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May 1999

Sunday May 30, 1999
New Story

On a somewhat happier note, I've posted a new story by Dublin. I have lots of stuff in my "to-do box" on my email at home, but I never remember to bring it to work to actually get it done. Sorry about not posting a lot from home, but lets be honest - it's a website about a game. It's not what I think about 24/7. On the other hand, now that I'm gainfully employed again, I can spend my employers time doing this. =)

Anyhow, there is a lot that I have to update/post. Sorry it's taking so long for those of you who sent stuff in.

8:19amEDT -Nighthawk

Drunken UO

There are somethings that you should not do and play UO. One of them is get so drunk that you barely are aware of what you're doing in RL. At that point, you should NOT play UO. I've recently done exactly that.

The upside is that I met a new chickie at the club I was in when the evening began. The downside is that I don't remember logging into UO at all and I was in rare form. Apparently, I took my UO gf's relationship to the next level. Unfortunately, I had to be reminded of my activities a couple of days later because I didn't remember it ever happening. *shrug*

Take a hint from your Uncle Nighthawk - don't get THAT trashed and play UO if you run a website. Naughty people will think you give a shit about your on-line reputation and try to blackmail you. LOL. That amuses me.

So, the long and short of it is, talking dirty to your online gf while drunk and being reminded of it later is somewhat amusing. Have a laugh on me. Doesn't bother me in the slightest, because I'm sure I'm the first guy that's made an ass out of myself while intoxicated (at least I didn't drive that and kill someone).

7:36amEDT -Nighthawk

Monday May 24, 1999
New Pic of the Week

I'm alway too busy to take a load up my screenshot utility when something suddenly happens. I'm in the bad habbit of not keeping UOSU open. Well, Valid and I were both red in the lich room on Covetous lvl 3 (not perma, just red) and we invited all the people there for a them vs us. Thank god, Valid had the presence of mind to take a pic.

It's in the Pic of the Week area just above this news area.

1:02pmEDT -Nighthawk

Wednesday May 20, 1999
New Story

Finally, a real update. And it's the type that most of you ask for - a story! It has everything you'd ever want : killing and looting. Can't beat it. Hope you enjoy.

1:22pmEDT -Nighthawk

Wednesday May 13, 1999
Two words for you

I've been getting a small amount of slack from some people who want more updates. Most people are really nice when they inquire why I haven't updated a lot recently, but some people are pretty rude. These two words are for that second group : "Suck it".

I've been updating this site about 10 months now, and until last month things were updated quite frequently. Not many other sites that have the same updater for 10 months are even still running, nevermind have a webmaster that is so easily accessible in email and especially in game. Christ, I've met more people who've hunted me down specifically because of the site than I ever thought would give a shit that someone named "Nighthawk" played the game.

I have a groupie who haunts my tower, "I want your horse" who I res and spend time chatting with. His name is an inside joke, but I don't know of many other people that not only wouldn't ban the ghost, but would res and take time to speak with him on a regular basis. Not that any of that means shit to some of you, but just the fact that I don't update the site daily doesn't really give anyone the right to give me hell.... granted, only a couple of people do/have, but it's annoying. If you don't like it, don't come back.

10:32pmEDT -Nighthawk

Monday May 10, 1999
Two imporant lessons learned tonight

I learned two things the hard way tonight. I figured that I would share them with you people:

First, pking alone or with a single partner is a lost art, but for good reason. If you have balls enough to actually res and try to maintain a fulltime perma-red, then you know that it's quite costly. Also, if you had a multiple-time GM before you got stat loss, you'll never, ever have it again. What is the hardest thing for a pk to raise? That's right (same as for most people), resist. Without resist, you are a walking dead man. With so many people having 90+ Eval Int, if you have low resist and you get a mana dump, you're going to be kissing dirt soon. How about if two people mana dump on you? How about if two people and a lich are on you?

Well, guess what. I take my pk out after madly macroing him back up to some semblance of decency, and same night he dies. Why? A couple of reasons, but mainly because I don't like hunting with a big group because I try to be semi-honorable. Well, only having one person cost me my life. Ironically enough, Thug Life was one of the people who killed me. I don't know if I should congratulate him for killing my 40 resist character with a friend and a lich, but either way - the irony is there.

The second thing I learned tonight is that if you enter a tournament that has no looting or decide before you start type rules (makes you seem like a dick for wanting to loot someone, so naturally no one loots), bring every fucking thing you own. If you don't use deadly poison, you're an idiot. Well, I'm an idiot. I use fencing and my roomie has a GM Poisoner, but dp always struck me as cheesy so I don't use it much. I should have brought 75 GHs, 40 greater cures and 15 dp weapons. I guess I'd be the better dueler then! (*rolls eyes*)

If you have to win because you bring more equipment, you suck it. That's the final word on that.

11:58pmEDT -Nighthawk

Friday May 7, 1999
Slackers R Us

It's unbelieveable how much UO you can play and still have very little to say about it. I took a month off from work until my ideal job became avaiable (thanks for asking, yes I got the job) and I've played just a truckload of UO. Granted, I've done a LOT of other shit, but still I have played an unhealthy amount of UO.

So, why the update? Just figured you folx should know that I am still around, not dead, and I still give a shit about the site. The only thing I have to say that most of you would find interesting is this quick note about bannings:

A lot of players have been emailing me/posting on other boards about how they have been instructed by GMs to "change their playing style or be banned". Apparently, if too many people report you for whatever (including legally pking or other activities), you can be banned. Their logic is to rid the game of the 1 causing problems for the many.

As you all well know, I'm a pk (to the point that 4 of my 5 characters are now red). I can only imagine when my playing style is going to get this unfair attention. *sigh*

Anyhow, I just wanted to let you people to talk a little less shit to ghosts, because apparently if enough complain, yer gone. Good luck.

2:34am EST -Nighthawk
Wednesday April 28, 1999
Baja Down - Links Updated

Baja is down at the same time that's it's crashed the past two nights in a row. It's like the damn thing is on a timer to crash around 1am EDT. Fuckin OSI. Sometimes the amaze me with their fuckups.

Anyhow, since my server is down and for some reason I'm still awake, I made myself useful and updated the links pages. Then again, I guess if yer looking in the links pages, that means my site didn't do much for ya. So I guess I should be insulted and not do you a favor to link to somewhere else. Ahh fuckit... go look at the links.

2:07amEDT -Nighthawk

Banned for Macroing?

Well, he wasn't banned, but GM Loki definitely did express that it was a possibility to my friend, Darkness.

He was in his house, not in town. So, apprently OSI is pretty serious about this "warning and then ban" for macroing stuff. Be warned folx - they're looking.

12:07amEDT -Nighthawk