Guild Guidelines

The reason I wanted to post this is just so everyone can read exactly what JoV is all about and more specifically what we're not about. The "rules" are the things that I feel strongly about. I believe that JoV is a cut above the rest.... I hope all of you expect as much out of yourselves as I do out of myself. If so, the rules will not be a problem at all.

Allow me to appologize for the number of "rules", but some things just need to be said to cover all the bases.

General Guidelines
Basically, we are evil. We are pks. We are not here to make the other guy have a good time in game, however on the same token our primary goal is to kill people and take their loot - not to ruin their gaming. Now, if someone is overly sensitive and thinks that dying/losing items IS having their game ruined - tough shit.

  • PVP - Not to narrow us down too much, but that's pretty much what we're all about. We might be doing PVE stuff a lot or get better gear to make pvp more viable, but the end goal is to be fighting other players/guilds.

  • Communication - Everyone in the guild is required to use Ventrilo, forums, and whatever other communication tools we're using. If you're not signed up for them or have a login, you're not going to last long because you're not participating in the guild fully.

  • No Scamming/Hacking - If the only way you can get an in game item is to scam it or hacking accounts - then you're not JoV material. We will not have people going around saying "x in your guild is a scammer".

  • Recruiting - See this link.

  • Trashtalk - Trashtalk is certainly encouraged to a point in games where it's possible (unlike WoW). However, you should give Ron's old Dec 15th update The Writ of Shit (about halfway down the page) a read because there are certainly occassions when shittalking is not appropriate and it just makes you look like a whiner. We deal with anti-pks who talk shit when they kill us 5+ on 1 all the time... don't be like them. You all know how we laugh at people who spam us and scream "FAG YOU HAVE NO LIFE" and such... I'm sure none of us want to be known like that.

  • Loot - Share loot with people you raid with. We're in the guild to both work together and help each other.

  • Questions - Make sure that all of your "where should I hunt", "what do I do with a white gem" and other such questions should go in the general guild chat and THEN to me directly if you can't get an answer. It's just easier to ask everyone instead of just me in case I happen to be tied up at that moment.

  • Guilds - We don't recruit a character into JoV - we recruit the player. That means that the player should either be in JoV entirely or not. No characters in other guilds in any game that we have a presence. If you want to play a different game or server than we do, that's fine, but if you play with us, you play WITH us.

  • Twinking/Powerleveling - If you want to twink up yours or other people's characters, but all means have fun. However, unless someone offers to do it for you, it's just inappropriate to ask for someone to spend that much time working up your char.