Oh How Things Change...
Tuesday October 10, 2006
Seven months later and JoV is nothing like it was before. As you members know, we merged with Pauci Electi to experience some end game instancing in July and have been doing that for several months now. I think that time is coming to an end as we start to get ready for the expansion coming out. Thankfully the expansion appears to be more geared toward 5/10/25 man instances and no more 40 man. So, a small guild like JoV can actually thrive without needing too much help from the bigger guilds.

So, with that in mind, everyone please start spending your DKP with PE without going out of your way to attend raids that doesn't have a chance to immediately benefit you. Start getting ready to bail on PE basically the minute the expansion comes out. They've been pretty good to us as a whole, but since some of us aren't in PE and a couple of us aren't even in AE, I think we're best off going back under our own tag and being independant again.

- Nighthawk

Forums & Vent
Thursday March 9, 2006
I would like to remind you guys to please sign up for the JoV Forums if you have not already. Also, please download and use Ventrilo when you're in game. both of those links are in the lefthand menu if you need them in the future.

Basically what I'm saying is, let's keep the communication going. =)

- Nighthawk

Instance Info
Monday Feb 20, 2006
Instances - General

Last night was a prime example of what I love and hate about instances. I love the fact that we as a group got together to do something all night and were successful. I hate the fact that it takes so long (3.5-4 hours) and we ended up having no drops for anyone except for 1 person. I'd like to have us be more effective at dungeons so we can continue to do them without them taking so long. Basically we need to flood 'em with the max amount of people and bang these places out. While some of the guys who came over from Burning Legion are fairly to extremely well decked out, most of the Bleeding Hollow guys are not.

Apparently in the upcoming 1.10 patch they are going to be upgrading the tier 0 sets. Quoting the Under Development section of the official site : "A new armor set is in the works for those who prefer small-group content! Quest to achieve this upgrade to the current dungeon sets, which includes some epic gear!" While I'm not sure how great or how many "some epics" will be - since many of us have the need to hit those dungeons anyhow we may as well start collecting sets for people whether they need them immediately or not in case they turn out to be significant. So that means there will be a lot of UBRS/LBRS/BRD/Strat/Scholo runs in our future.

Instance Listing

Since the goal for now is to get better gear, here is a quick listing of the high end instances we currently are able to do and will be doing in the near future. Some of the walkthrough links done by an Alliance guy, but they're pretty detailed so just disregard the quests references. Keep in mind two things. First, the quests in LBRS, Strat and Scholo can not be done in raid - only when doing a 5 man group. Also, DM and ZG do not drop set pieces, but do drop some fine blues (DM) and purples (ZG).

Upper Blackrock Spire (UBRS) (15 man max) <map>

Lower Blackrock Spire (LBRS) (15 man max) <map>

Stratholme (10 man max) <map>

Scholomance (10 man max) <map>

Blackrock Deeps (10 man max)

Dire Maul (5 man max)
DM East <map>
DM West <map>
DM North <map>
Dire Maul Tribute Run

Zul'Gurub (20 man max) <map>

AQ is where the Tier 3 set stuff comes from and is split into a 20 man and 40 man area. At the moment those gates aren't open, but that's fine since we're a long ways off before we're ready to go there anyhow.

Loot rules

Very simple, but I want it to be posted so there's no wondering. If a blue or better item drops - everyone passes. Then we discuss in raid/vent who needs it and then /roll (if needed). Feel free to Greed roll on greens, but please do not do so on blue+ items.


I have added a JoV section to the WTFMan Forums as I said I would. You should only be able to access it if you are tagged as a JoV Member, so let me know what your forum name is so I can add you to that usergroup.

We have a Guild Bank going where we're saving BOE blues and such (like Righteous Orbs) for guildies to use. If you wish to contribute or get an item, just get ahold of me and we'll figure it out. You don't have to deposit anything to get something out - it's free to anyone who needs it. I will also list enchants that I have available there. Enchants are free of course, but if I don't have the materials you will have to provide those. If you feel like providing mats even if I do have them, that's obviously perfectly fine as well, but not necessary since a couple of guildies (mainly Jeff) disenchant trash items they find and send me the mats for people to get enchants.

And finally, I updated the Guild Roster, so if I overlooked you please let me know.

- Nighthawk

Guild Goings On
Thursday Feb 16, 2006
Ok, I was going to post an AB and probably WSG strategy, but they're pretty cut and dry with experience and coordination, so I'm going to move on to more important and pressing matters.


