Revamped Decal Area
Wednesday June 24, 2002
I took out a lot of plugin links to plugins that are no longer needed like Arcane Knowledge. I would like to suggest you all get Bandit Sight. It is like a Sixth Sense on steroids. It detects major/minor items and all sorts of shit that you can configure. Get it, you'll love it. Thanks to Shai for finding the link.

- Nighthawk

JoV Gains an Ally
Wednesday June 17, 2002
As unbelievable as it may sound, JoV now has an ally. We voted to ally with the Og guild since they are small, pks like us and have similar honor rules. Guess that means that only 99.9999% of the server is our enemy. Sorry to narrow the enemies down so much. =(

- Nighthawk

Quick Notes
Sunday June 9, 2002
Found this handy list of Monster Vulns/Exp/Resist on Maggie's site, so I added it to the menu.

The scrollpool will be closing here very soon. All scrolls in the Scroll Pool and in the Free Scrolls are now free for all JoV members since they're going to be worthless soon anyhow. Just send me a PM in IRC and we'll meet in game - please don't send me "save me this" lists in irc.

Finally, before patchday make sure you learn such spells like Recall to Sanctuary, Dispells, and whatever level 6 spells you think you may need.

- Nighthawk

Exp Chain
Wednesday May 29, 2002
We've started using Treestats Decal plugin to keep up with pass up % and general chain management. I've also updated the Exp Chain Info with the chain requirements. Please read it over and let me know if you have any problems.

If you want to see the entire JoV Treestats chain (to see who's leeching, producing, etc), you can view it here.

- Nighthawk

Misc Shit
Sunday May 26, 2002
First off, the Scrollpool is closing on June patchday due to the changes to level 7 attaining. They will apparently be coming out with lvl 7 scrolls that you will get from the Steel Chests. So, to put it simply, use your scrollpool points before patchday as we will be starting it anew with the level 7 scrolls then. I know myself and Ainvar are donating points to people as they need them since these lvl 6 scrolls are going to be worthless soon.

Another change coming this next patch is that the only way to learn spells of ANY level (1-7) will be with a scroll. So, I would suggest that you all use Arcane Knowledge 2 to learn all your self/other spells like dispells, lockpick mastery, or other odd masteries that you rarely use but may need someday.

As you all know we just had another JoV gathering here in Atlanta. I had a great time - my thanks to all of you that traveled to get here. We've already planned our next gathering which will be on the weekend of August 10th in Columbus, OH. Several people I've never met will be there like Troid, Valid and hopefully Yeti (as well as many of the gathering regulars). Hope you all can make it as there will be much gaming, drinking and general merriment.

And finally, as worthless as they are, I'm giving away post-olthoi helms to guildmates. If you want em, let me know before Wednesday as I will just sell em all to a vendor to clear up some mule space.

- Nighthawk

New Walkthrough
Tuesday May 14, 2002
Ok, so I haven't been re-doing the quest walkthroughs as quickly as I would have liked to. I found and have been hoping that they would make a map of Martinate Holding so I wouldn't have to bother with all the screenshots for the Singularity quest. Well, they haven't yet, so I sucked it up and did it since it was the most requested quest.

Being the quest masta that I am, you now have a fully illustrated walkthrough of the Singularity Weapon & Upgrade quest. Have fun.

- Nighthawk

Quest Walkthroughs
Wednesday May 1, 2002
Well, I'm starting to notice that the quests are dead-linking again. I've decided that since Maggie's are a little too lore-filled for my liking and the rest are unpredicatable or long winded, I'm going to do my own. Starting from the top down I'll be doing all of the quests, giving concise explainations of what is needed as well as providing images to help with the turns/key points.

I wish one of the ACDev Dungeon Mapping utilities was still online as I would like to provide a map of the relevant dungeons as well, but such is life. Slowly but surely all of the quests in the menu will be revamped. If you have a quest that you want a walkthrough posted that isn't up there (like the singularity weapons and their upgrade), just PM me in IRC and I'll work on it. I am the quest masta after all. ;)

- Nighthawk

Decal Plugins
Sunday March 31, 2002
First off I wanted to say Happy Easter to all of you. I actually was wished Happy Easter by three people I killed today after the fight, so apparently this holiday has moderate to profound impact on some people since the normal /tell I get after a kill is "FAGGOT!!!111". Anyhow, I digress. I was asked recently what plugins I use with decal, so I figued I would share what I use in case others cared. I have also added these to the menu. Here's a quick list and descriptions :

  • Nerfus Buffus 2 - Quite easily the best plugin ever made. NB2 buffs selfs AND others as well as handling vitae and stat changes much better than NB1. Excellent plugin.

  • Sixth Sense - This has changed much in a while, but that's because it doesn't need to. Helps finding items on the ground or monsters in the area.

