Guild Guidelines
Friday August 30, 2000
Posted some guildelines for JoV guys. I've said a lot of what's in there and 90% of it is obvious - but I just figured I'd take a sec and just spell out some of the things that I think about when I think about the ideal JoV member.

The page is linked on the right at the top.

- Nighthawk

AB Takeover
Friday August 18, 2000
I hope all of you would know that we're trying to take over AB. To do so, we've taken on a couple of allies because our little guild obviously can't do it alone. RD, Blood and HoC are now allies in this allegiance. Please check guild tags and don't attack those guilds.

If you're not lifestone tied to AB, get there because we need the firepower. Let me know if you need access to the #elite channel, but don't go in there unless you're raid-ready. Lurking is discouraged 100%.

- Nighthawk

Guild Re-Org
Wednesday August 2, 2000
Ok, here's the big reorganization to take advantage of the rank system and to better get exp going up through the ranks. We're following Azile's proposal so find your name on there and find out who you need to be pledged to. We're putting all the inactive people in one area (see people under Azile), so make sure you move over your former-mains.

Make sure you get your current patron to break you so that re-pledging doesn't cost you exp. Any questions should be asked in the IRC room (which all of you are using, RIGHT?)

- Nighthawk

Ally changes
Tuesday August 1, 2000
We are now allied with only Samuel [OC] and peaced with The Dark Master [TDM]. Since the collapse of the Blood peace along with Rygoth, Shollos and Tai Lo Quan never being online to actually lead/hold back their guys, we're just gonna war em. Bear in mind this means not only do we have a lot more targets, but that means that we're targets to a lot more people.

We've changed the IRC room for a bit more protection. Only people on the IRC list can access the room still, but you don't have to do the /msg chanserv invite #jov deal anymore. If you try to enter with a non-resgistered name, Chanserv will ban you automatically. It's not a problem, just change your nick and type "/msg chanserv unban #jov". My login script in the IRC section has been altered to show you what I have in my Perform area.

- Nighthawk

Lots of Topics
Sunday July 30, 2000
As I'm sure you've noticed, we had AoD and several other people join up here within the past week. Azile has made a quick reference page for the Hierarchy which will be updated as he gets information. We are also going to be re-organizing the guild (again) to use the rank/exp system to our advantage. If you or your vassals are not on the list (including their level), please let me or Azile know.

I wanted to welcome to the new folx and again encourage everyone to use the #jov IRC channel on Before the recent additions we were a pretty tight knit group and I'd like for us to continue to be so and IRC is the easiest way for everyone to communicate with the rest of the guild. If you're not on the invite list, just /msg NH or let me know in game.

During raids I expect people to start buffing themselves for "the gambit" (all elemental protections) as I only toss Armor VI, BD VI and melee skill VI on people who can't cast it themselves. I buff all my elements, so I know it takes a few seconds longer, but when we run into people that put up a good fight, a simple vuln won't ruin your day so much if you plan ahead. Basically, you want to buff yourself competely except for the above metioned buffs.

Finally, Black Spawn Den. BSD has gobs of tuskers and should be the goal for everyone (archers, melees and mages) as their solo leveling spot. Why? Tuskers do one type of damage, don't cast spells, and give great exp. I know most non-mages are not to that point yet, but I want that to be everyone's goal. Meleers can buy stamina potions cheap as hell in Qalaba'r, stick their back in a corner and tank tuskers all day so long as their armor/shield is buffed for bludgeoning. Very few of us don't have Life and Creature, but those that do should be able to solo at BSD by the late 30's.

- Nighthawk

Monday July 24, 2000
Ok, we started the Kara ownership and just sorta stopped. I suppose we're still allies with that affiliated groups for now, but in the long run the only allies I care much about are Samuel and AoD. Ironic considering right now they're not even on the Allies list. Our current temporary allies are : Red Devils, Shollos, Samuel, Rygoth, Blood and AoD. Yes, that's a lot... I know...

The downside of having Samuel as an ally is that Xai and a couple of his soon-to-be-former-guild are joining. I've informed Samuel himself that I would still be attacking these people on sight and would understand them defending their own in such situations. Basically, Xai joining Sam kinda pisses me off since dividing an ally into "attack" and "don't attack" portions sucks. You guys can let me know if you want to be excluded from this and I'll just let Samuel know that it's just me that has the grudge.

