AC Guild Manager

ACGM is a very strong application for helping keep track of who is where in the guild. We've grown to be a medium sized guild and we've still kept on top of such things as individuals and as a guild. We've been extremely strong in keeping this up to date since I asked for you guys to diligently help me and I want to thank everyone for doing exactly that.

What to do
  • Download ACGM Client
  • Login with the below information :
    • Server:
    • Username: Your in-game name
    • Password: If it is the first time you are logging in use the family default, otherwise this is whatever you set it to previously.
  • Update your information.
What information is needed and what is optional? In the pictures below, red is required, blue is if the character is a mule and yellow is optional. Please note that in the Main Character Name area I would like you to put your IRC nick.

You are welcome to fill out the other sections and you can make your information not available on the website. MY SUGGESTION : Use the Decal plugin called Link. It updates your vassals, skills, patron, number of followers, etc automatically. Takes 15 seconds to type in the server name the first time and after that life is easy. I highly suggest this.

Keeping this up to date is very helpful with helping us track down where in the guildtree missing people are. When you recruit someone and are adding him to ACGM, take a minute to look over your Number of Followers (total followers, not just direct) and make sure that it is still accurate.