JoV in Age of Conan
Sunday June 15, 2008
Jesus Christ, has it really been that long since I posted to the JoV area? What a fucking slackass.

Well, thankfully, WoW is now officially in JoV's past... yay. Those of us that remain there are in Merciless and doing whatever end-game grind Blizzard has in store for them this month. No thanks for me as I quit many moons ago. Several of us are happy to be playing Age of Conan.

We're extremely small at the moment but are about to open up the door to some recruiting, so naturally that means doing a little bit of housekeeping on the ole JoV site. I checked out the Guild Guidelines and Recruiting links to be sure they're up to date and I gotta say... things just don't change much.

The long and short of it is that the guild has several people that have been members for a decade. Not many guilds can say that since most guilds haven't even existed that long, nevermind retained members. But, as I've always said, we recruit the player, not the character. We are tight knit on several levels and it really shows in the dedication of the people. Hell, we're so close that all four of my groomsmen from my wedding either were friends and then in the guild or vice versa. Either way... this guild just screams tight knit.

I don't care so much about someone's pvp skills anymore as much as I give a shit about them being a worthwhile human being. With so many fucking morons in gaming these days, that really has become something special in and of itself.

With that in mind... JoV is recruiting. If you know a member, get referred. If you don't, get to know one.

See you in the field.

- Nighthawk

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