We are currently using Vent 2.1.1 which has both public and private rooms. You can get the 2.1.1 client here. We're using the older server so we can get more than 8 people online without having to get a subscription service, but that may change in the future. The server is jovvent.ccld.net on port 3784. Chris (Mandated) will have to create a login for you, so send him a /tell to get that done.


1> As all of you know, we have moved to Mug'thol and have re-merged with our displaced JoV brothers who went to Burning Legion with Og. Mike, Jeff, Josh, Ryan, Zack and John transferred over to join up again and have all been having a helluva impact on the guild. Wanted to take a moment and say it's great to have them back with us.

2> We've brought onboard a couple of new guys. Mike (Shroomstamp/Lucsiouslarry) is a member from when we first started playing on Bleeding Hollow. He has been playing as Alliance on the Ursin server with DrTwister and the RED group. You may also remember him as Chui in AC.

Also a co-worker of mine named Dave (Imabovine) has come onboard. He has played a couple of MMORPGs including SWG and has been playing WoW on another server as an Alliance with his former SWG guild. He has come over to the darkside in style and is quickly working his shaman up.

Please welcome them both.


Since a great majority of us are stuck in Blues with a couple of AV epics and maybe some greens tossed in, I think we need to start hitting the high end instances we can manage. Mike (Neverborn) suggests that we 10 man Strat and Scholo since while you can't do the quests in a raid, you can get through them a LOT faster since all we care about is the item drops. Also, UBRS runs leading up to good enough gear to make some stabs at ZG which is where we will start seeing some epic gear drop consistently.

You all know I'm not a fan of PVEing more than necessary, but it will get us toward our end goal which is being able to compete with the steamrolling groups in AB/WSG. We probably won't be hitting MC/OL/BWL unless we come up with an alliance with another guild, so this appears to be the route we should go for getting the best gear available to us.

Ahn'Qiraj Gate Giveaway

Two of the larger guilds on the server (one each for Horde/Alliance) are giving away some high end gear and leading people through BWL/MC if they help collect the items needed to open the AQ gates. You can read about it here and see what place we're in here. Currently we are in 7th place which is a nice place to be. If we place between 4th-7th we will be able to send 4 people through MC. since they normally disenchant "90-95%" of everything that drops, this is a good chance to get our hands on some great gear. We're pretty solidly in 7th place with 303 stacks of items sent in (via Neverborn), but I would really like it if everyone pulls together and starts really pushing this.

Probably the easiest things to collect are cloth and leather (if you're a skinner). You can also do cooking and other such things. Just send complete stacks of items to Neverborn. A complete list of what needs to be collected can be found here and yes, you can turn in items for EITHER faction.

Since everyone will be helping we will be determining who goes to MC (if we win, which we better since we're sending them thousands of gold worth of stuff) by a simple random roll in game. Basically, I'll assign every person with a lvl 60 character a number and then do a /random to determine who's going.

We're going to send 4 people and so we will be sending 4 different classes to maximize the chances of getting item drops. It would suck to have a cloth item drop and not have any clothies in there. Hell, we may want to send one of each armor wearing class (cloth, leather, mail and warrior). We'll have to determine that as a group. Anyhow, if for example our two (maybe 3 by then) shaman are in the hunt and one gets the random roll win, the others are automatically out of contention.

So, that's what's going on with us. I'm going to be starting up a JoV secion on the WTFMan Forums so we can communicate as a group outside of game. So, go register and send me an email with your forum name.

- Nighthawk

Thursday Dec 29, 2005
What the few of you read this site already know, I didn't quit WoW for long and have been enjoying playing in Battlegrounds. Figured I would post some of guides for AV and AB so we can all be on the same page. Today's episode is going to be Alterac valley.


Alterac Valley (AV) is easily the biggest of the three battlegrounds. The goal is to work your way from graveyard to graveyard toward the enemy's base and kill his general which ends the game. There are several key kills and objectives to be made along the way.

All honor and rep bonuses are for all horde in the AV BG at the time the objective is completed. You don't have to be in the raid group who did the objective to get the bonus.

