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October 1998

Friday October 30, 1998
New Story

Morgan the Brigand wrote a new story. It's posted to the Stories section (duh).

5:19pmEST -Nighthawk


Asuka: UP!
Atlantic: UP!
Baja: DOWN! for 2h 17m 56s
Catskills: UP!
Chesapeake: UP!
Drachenfels: UP!
Europa: UP!
Great Lakes: UP!
Lake Superior: UP!
Napa Valley: UP!
Pacific: UP!
Sonoma: UP!
Test Center: UP!
Wakoku: UP!
Yamato: UP!

Grrr... my shard sucks.

4:54pmEST -Nighthawk

Happy Halloween

I have a lot of RL and UO stuff planned for tomorrow, so I probably won't be updating then. So, I'll say happy halloween now.

Vapor made a cool picture that is the new Picture of the Week. Yes, Vapor and I are planning on visiting people to see if they'll open their doors for us to have some loot... errr... candy. Perhaps even a "bobbing for severed heads" quest to see how many heads we can get....

12:30pmEST -Nighthawk

Thursday October 29, 1998
JoV Guys...

Just to let you know - if you're in the JoV Army, it's going Chaos. A couple of guilds I'm aligned with are in chaos and I hate just standing around watching. If you don't like that and yer in JoV, then say "I resign from my guild". :)

3:54pmEDT -Nighthawk

Tuesday October 27, 1998
PKing with Nighthawk

I posted another screenshot gallery from my most recent killfest. It's in the Kill Shots area of the Screenshot section and it's called "PKing with Nighthawk (10-24)". Anyone who says that Vapor and I pick on lone adventurers should take a look at those pictures. Many of the pictures have multiple victims (and probably had more to begin with, they just recalled out).

There are several "series" within "PKing with Nighthawk (10-24)" that have some pretty good action shots. Been trying to keep screenshots from becoming a body count and more of a "here's what happened". Lemme know if you like the new pics.

I also added two screenshots in the Kill Shots section about a murderer who tried to kill ME. Hahah... silly murderer...

4:11pmEDT -Nighthawk

T2A Pics

I added a new T2A - Lost Lands area to the Screenshots section. I took lots of pics last night, but I left 'em at home. :( Leyla came through for me and sent some in.

2:02pmEDT -Nighthawk

About T2A

My assumption before I left work yesterday was that since my boy Vapor was romping around in the lost lands, everyone must be. Was I wrong. As a matter of fact, Vapor and I must have been the first people to go to Ice Dungeon on Baja. We didn't see one person until we came back to the mainland to the Terathan/Ophidian areas.

I've gotta say that the Matriarchs (highest level) for those two species are just about bad ass. They cast more than a damn Lich Lord. The Avenger (2nd hardest) are equivalent to a drake that doesn't cast fireballs. When they hit you toe-to-toe, plan on losing about 1/4 of your health. Since all those monsters spawn in the same area, it gets tricky.

Vapor and I are pretty tough guys to kill... I mean, we just don't die unless we screw up bad. Well, underestimating the new monsters is bad. I died twice and Vapor died once (I died 3 seconds after ressing him, so it was more like once each, but still).

The best part - it's a challenge to survive over there. Take a friend - it definitely made hunting monsters interesting for a change.

1:12pmEDT -Nighthawk


Several new pictures have been added to the Oddities and Humor areas of the Screenshots section.

I'd like to thank everyone who has submitted stories and screenshots. Thanks!

12:54pmEDT -Nighthawk

New Story

Lord Cool sent me in his third story. It's now posted it to the sotries section.

12:20pmEDT -Nighthawk

Jail? Me? Never...

Ok... maybe just once. I was in Wind letting these 6 guys know how super cool I thought their guild was when a GM pulled me aside for a moment of insight. I was politely asked to be quiet and not move while he informed me that pretending to be a newly ressed person, talking shit and trying to start fights was not nice.

