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November 1998

Tuesday November 24, 1998
Are you red? Are you on Baja?

Looking to get the JoV guild going the way that it was originally intended for. Not to make banking alone potentially dangerous. Not to have to deal with town fighting/no magery/recall when outclassed bullshit. I want the hardcore, "I'm red because I'm a badass" guild back.

If you're a hardass, then you're what I want. DRI has (unfortunately) stopped their rampaging since Homer got banned and others moved on, so there's a huge need for a solid, rampaging PK guild. If you and your character are up to it, email me.

3:40pmEST -Nighthawk

Ronald McDonald

No, not fuckin McDonalds. I'm talking about my boy from Baja. I mentioned his site here a couple of days ago. I just went through his recently updated screenshots. Goddamnit, he is one funny mofo.

Did I mention that Ron stopped the Avalon Contest of Champions event by disrupting it so many times with killing, looting and other fun stuff? LOL! If you're evil, you wanna take after Ron. Trust me. Hit his site and you'll see for yourself.

BTW, on a side note, Brules is the official idea guy for the JoV. He's sent me in ideas for comics, polls (coming later today or tomorrow), and news ideas. Thanks Brules.

1:50pmEST -Nighthawk


I think Drakus is right. The JoV guild is way sub-par. I was hoping to get it up and going, but no luck.

For those of you who don't know, Warik and Sauron returned to UO and were in the guild on Baja. Warik has moved on to EQ Beta 3 and doesn't play much; and Sauron isn't on frequently. :(

So, yet again, I find myself getting jumped by 3-15 people when I'm by myself (as I almost always am). I'm going to petition LoD for membership purely for the fact that I like PVP, but I hate being gangbanged all the time. I love sticking it to people, but 1on1 people just recall. When they have 10 friends, they think they're the best PVPer that ever existed and claim a victory when I have to recall. *sigh*

1:14pmEST -Nighthawk

Fun with boxes!

If you have a GM Tinker, you need to be killing people today. Trapped boxes are now AREA effect. Here's whatcha do:

  • Get 20 GM Tinker trapped chests
  • Give them to a mule
  • Put all of the chests in the bank except 1
  • Goto a crowded area with a friend (or 2)
  • Place box on ground and open
  • You and everyone around you dies
  • Friends loot
  • Repeat

Do it often and do it NOW. OSI is probably going to fix this, so take advantage while you can!

12:46pmEST -Nighthawk

Monday November 23, 1998
Housing Patch is IN

Guys, if you have a tent/vendor or want to place a house, you're going to want to go to UO Latest Updates and read about this RIGHT NOW. It has other items in there that are preparing us for the housing patch, but it immediately effects you if you fall into one of the two types of people mentioned above.

This patch is IN and it effects a LOT of us. If you have a vendor I highly recommend that you go and read this immediately.

3:47pmEST -Nighthawk

Saturday November 21, 1998
Shortest Retirement in History

Ok, so after sleeping on it, I'm back. I decided instead of getting pissed off, I was gonna cause some havoc. I can't believe my gf helped me decided that I should keep playing...

This game is a drug and I have many more assbeatings to give out.

12:37pmEST -Nighthawk

Welp... bye

As quick as I came, I'm leaving. I'm gonna give up on UO. I'll keep up the site (so don't ask for it), but you won't be seeing me in game anymore. I just got sick of it all...

I'll write more when I'm less tired... cyall.

12:07amEST -Nighthawk

Friday November 20, 1998
Man... slow week.

I can't believe I've been so busy in RL. Been interviewing for a position at another company and a lot of other stuff, so I'm sorry about the lack of updates. As most of you know, that's completely outta character for me, so I'll try to get them rolling in again soon.

In the meantime, I posted Nuker's great Barding instructional in the Newbie area. It's a great read for anyone wanting to try something new. Plus, provoking a Lord of the Abyss on someone who tries to noto-kill you is just damn funny. :)

I also added a link to Jiggiby - The Foul Mouthed Drunken Bard in the Links section (under New Links). He is definitely foul mouhted, so be prepared to have your eyes assaulted...

2:33pmEST -Nighthawk

Tuesday November 17, 1998
And the idiot of the day award goes to...