Here's a brief rundown of goals :

  • Graveyards and towers take 5 minutes to capture after the flag is tapped. Once a graveyard has been tapped, no one will spawn there until it is successfully defended or the 5 minutes completes.
  • Killing their captain (Balinda) is vital. It does three things. Gives 125 rep, stops the npcs from respawning near Stonehearth and stops the Alliance from getting their periodic buff.
  • Destroying towers gives 12 rep each and stops npcs from respawning in them.
  • Kill npc Lieutenants and Commanders along the way. They give 198 honor bonus and never respawn.

Where to Turn Stuff In

In AV you get random items off of NPC and player corpses. All four of the race items listed have a quest for the first turn-in that gives cash and extra rep. Thereafter it's just 1 AV rep for all Horde in the BG plus 10 Org/UC/Darkspear rep for you. Here are all the items :

  • Elf Head and Tuft of Gnome Hair - Turn-in to the Troll/Tauren standing next to the blacksmith in FW
  • Human Bone Chip - Turn in to Commander Louis Philips at the top of Tower Point (south of IB gy)
  • Dwarf Spines - Use the wanted sign at the enterance of FW, then you can turn them in to Sergeant Yazra Bloodsnarl just NW of the blacksmith in FW
  • Armor Scraps - Turn in to the FW blacksmith in bunches of 20. As these are turned in, the Horde guards at the graveyards and mines get stronger (Seasoned, veteran and Champion)
  • Stormpike Soldier's Blood - Turn in to Tauren in cave in FW. Enough of these make Lok, the Horde boss npc, summonable.
  • Mine Supplies - Both Coldtooh and Irondeep supplies go to Frostwolf Quartermaster who is to the far west in FW. FYI, Irondeep supplies are worth 10x as much as Coldtooth. Enough of these make the Horde elite units, Reavers, come onto the field.
  • Alterac Ram Hide - They go to Frostwolf Wolf Rider Commander in the SE area of AV. Collecting these is half of what is necessary to summoning wolf riders.
  • Flesh - There are three types of flesh. These get turned into the wing commanders Guse, Jeztor and Mulverick. They have to be released and get back to FW safely before you can turn in flesh. Sometimes they die on the way if released at the wrong time and not guarded, so it's possible to have flesh that can never be turned in.


Here are the non-item quests that give rep. If anyone in your raid performs the objective and you're nearby, you get credit. :

Brotherly Love - Kill Commander Karl Philips in IW tower. Get this from the Commander in Tower Point.
Capture a Mine - Kill the boss of a mine Horde doesn't control. Get quest from Corporal Teeka Bloodsnarl in cave north of Tarren Mill.
Towers and Bunkers - Capture a tower/bunker Horde doesn't control. Get quest from Corporal Teeka Bloodsnarl in cave north of Tarren Mill.
The Graveyards of Alterac - Capture a graveyard Horde doesn't control. Get quest from Corporal Teeka Bloodsnarl in cave north of Tarren Mill.
Fallen Sky Lords - Find location of the 3 wing commanders. They don't have to be there, just go to the locations. Top of IW bunker, top of N Dun Bunker and house at coords 53,27. Get quest from Commander Mulfort in FW.


  • First goal out of the gate should be SH tower. Once that falls the ideal next target is SH gy, but sometimes if you're failing at that for a long period of time you can try to take out their captain, Balinda. That will make the NPCs near SH stop respawning which makes taking it a LOT easier.
  • After SH gy is taken, it should be only a matter of time until the Alliance are pushed back to their base. The next big hurdle is their base's towers and yuo can ride around behind the northern one and jump onto the top level. So, basically, SH is the key to the game.
  • Use cover (tree/hill/bush) when fighting from a distance (especially AOEing). The longer it takes them to figure out where the attack is coming from, the longer you can get damage in
  • Only free wing commanders when the route back to FW is relatively clear (preferably with Balinda dead so the SH npcs aren't there to interfere with the run back). If you free them, you follow and protect them.
  • Use general channel to annouce vital information. Large Alliance group movement, planned rushes on GY, etc. Not everyone is in the main raid, but in general everyone but the farmers want to win and need to know what's going on.
  • Do NOT get bogged down in the Field of Strife. Should constantly be trying to put together a 8-10 man team to hit SH tower, SH gy or Balinda.

- Nighthawk

WoW Quests
Monday December 27, 2004
I have created what I think is a great WoW Horde Quest spreadsheet (linked in lefthand menu). It is a work in progress since it encompasses only the quests, but it is extremely cross referenced and notated which should help anyone who is doing the quests contained therein. I will add a permanent link to this in the lefthand menu and keep that updated as I update the versions on the spreadsheet.