Since I couldn't speak, it was hard to say, "blow me". He teleported me to Britain before I could title my book (to drop on the ground for him to read) appropriately to show my appreciation for the chat session. :(

10:11amEDT -Nighthawk

Monday October 26, 1998
Everyone's in T2A - Except me

Looks like Vapor is having fun in T2A. Kinda pisses me of that I can't play it from work. Guess I'll bring my T2A CD to work tomorrow. And yes, it's nice to play UO on a T3. :)

2:20pmEDT -Nighthawk


Three things to note:

  1. I ordered my T2A overnight. My roommate ordered his standard mail (can't overnight to a PO Box). Both of our orders arrived today. I paid $11 extra for *nothing* because OSI shipped on a Friday (the next business day was today)
  2. I've heard that Justice Zones are huge and really screw ya on the "get your pk to the Lost Lands" idea.
  3. It's frustrating for UPS to show up as you're walking out the door for work with an add-on to a game you're highly addicted to. I almost didn't come to work today

Since I won't be home for a bit, someone experiment with stealing around the entrances and calling guards (with a friend obviously) to see which entrances/exits are completely safe. Post whatcha find to the Forum so we all can know what's going on so we can bring the evil to the new house-less lands.

UOSS has a listing off all of the entrances from Britannia to the Lost Lands. Here is a direct link to their Entrances to UO:T2A section.

2:20pmEDT -Nighthawk

Sunday October 25, 1998
Resist pic

The close-up pic of the resist bug in Wind is HERE. See the map on the other picture to see where this is in Wind.

2:32pmEDT -Nighthawk

Friday October 23, 1998
T2A? Monday at the soonest...

T2A shipped today for everyone who pre-ordered. Unfortunately, even if you paid the $11 EXTRA for the overnight shipping, you still won't see it until Monday because UPS doesn't deliver on Saturday. I was hoping to have it here for the weekend, but I guess OSI actually shippping it on time is a feat of it's own merit.

I just wish they'd shipped yesterday... :(

5:10pmEDT -Nighthawk

Spawn everywhere is dead!

I was in Destard yesterday and there was nothing. No rats, no snakes, no drake, no dragons... nothing.

Covetous? No harpies, snakes, rats... hmmm..

I heard from someone that they are stopping spawn so they can reset the spawn values/locations, but I don't know if that's true or not.

All I know is that PKing is going to be running even more rampant this weekend with so few computer targets available. Maybe it has something to do with the rumored T2A shipping? If T2A arrives by Saturday, I'll be at one of the enterances out of the guard zones to greet people. If you wanna join me, get in the channel, email or ICQ me tomorrow.

3:30pmEDT -Nighthawk

New Story

I found a story that Lord Cool sent in a while back. Well, now that I found it, I posted it. :) Sorry about the delay LC.

3:05pmEDT -Nighthawk

Resist Bug!

Ok guys. As promised, whether I heard back from the tools over at Tricks of the Trade or not, I am posting the way I got my resist up. This should not shock some of you and it will open the eyes of others.

Here's the quick rundown. Wind is bugged. If you attack an NPC (lets say a Mage), the guards will not kill you unless 1> he is on the screen or 2> a PLAYER calls guards. So, here's how you do it:

  1. Go to Wind
  2. Tame two dogs (they're everywhere in Wind)
  3. Attack and lead as many mages as possible (I've gotten as many as 23) to the red circled area in this picture. You have to walk up where there is a break in the wall where the green circle is.
  4. Mages will walkover or pick up nearly anything you block them in with, except dogs! Move the dogs over to block them in on the small stretch of land behind the mage shop in the red circle.
  5. Attack the mages every 5-8 minutes (the mages have to re-build mana just like us). They won't be able to hurt you because they're trapped by the dogs and magic doesn't do damage in town.
  6. Gain resist and enjoy.

I have a picture of what this looks like (up close) at home, so I'll post that when I get a chance. There are two more important things to remember.

  1. Another player CAN call Guards on you. Do yourself a favor and make friends with anyone you see there or they'll just hide nearby and kill you with a simple "Guards!"
  2. Do this off of GM hours. GMs will delete all the mages if they see them like this. I've personally been caught three times and they haven't said a word to me - so it's not a jailable offense, just immoral. :)

If you get banned, jailed, cussed at, killed, or whatever - it's not my fault. You take that chance every time you use bugs. Just because those didn't happen to me, doesn't mean you'll be as fortunate. Bear in mind, I did this at 7-8:30am EDT when there is nearly no one there, so play it safe and you should minimize the chances of any complications.