- Nighthawk

IRC Changes
Wednesday July 12, 2000
The #jov IRC room is going to undergo a small change - it's going to become Invite Only. What that means is that you will have to register your nickname that you will enter the channel with. You can change your nick after you've entered, but you have to use your registered one to get in.

Registering a nick is easy. Change your nickname with /nick to whatever you want and type /nickserv register [pwd] where pwd is a password you choose. After that go to your Options in MIRC and look for Perform under the IRC section. Click the box that says "on connect, perform these actions" and put this in there :

/nick [your nick]
/ns identify [pwd]
/cs invite #jov
/join #jov

After I've setup your access, that will automatically identify yourself and get you into the channel. Make sure you /msg NH or /msg NH|Work (depending on when you're msging me) with your nick and I'll change your access so you can get in. There will be no key for the channel anymore.

- Nighthawk

New Patch Stuff
Wednesday July 12, 2000
New Ravenous Weapons
Ok, the new weapons are out. They do killer damage to people in robes because they ignore all item/life buffs. So, since robes have a base al of 0, you're fucked if that's what you're wearing when you get hit by them. Here's the steps to getting the new weapon :

  • Run to 77.0s 64.3e
  • Go down to the 3rd lvl and get a high quality ore (1000 bu)
  • Take it to the Beach Fort (76N, 49.1N) in the very upper NW corner of the map to have the ore "refined" by an NPC named Feruza ibn Salaq
  • Take this refined item to the crater, get a stamp and hand it to the golem as if it were for an atlan weapon

That's it. Keep this weapon on you in case you come across the dumb mage in a robe. Since it doesn't respond to item buffs, you don't even have to waste time buffing it.

New Island
There apparently is also a new island in the game. Here's a clip from a post I saw on a carebear forum (with some minor editing for readablility) :

I found best way was to run from accursed halls to 87.7s, 65.6w.
There you will see a castle/village which is now is inhabited by dark revs, high end banders and diamonds. You must have lockpick to get through the front door of the castle/village. You need a 10k (C) note to give to the undead npc in center of castle/village. He will open an untie-able/unsummonable portal.

The new island looks just about fucking hard as shit with tons of new monsters including plasma golems and other fun stuff. A carebear posted a lot of screenshots to the HG CoD board. That link will work until the message expires, so hit it soon.

Dispel Potion

  • Take a refined medium ore (spawns in 64.3S, 55.6E) and use a Mortar and Pestles on it, this will give you 40 chorizite powders
  • ake 1 of the powders and apply it to one of the 12 potions (ie cobalt turpeth etc) seems to be different for each person. This will make new potion.
  • Then take Alembric and apply it to the potion, making an oil
  • Combine 2 oils to make a strong oil, then add 1 more oil to make it stronger, and then a 3rd to make it condensed (4 oils total).
  • When you have a condensed, apply it to a neutral balm.
  • If you combine neutral balm with just 1 oil, it repels lvl 2 spells. If you combine it with strong, repels lvl 3, stronger is lvl 4 and condensed is lvl 5 repels.

Screenshot of the final product (the best type) is here.

- Nighthawk

Misc Stuff
Sunday July 9, 2000
As a couple of our guild members approach the lvl 50 mark, it's about time that we start recruiting. I find myself more and more raiding solo or with one other person. I don't mind, but in the end it's relatively easy to overwhelm one or two people. We don't need exp whores, but we do need a few more people. I'm quite pleased with how tight knit we are - hell, when one of the guild leaves we all instantly know about it because we're all pretty close. I don't know of many "big name" guilds on Darktide that can say that.

Just something to consider.

- Nighthawk

Bow Quest Info
Thursday June 8, 2000
Ok, the walk-though I posted earlier (that's now been removed) was fair, but this one is far better. Take a look at that one. That is now permanently linked in the menu on the right.

BTW, Cyrax and G will be added to the KOS list today.

- Nighthawk

New Patch
Tuesday June 6, 2000
Well, it's a big one. New nasties in the dires from Diamond Golems to new high level drudges and banderlings. Monsters are showing up with elemental weapons which makes just buffing for the 2 major physical damages (pierce and bludge) not enough. The addition of a bow quest and diamond scarabs both have rumors flying but nothing confirmed.