BTW, I suggest right clicking on the link and choosing "Save As..." instead of viewing it in your browser. Having an up to date version of Excel is a must.

Give it a shot, lemme know whatcha think.

- Nighthawk

WoW Info
Thursday November 25, 2004
JoV will be playing on the east coast pvp server Bleeding Hollow. I so far have been unable to log in, but that is our destination. We are using stratics IRC and our public room is still #jov. We won't be accepting any new members for a bit until we get ourselves rolling, but when we do start accepting the standard rules will apply (primarily that you have to be referred by a current member).

Anyhow, that's our status update.

- Nighthawk

All Things JoV
Sunday November 21, 2004
As most of you know, JoV has gone through a bit of a downswing over the past 6-12 months. The primary reason for that is us not having a game to play together, but just as responsible was so many not using IRC to keep in touch. After SO much inactivity in IRC, I left and that definitely should have been seen as foreshadowing. I've tried to communicate with many of you over the months since I left IRC and with few exceptions they have fallen flat. I came into IRC to speak to those that still hang out there (all 3 or 4 of you) in #gnome and mentioned the upcoming gathering to which I was not shocked at the lack of enthusiasm.

I have also heard that former JoVs are going to be going into WoW with Og under the Og tag. That surely is fine, but you will note the "former JoVs" in that sentence.

So, the long story being made short is this : JoV is where I am. You guys wanting to split and go into #gnome or Og or wherever instead of sticking together as a guild is surely something I won't stop you from doing. However, do know that JoV and I are inseparable and if you split from me you split from JoV.

As of right now, the guild roster reads as : Me (Nighthawk), Joe, Dave (Cthulhu), and Jason (Pocketsize). I can think of 3 people who I would immediately add to that list if they so desired (I just don't know what they want to do), but anyone else that considers themselves a JoV member is incorrect in doing so and you will need to speak to me to resolve that. FYI, I do plan on playing in WoW (server to be determined within the next couple of days) and I do plan on running this guild there.

That being said, invitations to the upcoming gathering remain open to you former JoV guys since I do plan on inviting several people who are not guild but are still friends of mine (Bo, for example). If the above news makes you want to not come, then don't come and I will completely understand.

If you need to get ahold of me, 80% of you have my AIM/ICQ info and 100% have my email address. I will also be coming to IRC in a channel for the ammended guild which will be announced later. So, if you need to cotact me in regards to what I posted or anything else, you know how to.

- Nighthawk

Upcoming Gathering
Monday October 17, 2004
I am planning to have a gathering in Atlanta on January 7-9 which is the first weekend (Fri-Sun) after new years. Several people have already said they will make it (Joe, Dave, Aaron, Justin, etc), but obviously the more the merrier. Please RSVP to my email address if you are interested.

Hope to see you guys then.

- Nighthawk

JoV Status
Monday June 21, 2004
Well, I've stopped going into IRC since I was doing 90% of the talking for the past 6 months. No one ever talks in there and thusly my time in there is wasted. So, where that leaves us as a guild I don't have any idea. I suppose you all are waiting on the "next big thing" so we can all play together. Beyond that, I don't know what is going on with the guild or even if we can really be considered a guild. Maybe something will come out in the future that will get us all together again, but I really hoped in the meantime that IRC would stay active for all of us to at least keep in touch. Obviously from the severe inactivity this year, that isn't the case. Someone email me if that magically changes.

In the meantime, I have left IPY as I'm sure you saw on the frontpage of wtfman.com, so I have a lot more free time on my hands. I've started playing Planetside again pretty diligently. I'm again on Emerald except now I'm in NC just because TR really aggrivated the hell out of me and I wanted to try something new. My ig char name is NighthawkJoV. Couple of things to note :

1> There is some sort of 30 day trial thing going on now that is valid until July 27th. Check out http://planetside.station.sony.com/ for details if you happen to want to give it a shot.

2> I have added a couple of links to the lefthand menu that I think will help out new players and clear up some exp questions even for veterans (I even learned something about base caps). So, if you're gonna play, check out those links.

Hit me up with a tell in game or an email if you end up playing there. Hope to see you in game.

- Nighthawk

Trai Interviews Kewt for Warcry
Monday March 15, 2004
I couldn't be more happy about this interview. It's in depth, on topics that are interesting for oldschool DTers, and it's very well done from both sides. On top of that I like both the interviewer and the interviewed a lot. So, pluses all around.