BTW, please don't email me for discussion/questions on this. Since it's now out in the open, discuss it in the Forum so if I'm not available, someone else may still be able to help out.

2:08pmEDT -Nighthawk

Thursday October 22, 1998
Back Orifice is everywhere

There have been a couple of posts in the Forum to "download this new cheat". Please avoid these obvious attempts to hack into your system. Brules and Hendel downloaded and checked one such ad and it was indeed BO. Again, don't download .exe files from a sourse you don't trust 100%. Thanks Brules for the confirmation on that hack...

3:40pmEDT -Nighthawk

I love pking

I wrote a new story about a little experience I had last night. It's in the Stories section now.

3:32pmEDT -Nighthawk

New Polls

Posted two new polls today. Both are about the FoA quest and what will happen in the end. Take a look and cast your votes.

1:41pmEDT -Nighthawk

Tueday October 20, 1998
4 New Stories

I received four new stories yesterday. Two from Rev.ProFaNiTy and two from Elahrairah. All of them have been posted to the Stories section.

2:04pmEDT -Nighthawk

Monday October 19, 1998
Quick Stuff

I recently removed the midi from the site. Let me know whatcha think in the new poll.

Also, I've been hearing a lot about GM finding people using UOE even when they weren't doing anything incriminating. SO, for all you bad boys and girls out there - watch yer ass. I don't want anyone getting banned.

3:42pmEDT -Nighthawk

RL Beats UO Everyday

If you have the means to go to Bermuda, let me be one to suggest that you do so. I just got back and I can't believe I got on the plane to come home. Fun fun...

Anyhow, I got flooded with emails while I was gone - 50% of them were asking to "join the guild". I'll try to be brief on this topic.

  • This is not a guild page (there is a JoV guild, but that is NOT the focus of this website)
  • This page is not shard specific
  • I play on Baja
  • The JoV event has past - it's too late to sign up
  • If you have a pk on Baja already, THEN email me and we'll meet

I hope that clears up a lot of would-be questions.

Oh yeah, one last thing. I removed the MIDI completely because I got no submissions for a new MIDI. I assume that means that everyone (like me) is over the MIDI and have been for some time. :)

11:05amEDT -Nighthawk

Friday October 16, 1998
Bermuda - Here I Come

Welp, I'm outta here for the weekend. I hope you guys have fun while I'm gone. Just remember that you won't be having as much fun as I am. =P

Do something interesting while I'm gone. Write a story about it or take a screenshot and send it in to me. I'll be having withdrawl symptoms by the time I get back and that'll help me get past it... (not really, I'm gonna be on the BEACH! But you can still send in something to amuse me)

Cya. 8:45amEDT -Nighthawk

Thursday October 15, 1998
Best Character Pic I've Ever Seen

Gospadin Peroda. He was in my guild in Baja twice. He's won a melee competition in Avalon. Of all the people that have ever posted a legit character picture this is the best. If you guys think that the new Nighthawk character is bad ass, look at that picture. Don't ask me how he did it, because that is my goal and I'm nowhere near it. (Imagine replacing his Fencing with Healing - holy shit)

12:17pmEDT -Nighthawk

New Story

I posted a new story I wrote to the Story section.

12:07pmEDT -Nighthawk

JoV Army

I know that some of you from the JoV Army wanted to stay in the guild and continue to PK. As I said before, that's fine by me. Except, I don't know who's staying and who's gone. If you're staying, email or ICQ me with your character name. Everyone else will be removed from the JoV stone and will be KOS (to weed out possible thieves).

I'm sorry I haven't been around much this week, but I'm leaving for Bermuda tomorrow and I've had a lot of details to work out. I'll back on Sunday and I'll be up for some more killing by Monday.

11:27amEDT -Nighthawk

Wednesday October 14, 1998
New Poll

A new poll about whether or not you use exploits has been posted.

3:39pmEDT -Nighthawk

Damn I do a lot of updates

You're welcome. :)

I just completed another section in the Newbie area. It's called housing and it's (as you would think) a guide to how to own a house. I covered a lot about security and other important issues - including a section on how I suggest PKs handle their houses.

