EST   -Warik

No Updates This Weekend 

There will be no updates to the page on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday (unless Omega does them) because I will be on vacation, sorry or something.
1:46am EST   -Warik

Reaction to Poll 

Because of the success of the last poll (record amount of people voted on it) I'm going to post a little reaction/analysis to it.

Poll results for "Do you ever 'camp out' at the healer's and kill newly ressed grays?":

13 people (4%) voted "Yes, I do it all the time." (shame on you!)
33 people (11%) voted "I've done it on occasion." (better than "All the time.")
171 people (57%) voted "No way, that shit is lame." (YEARGH BABY!)
79 people (26%) voted "No way, I'm like Warik and I KILL people who do that!" (I feel very happy)

Well, in response to this poll I'd like to say that I'm very happy that the majority of the people who visit my site (of whom are mostly all "evil" players) refrain from killing defenseless ressed folk at the healer. Unfortunetly a vast majority of the UO population is not kind and compassionate like us evil people (lol) and find themselves forced to slaughter newly ressed, defenseless gray people because they are too weak and pathetic to take on a greater challenge (like someone with a weapon, for instance.) The unstopping slaughter of these gray people has caused the GMs to SHUT DOWN the Britain Healer's on Catskills (picture.) (I still don't know how this helps anything though.) Hopefully some people will get some guts and start killing things that can fight back, (or even attacking something blue!) after OSI re-opens the Britain healer on Catskills.

I've also added a few new polls to the poll section, so please go take a look at all of them and let everyone know what you think and support.
1:10am EST   -Warik

United We Stand! 

I saw this on the Bughouse. Hope you guys will attend and have some fun with all of us. :)

EGG Enforcer calls all who are distressed with the current state, in my opinion unplayable, of UO. The Gathering will happen TOMORROW[today], THURSDAY JULY SECOND at 8pm EASTERN TIME ON THE CATSKILLS SHARD ONLY.... Report to the front of LORD BRITISH Castle between 7:50 and 8:10... At 8:10 eastern we will march to the throne room, and just have a buncha fun.. It's like.. the Bughouse Annoyance Fest... Please be well-mannered and dont spam the screen.. I will take my seat on the throne, and we can talk about stuff... Bring furniture if you like.. we might need communication crystals.. SEE YOU THERE!

1:31am EST   -Warik
Lack of Stories 

Sorry if any of your stories haven't been posted soon after you have sent them. The job of posting new stories belongs to Omega and he has been busy with other things lately so hasn't gotten around to it. Terribly sorry and I'm sure that will change soon. =)
1:10am EST   -Warik

UO HoC Chat Tommorow(today) 

Read this on UO Vault:

Open House Tomorrow

The next UO House of Commons Open House chat between the players and creators of UO is scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday July 2, at 7 PM CST. The chat will be available to you at #uohoc on Stratics IRC, on one of three networked servers:, port 6667, port 6667, port 6667

This week's topic is "Reaction to the Reputation System", so gather up all of your thoughts, ideas and concerns about this new replacement for Notoriety and throw 'em at the Dev Team during tomorrow's chat. ;)

This meeting is once again brought to you by Stratics and the Vault Network. If you are new to IRC, please visit Stratics IRC for an online tutorial and instructions for connecting to our IRC server.

I encourage any of you with things to say to (bitch to) OSI regarding the Reputation System to attend and let them know what you think.
1:16am EST   -Warik

New Comic Tommorow(today) 

I'm working on a new comic. I got a reply to an email a few days ago that made me a very "unhappy camper." So I'll express my discontent the only way I know how... in a humorous fashion. =)
1:10am EST   -Warik