Go read Trai interviews KewtSquirrel on Warcry.com.

- Nighthawk

IPY Info
Monday February 2, 2004
I have a GM Alchy, nearly-GM poisoner, and a GM Fletcher. If you need the services of any of the above, just let me know.

Couple of tower suggestions :

  1. Make sure to Detect Hidden before moving tables in Tower. Detect Hidden at 0 skill will reveal anyone in any part of the tower if you're friended/co-owner.
  2. The small room on the first floor is my room. Please don't macro in there and don't take items from in there (with the exception of using the kegs which you are all welcome to). I can only own one house and this is it. While I'll give you guys anything you ask for, just ask instead of taking (not that any of you wouldn't).
  3. Red box on table in 1st floor room has GH/GC kegs and it can be used while it's locked down, so pleace don't release the box or the kegs.

I'm currently working on a smith for the guild and I think Bob is working on a tailor. So, all ingot/hides/gold donations comes to one of us.

I guess that's about it for now. Let's get rolling so we can start pking.

- Nighthawk

JoV Invades IPY
Friday January 9,, 2004
Well, I thought I might reach a full year with no updates. No new games in sight, nothing to pull the guild together when of all things we start playing Ultima Online together. Thankfully, it's not on a server controlled by OSI, but one with a loose affiliation with WTFMan.com. Go team.

Anyhow, about 10 of us are on the In Por Yelm RunUO server including such AWOL members as Dr. Twister, Brules, and several others that quit the former common game (AC) long ago. Nice to have a good group going and be playing a game with more than just 1 or 2 friends.

Now, onto my first suggestion. Most people's main character is going to be a Tank Mage (magery/medi/eval/resist/wrestling/tactics/melee), so my suggestion is starting out with 50 Magery and Resist. I'm personally funding all members starting cash, runebook and full spellbook. I suggest using that to train up your 5 other skills at NPCs as well as Healing and Anatomy. You'll drop the last two later, but for now they will help with macroing since you'll be casting on yourself a lot and bandaids is cheaper than healing regs.

Anyhow, more to come later.

- Nighthawk

JoV Gaming
Thursday April 24, 2003
As most of you know, a good handful of us are playing Shadowbane. Check the IRC channel topic for what rooms thats being discussed in and you can get info on the game and what server we're playing on. I personally am not playing it, so I don't even know who is in charge of that faction of the guild. Just hit IRC and get the info there.

Also our attempt to have "raid nights" in AC on Sundays and Wednesdays is flopping pretty badly. I think of the 5 nights that have passed that are designated raid nights, we've raided for like 4 hours (on 2 of the nights). So, either we need to alter the nights, change the times, or something to get people involved that still play AC. Either that or just give up and cancel our accounts. Basically, its up to you guys.

The patch yesterday gave a lot more power to the melees. Mages are still top dog, but melees now have a better chance in a 1on1 thanks to the GSx gems for more al and major wards. Add that to the aegis shield and you have fair odds of wailing on a mage. GSC with 4 ward gems in it is surely something you melees should have as a goal.

- Nighthawk

Small Site Revamp
Sunday March 2, 2003
Thanks to my expert and up-to-date HTML skills, I have completely redone the JoV frontpage. Ermm... ok... actually, Xevy did it because I suck. So, props to him, it looks great.

Thanks Xevy.

- Nighthawk

Tinkering Info
Wednesday Feb 12, 2003
Under the Tinkering Calculator link in the menu, I have put what our tinkerer buffs to in all 4 tinkering categories. Keep in mind that brilliance will add +25 to any of those (+50 to magic item tinkering), but you have to provide the brilliance or give me mana stones to do it. The buffed number is with the items I currently have : minor wpn tinkering, minor armor tinkering, major focus, focus stone, and minor endurance elysa's ring. I could use these items if you have them or see them up for trade somewhere (in order of importance):

Major armor tinkering
Major Endurance
Major wpn tinkering
Major str
Str elsya's
Major coord

The tinkerer is Gharu with melee defense. Items cannot be sleeves or something he holds in his hands (wpn/shield) since he holds his focus stone.

- Nighthawk

Site Move
Tuesday Feb 11, 2003
For ease of administration, I've moved the current JoV guildpage to where the old JoV page used to be housed. Of course, if you're reading this, you know that. Please update your links accordingly.