2:52pmEDT -Nighthawk

Another Story

Lenny Reeferstal sent in another story. I'm noticing all these JoV guys writing a lot of stories. Maybe we just have more fun that others... Maybe we just stir more shit. :)

11:35amEDT -Nighthawk

New Story

Dringe wrote a story about when him and the guys did to warm up before the event this past weekend. His third story has been posted to the Stories section.

11:10amEDT -Nighthawk


Greed is bad. I've still gotten countless emails and ICQs (god, that chaps my ass when people annoy me in real time) about resist. It's really simple, I delete emails/ICQs about "come on man, tell me the resist thing". If I get two from ya, I have an ignore list and a filter - understand? Not trying to be rude here, but when I say "don't be greedy" - you're the one being rude if you push it.

You want advice on getting up your resist? Goto the bone magi room until about 75 resist and then trap and attack lich lords, poison/blood eles and demons. Now tell me that is so tough to figure out.

10:50amEDT -Nighthawk

Tuesday October 13, 1998
Bray's Back - New Story

Ok, so you guys have no clue who Bray is. He's basically the whole reason that I play as well as I do. He was the guy who taught me everything about UO and was patient with me when I was a moron newbie 10 months ago. Anyhow, I wrote a story for the Stories section that shows what happens when Bray and I get together.

3:42pmEDT -Nighthawk

Wanna be like me, do ya?

I finished my "How to be a GM Character Builder" tutorial. It's the newest section to the Newbie area. I think you'll find it quite comprehensive. If you need help building a character - please read that section. It'll save me having to give the same advise to 50 people. :)

1:40pmEDT -Nighthawk

New Story

Just added and new story by Lord Cool to the Stories section.

1:21pmEDT -Nighthawk

Monday October 12, 1998
The Dugeon Clearing

Well, I think the event was a success. We had a lot of great guys show up and train their asses off just to kill on poor Baja. I didn't get any screenshots of us while we were out. I KNOW - I'm a dick. I failed in doing the one thing that would preserve the event and make me able to share it with those unable to be there. Honestly, it was such a job keeping everyone organized and alive, that when anything interesting was happening, my thoughts were on other things.

Me and this crew have definitely discussed going on raids semi-frequently, so I'm sure as everyone becomes in tune with working as a team (and we kill the thief among us) that I'll be able to worry less about people surviving/doing what they should to kill people. That'll give me a chance for action shots (while attacking, not just the aftermath) and enjoying myself a bit more.

In the meantime, here is the gathering of the first force that went out. I think maybe 7 or 8 people weren't there for the first run, but this was a decent collection of us. Thanks again guys - lets hunt some more this week.

3:56pmEDT -Nighthawk

My Name(s)

I'm tired of my Crum character. He is definitely a bad ass thief, but it's too hard to keep his STR and INT up and his DEX down (snooping/stealing is hell on stats). Now that my boy Ronald McDonald has left the Malagents, I'm probably going to also just so I can concentrate on the new JoV guild and other in game stuff.

Anyhow, in case you don't know, I originally named my Crum character after someone I know in RL who I truely dispise. So, I named my bastard GM Rogue character after him. Honestly, I hate his name being attached to such a bad ass character and having anything to do with me. On that note, I'm dropping the "Crum" part of my sig.

Just in case you were curious...

12:29pmEDT -Nighthawk

TONS of Email

I know the new Nighthawk char I built is good, but I never expected all this. I've never gotten more "how did you do that" emails in my life, and I've done some weird stuff...

I'm going to post a special How to be a GM Character Builder section for the Newbie area. Please, please stop emailing me about how I did it. You will see in the new section. BTW, in this section - don't plan on seeing how to get your resist above 53. There are very few things that I keep to myself, but that is one of them. I will share how to get to 53 tho.

That new section will be up today.

11:59amEDT -Nighthawk/Crum

What a Weekend

We finally had the Dungeon Clearing event this weekend. As it turns out, the dungeons were pretty damn clear of everything but us and the monsters. We ran through the first three levels of Deceit three times and I think we saw a total of 15 people.

I was asking around later and it turns out that some guilds I spoke to had been told "don't do to the dungeons on Saturday because of the JoV". Aww shit. Oh well, we still killed a lot of people.

