Greybeards Favorites

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Here is a selection of my favorite links.

Afrosquad Fly, dope, phat, it's all that.

alpine.jpg (3283 bytes) The official sound source of my ride

Bert is Evil Well, he is!

Brimstone.Org Your best source for smartassed TF commentary

The C5 Registry Official registry of the best vette' yet.

Cedar Point Great place to stand in line and buy overpriced hot dogs.

Evil Avatar Game reviews and info

The Hampster Dance Dont ask why

kicker.gif (3196 bytes) The offical amplifier source for my ride.

Newgrounds Not for the timid or faint of heart

The Onion All the news thats unfit to print

The Overclockers Headquarters A great tech and info page Wholesome r33tness for the entire family

The Rice-boy page If you love laughing at rice-boys like I do, this page is for you.

Sound America Great source for wav. files and clips

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