If you're looking for the old UO JoV page from way way way back when, its here. If you want to see my reply to the CG magazine article, check the front wtfman.com page.

- Nighthawk

New Patch Quests
Friday Jan 24, 2003
This patch has brought changes back to the death item system. Things appear to work now how they are "supposed" to. Here is a copy of how one of the devs described how DIs should work and my guess is that's what they changed the system to. Read that and alter your DIs accordingly.

New this patch are a couple of worthy quests. Singularity Caul Recall scroll and the long awaited Attribute Redistribution. If you need portals to the nearest drop spots to both the spec/un-spec temples to do the Attribute Redistribution, ask NH in IRC.

- Nighthawk

Taking Another Break From AC
Saturday Dec 14, 2002
I'm starting to get aggrivated at the exploits again. I have 3 mains basically - a lvl 100+ in each class and they're all boring to me. Here's why :

Melee - My sword guy is pretty smooth. Has a major str item which gets him to 325 buffed str. You'd think I'd hurt people, right? Well, you'd think wrong. As nice as tinkered weapons are, tinkered armor is so much better its not funny. Not to mention that god help me if I actually do enough damage to someone that they actually get to half health, all they have to do is jump and spin and I'm suddenly a radar behind them. The jump spin exploit makes melees utterly useless. Having to be right in someone's face? I can live with that. It automatically makes you the immediate target for that person and most likely everyone in his fellow. While you're attacking, you're utterly defenseless. But, as I said, I can handle that - what I can't handle is the fact that the spacebar completely counters the character's ability to kill someone.

Archer - This class is basically feast or famine. If someone is unfortunate enough to not be baned, they are going to die - no qualms about it. However, killing unprepared opponents is boring. 120, dead - weee... what a fun fight. :/ Now, take someone in fully tinkered armor against my 158% AR bow with 270 base coord and 340 base bow - I have a chance right? Well, not if they're a mage and have half a brain. Drain 7 = fully healed and I'm now half dead and a war undoubtedly on its way. Did I mention that I'm hitting for 30s? Tough to kill someone with 250+ hp when you're hitting for 30s. "Please don't heal for 10 hits in a row - thanks". Not to mention the fact that all mages are (wisely) getting MissleD which completely takes out the machinegun archer which means that 10 hits in a row will take roughly 1 full minute - and thats assuming that you hit every time.

Against a melee, its just pointless. I sit there evading him or getting crushed by an uberlevel melee while they sit there getting hit for 5 behind an uber baned shield. Best case, its a draw. Boring...

Mage - I've played a mage as my primary since December 1999 (before most of you were even in AC, let alone DT) until maybe 2 months ago. The reason I hate mages is simple - they're too ungodly powerful. I don't use them, but if you toss fastcasting and Drain7 into the mix they are damn near unkillable by ANYONE other than another mage. And 9 times out of 10 the mage-on-mage kill is just a lucky 2 wars in a row. Seeings how I absolutely refuse to exploit with fastcasting because I think exploiting is weak, I'm at an automatic disadvantage against the one class that I could get a good fight against otherwise. Here's a hint folx - if you have to cast twice as fast as I do to beat me, then you're not as good as I am. I don't care if you beat me 10 out of 10 times factasting - you're still my bitch as far as I'm concerned. And don't claim that its skill - its not. Strafe x 50 and a hop forward is NOT skill - its twitchy keyboarding. Also, if a PLUGIN can duplicate! this "skill", then its obviously not skill. Real player skill cannot be duplicated with a plugin and thats a fact.

Uber guilds - This game is built so that he with the biggest guild wins. Obviously all the sheep from carebearland have figured this out and are flocking to Blood with the herd mentality that they're renouned for. For those very select few that have been in blood since they were 500 characters strong, I'll give them a bye on that stereotyping, but since they've been the largest guild on DT ever since then (with the exception of like 2 weeks), the rest of you are just cattle. Moooo.

Gangbanging - First off, I'm alone 90% of the time I'm playing - literally. I raid with my guild maybe 3-4 nights a week and frankly I'm depressed I don't do it more since my guild is what drives me. Anyhow, since I'm alone so much I'm about tried of being told when I'm raiding with my VERY small guild that I'm a gangbanger. Its just unbelieveably amazing that a person who's alone as much as I am can have the GAUL to hang out with his friends a couple of hours a week! And you know what folx? All that time I'm alone, I'm CONSTANTLY getting gangbanged - and my bet is that the people who are doing this gangbanging are the same people (or at worst in the same guild) that were whining about it. I fight against odds all day long, so stfu about it. You join a guild with 15 active members and then you come talk to me. Grow a pair.