Rootdown of Baja!

Last night, I get a mass ICQ from this guy around 9:30pm saying, "Selling castle deed - cheap!" I don't know how he got it, but I heard him go as low as 500k for it, so he probably didn't buy it. Anyhow, around 11:30pm he ICQs my roommate asking him if I was around. I start talking to him, and he says he needs a way to detect Back Orifice. I think to myself, "You idiot. You tell people that you have a castle deed and then you run some strange program? I guarantee you got it." So, I tell him what to search for on a search engine.

A couple of minutes later he ICQs me back and says, "Holy shit! My program just closed. I've got Back Orifice" and logs off. I check his ICQ user info, and he's got his IP address showing! Jesus. How easy can you make it for people? I think I'll run strange programs after advertizing to everyone on my list that I have a castle deed AND leave my IP address showing in ICQ! Good thinking...

People, be smart. This was not smart... *sigh*

10:27amEST -Nighthawk

Monday November 16, 1998
Links Re-done

I did a bit of overhauling to the links section. They should be much easier to read now. I've also added a new section for links that I've recently added.

BTW, if you haven't been to McDonaldland, you're doing yourself a dis-service. Ron is a funny mofo, but you'll figure that out after about 10 seconds on his site.

2:14pmEST -Nighthawk

Yes, I know!

Everquest Beta Phase 4 is now sending out acceptance letters to everyone who qualified. Don't feel too special if you get a letter because apparently everyone qualifies - it's a public BETA. So, you and 60,000 other special people got that same email.

Personally, I am not even remotely interested in EQ. I'm sure it will be interesting and different, but it's just not something I'm too psyched about. So, that being said, there's no need to email/icq me with anything short of earth-shattering news about EQ. HOWEVER, I do hope you have fun with it.

12:36pmEST -Nighthawk

Friday November 13, 1998
Two New Stories

Two new stories have been posted. Lord Cool's fourth and Scythe's first are now available in the Stories section for your reading pleasure. Enjoy.

5:47pmEST -Nighthawk

Thursday November 12, 1998
New Pictures

There is a new picture of the week and a couple of new pics in the Screenshots section.

2:22pmEST -Nighthawk

Wednesday November 11, 1998
Two New Stories

Posted two stories. One by Cyle of EiG and one from Marcus.

2:26pmEST -Nighthawk

Interesting Patch

I was stunned when I had MASSIVE stat gain after being stuck at 91/84/40 for so long. I'm now 90/90/45 in less than 4 hours of playing. Pretty awesome. I'd been stuck at a "cap" of 215 for a month and suddenly I'm at 225. I'm sure I'll find a use for the extra 10 stat points. :)

Unfortunately, I think that the stat gain and the GM made weapons were both a bit overdone. The gain fluctuates your stats so much that mine weren't constant for more then 30 minutes. The GM weapons are just ungodly - probably equal to force or power weapons.

Oh well... I'll adjust to the fashion of the day, but man they're making it awfully tough for new players...

11:15amEST -Nighthawk

Tuesday November 10, 1998
Patch Day

Today is patch day. If it's not today, it's coming soon. They are apparently going to try some new skill advancement code, which they need badly. However, as bad as we need stuck stats fixed, I'm concerned that we might end up with super atrophying skills again. So, be careful. If anything goes wrong to that degree, email the shit out of OSI so they revert.

On another note, I was stunned that I didn't get more comments on the story from yesterday. That was the most detailed, picture enhanced story of all time, and I only got 1 comment on it. Kinda odd. Oh well... I hope you liked it anyhow.

11:15amEST -Nighthawk

Monday November 9, 1998
New Story

I just wrote an extremely long and detailed story about my experience at the tournament this past Saturday. It has links to 14 pictures, so it's even got the pics to complete the whole experience. I hope you enjoy it.

I've still got a lot to update, including screenshots that you guys have sent me, a story and a new section. Those will probably have to wait until tomorrow because today was just too hectic at work for me to get it all done. That story is pretty huge, so it should keep you occupied. :)

6:21pmEST -Nighthawk

Sunday November 7, 1998
Tournament Update

For those of you who were asking how I did in the Tournament last night, here's what happened.