Thank God for Merry tho. He firgueed out the new spells and what to do to get Splitpea working for them. Here's what he said in #dnn today:

<Acid Streak,16,9,0,2,3,Acid Damage in 3 streams>
<Flame Streak,16,9,9,2,3,Flame Damage in 3 streams>
<Force Streak,16,9,7,2,3,Piercing Damage in 3 streams>
<Frost Streak,16,9,4,2,3,Cold Damage in 3 streams>
<Lightning Streak,16,9,3,2,3,Electrical Damage in 3 streams>
<Shock Streak,16,9,11,2,3,Bludgeoning Damage in 3 streams>
<Whirling Blade Streak,16,9,10,2,3,Slashing Damage 3 streams>

Those are the new spells. Cut that and paste it into your spells.txt file then do an import and it will auto do all your tapers.

The spells are faster but do less damage than the Bolt type of the same level. Perfect for finishing off that fucker running from you. Curious what the diamond scarabs are for if not for lvl VII spells....

- Nighthawk

How to get/stay rich
Sunday June 4, 2000
I've been sporting people with mad cash here recently - mainly because I can afford it and I wanted to share with you guys how. I assume that most of you are leveling in the direlands somewhere. Where I personally level is just west of Black Hill base in the desert caverns near the Obsidian Plains. In any case, I have nice easy access to the direlands vendor near the Black Hill/Disaster Maze area. It's listed in AC Explorer as WeiJhou.

Anyhow, they have a couple of vendors : one for armor/weapons and another for magic items. These vendors buy at 120% the face value of items which means if you go on a raid or have a good loot run on monsters - hold onto your mid-value (non-death item) wands, armor, weapons to sell there. You'll be instantly rich.

On a side note, I spoke with Broken Tusk yesterday after he put an Imperil VI on me and he said "we do not recognize any peace or allegiance with your guild." So, Broken Tusk vassals are fair game again. Clandancent told me to consider them, Nate dawg and Broken Tusk one guild, but I guess that isn't the case. Yay - more targets for us (and more people for you to be aware of that they might jump you).

- Nighthawk

Allegiance Tree
Wednesday May 31, 2000
Well, I finally found a program that will show what our guild ladder as it is now and how it will be after we make 6 small changes.

AC Allegiance Manager (zipped)
JoV Tree (now)
JoV Tree (proposed)

I plan on making these changes asap. Do not break from you patron. Let them break you - it wastes exp for you to break. When you, your patron (to break you) and you're future patron are all online, we'll make the changes. The changes are :

  • Sparticus IV goes from Patryn to Key Nell
  • Brendan goes from Patriot to Key Nell
  • Bob Barker goes from Patriot to Devestate
  • Spanish Bombs goes from Crum' to Devestate
  • Contempt goes from Shai to Spanish Bombs
  • Hektik goes from Padan Fain to Bob Barker
Look for your name on the above list of people and keep an eye out for the other two to get online and make the change. When the change is made, keep me advised so I can be aware of what has been done and needs to be done. Thanks.

- Nighthawk

Guildmates and Allies
Monday May 23, 2000
As most of you well know, we've recently lost a couple of our guildmates to some pretty gay reasons. We're a pretty tight group, so when people like NotoriousGod and Aerious leave, we all seem to notice. Noto was let go because he killed a guildmate (again), but it seems like he was just looking to get released so he could join Red Devils. Aerious left because he got left behind on a raid when we thought he was with us. As I said, both pretty gay reasons to leave.

Let me say that I consider all of the guidmates important. That's why we're a small group now. I don't want a big group of nameless people I don't know. Basically what it comes down to is that I don't want to lose anyone because I do consider you guys friends, but if you want to leave - just tell me. Don't be gay.

Anyhow, last night we had a problem with Bone Yard (in DDH) attacking our guild. That's been resolved and we're back being allies - them being the only guild we're actual allies with instead of at peace (Loch and RD). BTW, I recently discovered that DDH is directly linked to Nate Dawg and Broken Tusk. So, they're allied monarchies too, since they're the same guild. That has been reflected in the Guild Standings section.

Also added a link in the Quest area (right) for the Silifi of Crimson Stars (SoCS). Quests are how we get the best equip so we can kill most effectively. Expect some new mage and archer quests in June - the Dev team hinted that they're coming. Kill those Umbri while you can (26k exp each plus possible shadow shards), because you never know what's going to change with the next patch.

- Nighthawk

New Guildpage Format
Sunday May 7, 2000
Well, I stole the format directly from Darktide News Network. Since its such a common but nice layout, and with all the links for Quests and such Azile gets from us, I'm sure no one's going to mind. I'm going to slowly but surely start adding more sections and links on the menu. The linked pages are still going to have the old format - sorry.

Don't forget to stay active in raiding, IRC and such.

- Nighthawk