I did discover that human greed is stronger than the desire to kill someone. Until I finally came up with the "designated looter", we were the most unorganized bunch I've ever seen. We actually had a blue would-be-target loot a fallen friend because everyone stopped attacking because they wanted to loot. :(

Anyhow, after we got all those frustrating set backs out of the way, we set down to beat a lot of people's asses. I would like to thank all the guys who participated. I really hope you had a good time. I never thought I'd see so many GM Pincushions in my life. =)

10:53amEDT -Nighthawk/Crum

Friday October 9, 1998
New Nighthawk

His progress has been good. I'd say this character is better than 80% of the ones on the shard and he'll be 3 weeks old tomorrow. If you've been keeping up with current events, you'll know that I've been spending a LOT of time with the JoV army, so it's not like I'm sitting around macroing this guy all day long.

Anyhow, this is the last time I'm gonna post his stats/skills - I just wanted to show you guys what can be done (easily) in three weeks. Things to notice : 92 STR, nearly 90 Magery and over 70 Resist.

3:48pmEDT -Nighthawk/Crum

I Rant

I haven't been getting a whole lotta hell about the topic of PKs all being children recently, but I have gotten enough over time to make me post my thoughts as I had written some time ago elsewhere. This is my first addition to the Editorials section, but I'm sure I'll find things to rant upon later...

3:27pmEDT -Nighthawk/Crum

Thursday October 8, 1998
Nighthawk meets the Warik Wanna-be

I posted my newest story. I would have rather met the real Warik, but at least I got some loot...

3:21pmEDT -Nighthawk/Crum

Quick Story

One of the JoV army finally wrote a story. I posted Leyla's story to the story section. I'm working on a new story about how I met a Warik wanna-be on Baja. It should be posted today.

1:40pmEDT -Nighthawk/Crum

Tuesday October 6, 1998

Added a quick link to the Death Row Inmates (DRI). They're a murdering guild on Baja that kick some ass.

1:02pmEDT -Nighthawk/Crum

New Story

Got a story from a Malik. It's been posted to the stories section.

Also wanted to point out that Voyager has apparently been kicking a lot of ass on the Chesapeake shard. He's got a website that is filled with screenshots, stories and such. Check it out at

11:30amEDT -Nighthawk/Crum

Monday October 5, 1998
If you care about UOE

I was reading through all the UO sites today and I saw everyone screaming about UOE6 beta2 and how you "saw it there first". Well, there's a big bug in UOE6 beta2 apparently, so YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST : UOE6 beta3 is out and at the UOExtreme Homepage. I'm not one to advocate cheating, but I looked at this program and it has some NICE features. It doesn't show hidden or anything like that, so it's far less severe than when it first came out.

DO bear in mind that you can be banned for using this program. Be smart and turn off the Bank Anywhere and other "ban me" features. Just use it for convienece if you're going to use it - don't exploit.

12:44pmEDT -Nighthawk/Crum

New Link

Doodology explained in full. I laughed and I laughed out loud (which is not good in a corporate office, but it was funny). Anyhow, the KewL Guide is in the links section under Humor.

12:21pmEDT -Nighthawk/Crum

Sunday October 4, 1998
New Story

Lenny Reeferstal has a new story in the stories section.

3:15pmEDT -Nighthawk/Crum

Guard Killed Pic

Well, if you do the resist bug in town and someone sees you who can Summon Creature, you're probably going to die. But, there aren't many pictures where you catch the guy having a guard talk trash to you while yer in mid-death. This pic is quality. It's in the Kill Shots part of the Screenshot section.

3:05pmEDT -Nighthawk/Crum

UOSU File Posted

The UO Screenshot Utility I've been talking about (who's homepage doesn't download the file correctly) is posted in the links section. Instead of the link going to the homepage of the utility, it will take you to the 352k zip file. Enjoy.

2:51pmEDT -Nighthawk/Crum

Everyone's Favorite Forum Poster

Yes, I got an email from LaN. Here it is (laugh along with me) :

Date: Sat, 03 Oct 1998 19:01:55 -0500
From: Poop
X-Mailer: Mozilla 3.01C-BLS20 (Win95; U)

Oh, this is going to be great. I know where you faggots are going to build up and what you're going to do with that gay dungeon thing. I'm going to fuck it up so bad. I fucking own Baja and you dickless wonders are going down. Everyone of you who participates in this gay pride event is going to get a good hard beating by good old Lan so don't worry. Oh yeah Nighthawk, yours is going to be the worst. Hopefully you won't be assfisting Vapor and will actually be playing the game so I'll get a shot at killing your faggot ass.