The night started off with the 1-on-1s (it was to be followed by the 2on2s and the Royal Rumble free-for-all). I won my first match in about 30 seconds (D'artagne), my second match in about 45 seconds (GaLaHaD) and my 3rd in about 2 minutes (Charley). A lot of people knew my name, but they didn't seem to expect me to beat big names (on Baja, of course) like Charley and Galahad.

I lost to Carnage pretty quickly because of some bad luck on my part - I was casting an ebolt (we were both semi-low on health) when he hit me with an hxbow bolt. I cancelled my spell a bit too late, stood still and died before my heal got there. Oh well... Carnage went on to place second in the tournament, so I didn't get beaten by some schmuck. I ended up placing tied for 4th with El Nino, who won two of the three divisions in the last tournament.

Allusion and I were put out quickly in the 2on2s, but that happens. So, we stayed up until 4am EST waiting for the Royal Rumble. Ronald McDonald told us then, "We're not having it tonight." Well, I think everyone was just itching to kill because after the finals, all hell broke loose and a free-for-all happened whether it was planned or not. Since this wasn't a sanctioned part of the tournament, people were reporting when they died. Needless to say, I'm a murderer now.... again.

I didn't die, but I killed way too many people. Fortunately, only 3 people reported me, so I'm only at 5 murders. By the time I get done with my RL stuff today, I should be close to being blue again.

Anyhow, for those of you who wrote in an asked how I did. Thank you for caring. Fourth place isn't too bad considering I was the only person in the top 8 who had less than 90 resist (I have 74).

11:32amEST -Nighthawk


Quick answer for those of you who came up to me last night and asked me "why aren't you updating that much anymore?" Besides for the news/chat pages, this is the only board that gets updated even close to everyday (except on weekends. I have an active social life - sorry). Just because I didn't post something everyday last week doesn't mean I'm a slacker. It means that you're spoiled. :P

Plus, if you wanna see something posted - send me something. Maybe I'll post it, ya never know with me...

10:50amEST -Nighthawk

Thursday November 5, 1998
Stories and Screenshots

Not much happening recently, so really nothing to update.

I wrote a new story. Also posted two new pictures : one in Oddities and one in Humor.

5:27pmEST -Nighthawk

Tuesday November 3, 1998
New Bug Page

You heard it here first. I got an email from Dr Twister asking if I'd take a look at his page. I did - damn, that page looks good. If the content is going to be as good as the page looks, then this guy is going to be rich off sponsor clicks. :) Seriously, take a look at Dr.TwisTer's Bug Alert.

The guy said that I know him on Baja, but said that he wouldn't identify himself to me yet. There's only one guy on the whole shard I truly don't like, so I dunno what the secret is... heheh, it's probably him. Oh well, either way it's a nice page.

12:30pmEST -Nighthawk

T2A Pictures

I took a lot of pictures during my first couple of days in T2A. They've all been posted to the T2A area of the Screenshots section. A couple made it into the Humor area, so check there too.

11:57amEST -Nighthawk

Monday November 2, 1998
More Submissions

Posted a new story by Elyan to the Stories section and a new screenshot in the Kill Shot area by Escobar.

2:47pmEST -Nighthawk

Story Thoughts

I posted Lenny's 4th story to the Stories section.

With that in mind, let me give some advice on submitting stories. I have received stories that made me cringe. If you average 1-2 spelling/grammar mistakes a sentence, then I'm not going to be too inclined to finish reading it - nevermind post it. Hints:

  1. There are several words that sound like "there". They are not interchangeable.
    • There - a place
    • They're - They are
    • Their - multiple people possessive
    • They're in their house over there... ya see?
  2. teh is not a word - it's THE
  3. periods, commas and spaces should be used, but not randomly

Also, please bear in mind that this is a webpage dedicated to evil, villainy and general badness. If your guild had a great battle, that's cool, but commonplace. If your guild had a great battle because you were looting a house and called in the troops, that's something I wanna hear about!

Keep it evil and keep it readable. Two hints to being published on the JoV. :)

10:58amEST -Nighthawk