JoV Recruiting

Ok, I'll admit it... our recruiting is weirdly strict compared to most other guilds. Almost everyone in the guild likes it like that. We like to know our guildmates, being tight knit, etc. That's what we're about. Bringing someone into the guild is no small responsibility because bringing that person in will have an effect on all of us.

Below are my suggestions on what to do with someone wanting to join the guild. This is for YOU to do. DO NOT push someone off on me if they ask to join. Either handle it yourself or tell them no. There are two times when a recruit should be brought to my attention and they are noted below. YOU are to approach me (in IRC), not the candidate.

My Suggestions
  1. Every candidate has to have an internal referral from a full member. NO EXCEPTIONS. That member does all the recruiting steps below. If you don't know anyone in JoV that will sponsor you, then tough shit. That is the first goal - to have someone already in the guild willing to say you're worth bringing in.

  2. Make sure they are even high enough level to join. Current minimum level for JoV in AC is 40. Bear in mind, level 40 is FUCKIN LOW.

  3. A long standing rule that I myself have had but never posted - no third time in. What that basically means is that if someone has been in the guild before and left twice, they are not welcome back in a third time without a UNANIMOUS VOTE from the guild. No one who's been booted from JoV may rejoin... ever.

  4. Have them read the Guild Guidelines. Make sure they read, understand and agree with them.

  5. Ask them what guild they come from. Get some background. If its iffy, we don't need them. Remember, if you don't know this person and you're referring them into the guild, there's a problem.

  6. If the person you're recruiting has vassals, if it's just one or two you can go through the above drill with them DIRECTLY. We take most people dry - no vassals. If they have 3 or more people under them, I would consider that a major recruitment and that should be brought to my attention.

  7. Get them in our public irc #jov room on Introduce me and let me know you're sponsoring them. I'll add them to the private room and whatnot in IRC before they actually join the guild in game.

  8. After all of the above steps are completed... THEN let them pledge. Do NOT pledge someone and then start doing the above steps. Pledging is the last step.

If you have questions, concerns, whatnot - don't hesitate to ask the person to hold off on pledging and talk to some other people about it. I'd rather have a potential recruit wait for a bit while we make sure that everything is cool than have someone in the guild that shouldn't be.

If there are issues with a person, be ready to drop them. Everyone is on probation for 30 days and some people just don't make the cut. I'll happily go into details as to the reasons behind it and such, but I'd like to have them dropped first so that our guild's name isn't affected by the person while we discuss it.