Lan (good Baja samaritan)

Oops... I left his email in there. Well, I'm not trying to suggest you email bomb him or whatever, but you can at least get a giggle at this person's continued stupidity by sending me his email.

2:32pmEDT -Nighthawk/Crum

Friday October 2, 1998
I was wrong..

The big Baja tournament isn't tonight. It's on Oct 10th - the same day as the Dungeon Clearing. *sigh* Well, I probably won't make it to that, because I'm putting a little bit of effort into the DC already. :)

I still won't be available tonight because my chickie wants to go clubbing. Anyhow, I'll be around A LOT tomorrow if you need to get ahold of me.

1:51pmEDT -Nighthawk/Crum

Marine Email

I just got this email from a disturbed man and it made me laugh my ass off. I figured it was worth a look:

You pukes are comparing yourselves to the Marines? What a joke. As a former member of Uncle Sams Misguided Children I can only feel revulsion at your claims.

You are grabasstic pieces of amphibian shit and we'll bury your little army in the dungeons as we find them.

As for you personally, I'll pop your evey out and skull fuck you when I find you.

Welcome to Baja.

Cormac, Warlord, The Ring of Steel

#1 Who the fuck is this guy? I've played on Baja for 10 months and I've never heard of him.
#2 BWAAAHAHAHAHHA. My response was this:

Well, that would be the type of response I'd expect from a neanderthal, jar head marine. With that in mind, I'll try not to act with TOO much surprise that you couldn't spell the word "eye" correctly or that you implied that I only had one of them.

I am surprised that you think that I'd give a shit about your opinion in the manner it was presented. Frankly, your email was about as impressive as people who say "I'm gonna kick your ass" while standing there as a ghost and the only reason I can understand them is that I can Spirit Speak.

The only thing you're going to be fucking is the ground after dying face down from running your ass off while screaming "PKs!! HELP!!" and getting an arrow/bolt/ebolt in your ass.

We're going to paint your whole world black.

Your daddy,


12:18pmEDT -Nighthawk/Crum
UO Screenshot

After finally getting the link to this GREAT utility's homepage correct, their download is screwed up. When I get home I'll post my zip file directly so you can just download it here and refer to that site for support.

12:10pmEDT -Nighthawk/Crum

Events Take a LOT of Time

I have discovered that every free moment that I have for UO is now spent trying to do something for the JoV Dungeon Clearing event. I'd like to appologize for those of you that have been requesting things and I haven't gotten them to you (two people still haven't gotten recall scrolls from me and I have like 20 in my tower). I have been making SERIOUS effort to hook everyone up as best I can. Tonight is a BIG tournament on Baja, so I don't forsee me having any time free, but I will be on all day and night tomorrow specifically for you guys.

Also, I'd like to get everyone on the JoV stone on Saturday so we can beat the shit out of each other and start practicing. I'd like to have a test run sometime this weekend, but I don't want people going red quite yet. I dunno if we have any GM Archers yet, but we should. I got GM Archer day 1 as well as 98 Swordsmanship, so it is possible to be bad ass quick (except for Tactics, that takes a while).

Also, as I told (most) everyone in ICQ, we have started up an IRC channel for the Dungeon Clearing JoV Army. It's not being used a lot right now, but by the time of the event, you guys should have that installed and semi-familiar with how to get to the IRC server/channel. If you didn't get the message about IRC, ICQ me and I'll forward the info to you. I get (on average) about 30 ICQs when I first get home, plus a conversation following each after I respond... needless to say, many of them are asking the same question, so handling in a forum like IRC would make live much easier for me.

Anyhow, I would like to thank all you seasoned vets who signed up. I know we have some semi-newbies enlisted (which is kinda frustrating) and I appreciate all the help that all of you have been.

11:45amEDT -Nighthawk/Crum

Thursday October 1, 1998
JoV Army has a WAV

Brules sent me this WAV from Full Metal Jacket. It's PERFECT if you replace the word "Marines" with JoV Army. Lol...

2:23pmEDT -Nighthawk/Crum