  • Arcane Knowledge 2 - If you need to learn a spell (not level 7), this is the plugin for you.

  • Kebas Toolset - Tracks exp and monster kills.

  • Link - Makes ACGM updating a breeze.

  • Component Sort - Configure what packs you want which comps and you're a click away from a clean main pack. Saves tons of drag-and-drops.

  • One Ring - Makes for easier monitoring of fellowship members health/stam/mana as well as a click-to-target. Much like UO's statbars.

  • Text Hack - You can change text color (so dropping buffs catch your attention) or get rid of text all together (like the magic surges through you or comp burning).

  • Mage Minder - The primary function of this is nor covered in game - telling you when your buffs will fall. I like this better because I can see at a glace which buff is falling soonest as well as having my debuffs on a different tab.

Anyhow, that's what I use. As I'm sure all of you are aware, JoV doesn't allow any sort of player tracking or weapon/shield targeting software. Darkthirst or whatever else is out there that does those functions are NOT allowed.

- Nighthawk

Scroll Pool - Part 3
Tuesday March 19, 2002
I had to wait until after midnight to make this update. Three in one day would have been freaky. Anyhow, I added a link in the menu to a list of what scrolls the Scroll Pool has in it and their exact values. If you have points in the pool, tell me what you want. =)

- Nighthawk

Scroll Pool - Part 2
Monday March 18, 2002
Holy shit, two updates in one day. Its a sign of the apocalypse, I'm certain.

Anyhow, as I hope you read below, we're going to try to do a scroll pool. I spoke to an HoS member about how they do theirs and liked their ideas and so... I'm stealing it. ;)

Here is how scrolls/items are valued :

SIK : 1
Small Shard : 6
Dark Shard : 1.5
See the Scroll Pool link to see what scrolls are valued

These change as the market does, so don't expect this to be set in stone. So, get me your donations and start getting full sets for yourself and your guildmates.

- Nighthawk

Scroll Pool- Part 1
Monday March 18, 2002
Many of our guild don't have full level 7 spell sets yet. I have been working pretty hard to collect a huge set of scrolls to start handing out to the guild to fill gaps and eventually even provide full sets, but it is turning out to be more than I am able to do with any acceptable speed. So, the idea of a scroll pool was brought up and I thought it perfect for our purposes. I've not worked out the details specifically, but the general idea is that I collect a pool of scrolls/siks/other tradeables and trade people in the guild whatever they need below market value. So, you don't get something for nothing, but you do get a great deal and with every deal you're helping a guildmate. I am going to investigate how another guild does theirs and then see how I can incorporate that into my plans.

I need two things from all of you. First, I need a list of all level 7 scrolls you need - PM it to me in IRC or email it to me. Try to keep it to just Mastery Self, Stat Self, Life prot Self, and items since Wars and Others are readily attainable on your own. If you have a need for a War or Other buff, I'll trade with you outside of the pool. Second, I need you guys to gather together duplicate and spare scrolls you have and want to donate to the pool. Other tradeable stuff is accepted since I can use it to trade for whatever someone needs.

Any thoughts, comments or suggestions are welcome in IRC.

- Nighthawk

Misc Updates
Thursday Feb 7, 2002
Finally able to update the guildpage again. Sorry for the page being down for so long but has AGAIN moved to a new provider and well... there were issues.

Anyhow, couple of things to cover. First, our ACGM database was fucked in the provider move, so we had to start from scratch. We also have moved the server over to Swoop's website on The ACGM Info section has been updated to reflect this. Also, I have added a link to the Decal plugin Link which makes updating your ACGM info a breeze.

Second, Mansion recall is coming in the Feb patch. That patch takes place late next week so we can move all of our mules out there with ease. Thank God. Another quick reminder, I need 10 writs a month for rent which is due on the 7th - I need everyone's help in making sure we don't lose the mansion so donate what you can.

Third, bad news coming with the patch is that our pincer fellowships are going to come to an end. This Letter to the Players explains. I still suggest that each of you keep up with when you can turn in your pincers and do so individually after the patch since it's an easy 3 million, but there won't be any reason to do it in fellows. Upside - less organizing. Downisde - less exp. 2nd upside - less exp for the uber guilds to be passing up through their chains. *shrug*

- Nighthawk

ACGM Updating
Saturday Jan 12, 2002
Need to have people help out with updating their information in ACGM. I personally have been using a Decal plugin called Link. You have to manually type the URL in once, but thereafter updating is as simple as entering your password and clicking login and update. Here are the links to the two things you need if you want Decal and the Link plugin (install them in this order with AC closed) :

For those of you unfamiliar with Decal there are several worthwhile plugins that I use and suggest. There are also ones out there that we are against completely - mainly ones that have anything to do with PK tracking or auto-targeting pk shield/weapons. Other than that, enjoy this outstanding application.

- Nighthawk