.Net Quicklaunch Link
Monday Dec 17, 2001
I have added this quicklaunch link to the menu. Very helpful for logging into the .Net shit semi-quickly. To dual-log, remember to Log Out first on the zone pages and then use the quicklaunch. Enjoy.

- Nighthawk

Steps to login/claim zone name
Thursday Dec 13, 2001
If you're having problems claiming your zone name with the new .net shit, follow these steps :

  1. Go to passport.com and sign up.

  2. Go to msn.com and sign in.

  3. Go to http://zone.msn.com/services/ClaimName.asp and claim your zone name.

  4. Go log in and have fun.

Hope that helps. - Nighthawk

Guild Mansion and Mules
Monday Dec 10, 2001
JoV now owns a mansion. Thanks to everyone's work and donations to the project, we accomplished our goal in three short days. Well done guys. I have of course opened the mansion to everyone in JoV so feel free to mule there, hang out or whatever suits you. Its yours, do with it as you please.

On that note, only mules tagged Patryn will be allowed in the mansion, so we're going to disassemble the former-mule chain and pledge the mules into JoV. Now, to do this intelligently we have to do a couple of things. First, we break EVERYONE from our mules that we aren't 100% is still in JoV. Under our mule chain we were kinda slackasses with breaking former JoV mules, but now we must assure the integrity of the mansion. Since so many of us have strange mule names, a lot of us are going to break each other just to be sure. So, until we get this all sorted out, please don't kill lowbies at 4t without first confirming that they aren't JoV. A simple "say something in IRC" will show they're JoV are or not.

Since we're moving a mass amount of mules into JoV, we may as well make a rank chain out of them. I did cross server trades to get our rank for the mansion and it would be nice to be able to drop them if I see any exp coming up from that chain (meaning that someone outside of JoV is playing under our tag). If you have mules already in JoV that are not in a chain or padding someone, moving them to this new rank chain is preferred. That way we can be assured we don't lose the mansion due to a rank issue. What I need from everyone is a list of their mules and what level they are. If they're on multiple accounts, please separate them that way so I don't plan pledging one account to itself. Just PM or email me this info ASAP -- this is my next project and would like to get it going quickly.

This project will benefit us all twofold. First, we'll be able to mule safely in the mansion and second, we'll have the added security of having a rank chain internally so if something goes wrong with the traded-chains, we can just drop them and not have any problems.

- Nighthawk

Guild Vote
Monday Dec 3, 2001
As Yeti said in chat earlier :

Lets define a drain whore first so we are all on the same page. A drain whore is someone who's only offense is drain 1. Draining to say alive is not drain whoring. Running up to somone and mashing drain 1 before you cast any other spell is drain whoring - not even trying to hit with war just mashing drain 1 is lame.

Just like I understand melees going hollow if someone is uber baned, I would likewise understand someone draining. However, if that's a person's primary attack without trying war/bow/melee/something else first... that is a drain whore.

Now, I approached this a bit harshly today by just outright outlawing drainwhoring. Since my intention isn't to fuck with the guild and run it with an iron fist, I'd like to apologize for that. I'm not trying to "change the way people pvp". I'm trying to keep us from doing things that we all think is lame. If not all of us think that way... well... first off I'm concerned and secondly it should be decided with a vote. So, it's vote time... vote with a PM to me in IRC.

- Nighthawk

AC Info
Monday Dec 3, 2001
Welp, I've been playing a little bit more of AC while taking a break from DAoC. That much leveling with no pvp gets annoying.

Anyhow, I've added a couple of links to 3 DM quests - Olthoi Queen, Skill Credit and our most popular one recently - the Pincer Quests. If you're going to do the latter, make sure you make an exp sharing fellowship with 7 people total who all have the pincers and turn them all in at the same time... that way everyone gets max benefit. All this exp that's been flowing up through our tiny guild recently has been 99% thanks to that quest.

Also note that the ACGM server has changed to www.wtfman.com/cgi-bin/acgm/server.cgi. Keep in mind that keeping ACGM up to date is a requirement for JoV, mainly because it helps we folx trying to organize things. Helping us helps you - trust me. =)

- Nighthawk

DAoC Move and AC Status
Wednesday Nov 21, 2001
Myself, Letoric, Cthulhu, Greybeard, Zander, Ronald McDonald, Nyar, and Azile are now all on the same Camelot server/realm. We moved over to where Joe and Jason (Nyar/Ron) were already established on Gawaine/Midgard and now we're all moving up through the levels. It will be a while before we catch those two since they're 30+, but we're working on it.

Great news for AC! As I'm sure you're all aware, clienthacking has been completely nullified by Turbine's fix. Granted, I still think it needs to be tweaked so that the distance you're allowed to slide is more than 1 step - more like 10 steps would be better. And now that they've fixed the Machine Gun Wand bug, Darktide is again place for actual fights that involve some skill. Exploiters have nothing over us aside from levels and most of the time that's just not enough. I can't express how happy I am about the fix. Now if Turbine would actually make Sanct/Island recalls non-instantaneous, then Darktide would be pvp paradise again.

- Nighthawk