Exploits - 1) Fastcasting, 2) Godmode elixirs, 3) Sticky melee 360 spin break, and 4) Agressors not being flagged as in pvp (melees drug through portals when attacking, people casting on you then running through a portal, etc).

Having jumping cause 50-75 stamina to be lost while flagged in pvp (same flagging as recall/portals) would solve the melee break and godmoding elixirs instantly. You could still do it, but not over and over and over ad nauseam. There Turbine, I just solved two of the above for ya! Now you impliment it and fix the other 2 and we'll call it even.

Anyhow, I may or may not come back to AC as far as playing goes, but for now I'm just going to continue making rl$ in it and move onto another game for my pvp needs. I'll keep my ears to the ground and see if Turbine actually finds a moment to get their collective heads out of their asses and fix the pvp aspect of AC1.

- Nighthawk

Recruiting Rule Update
Monday Nov 22, 2002
Two posts in one day... what is the world coming to. Anyhow, I added the below rule to the Recruiting section. Since we now have two former two-times-in-and-out members asking to rejoin, I figured a little clarification is in order.

A long standing rule that I myself have had but never posted - no third time in. What that basically means is that if someone has been in the guild before and left twice, they are not welcome back in a third time without a UNANIMOUS VOTE from the guild. No one who's been booted from JoV may rejoin... ever.

I reserve the right to pull out my GM veto card, but as you know I normally go with the will of the guild.

- Nighthawk

My Tradelist is FREE to JoV
Monday Nov 22, 2002
Everything on my tradelist is free to JoV members : http://www.wtfman.com/NH/tradelist.htm. This is conditional upon you actually using the item - not using it for a trade of your own. I figured that I've been trying to trade this stuff off and its not going anywhere fast, so instead of it rotting away on my mules I was hoping that some of you may want to put it to good use. If you need anything off of it, don't hesitate to ask.

I have also arranged for a Meginjarder server to be setup for us (thanks to Hypnoz). Our config file is http://mj.wtfman.com/Meginjarder.xml, so feel free to tinker around with it. Personally, I think that its not gonna do us much good since we're a VERY small guild and we all use irc. The plugin seems to be more geared toward guilds that can't keep track of each other to announce events, arrange fellowships, etc. But, play with it if you like.

- Nighthawk

Handy Info
Monday Nov 19, 2002
I have added a couple of links to the menu you may find useful. First one is the Granite/Iron Calculator, which will figure out how much granite and iron to use on a weapon to have the optimal variance and max damage combination. Keep in mind that granite is very very rare (like 3x more rare than sunstone), so I would put that as a priority to pick that up. Second link is to the Imbue Effects summary on CoD. Gives a good rundown of how much armor what skill level ignores for AR and so forth.

Also added links to Exception plugin. It puts healthbars/names under people so you can tell whats going on easier. Frankly, its something that should be in game, but leave it to Turbine to only allow us to see our target's health. Dunno how well this will perform in large monster/people areas, but its easy enough to toggle on and off on the fly.

- Nighthawk

Long Time, No Update
Friday Nov 8, 2002
Life has finally gotten back to business as usual for JoV here recently. We've finally seemed to get out of "leveling to catch up and only raiding occassionally" mode and gotten back to what we love most fulltime - killing. Cells, Green/Redspires, and the poor towns in our portal loop have been feeling the wrath of our little guild. Many a time has a person said "wow, patryns" just to be cut down seconds later. Highly amusing.

A couple of us have also started using a plugin called PK Hunter. It tracks kill messages witnessed by the person using the plugin. As you can tell by Captain Dasha (Aztek), Mettle (myself) and Death Midget (Ainvar) on the Darktide Top 100 list, you can tell we're doing fine. Having people 40-50 levels above me sending me /tells asking for duels and not realize how funny that is provides for endless laughter. Anyhow, as you can see the Decal plugin area has the PK Hunter link as well as the ImpFilter site since they started updating that separately.

On a final note, Og has now gotten their mansion that we purchased for them, so the surprise has been sprung. Congrats to Og and thanks to the JoV members that spent the long hours hunting down the obsceure items to make it happen.

- Nighthawk