Who says money cant buy happiness?

One of Lake Superior's finest accounts can now be yours. Featuring everything from multi GM PvP powerhouses to cash making mules, these characters will satisfy even the most die-hard UO player. Dont pass this opportunity to bid on this great account that still has plenty of room to grow, especially in light of the upcoming UO-R enhancements. Take a look at what you get:

  • 5 Well developed (ok, some are just fucking awesome) characters on the Lake Superior shard.

  • A properly placed, decorated small house

  • 60k+ in gold

  • Large assortment of magical weapons and armor (including force, power and vanquishing)

  • A registered copy of UO Assist

  • Large ship

  • Rare items including potted plants and ranger armor

  • Guildstone

  • Large collection of reagents

  • Complete assortment of dyed (and full) potion kegs

  • Placed vendor in a high traffic location

  • Large selection of runes

  • 2 Semi developed characters on the Catskills shard, ready to play!


The characters

acct7.jpg (35206 bytes) Nearly a 7x GM, Sea Bass is a true PvP powerhouse.

acct6.jpg (30511 bytes) Built for Murder, Whoopie is a great PK machine.

acct8.jpg (31646 bytes) Kodiak is a top knotch melee fighter, you will find few better.

acct1.jpg (18675 bytes) Potions and poisons anyone?

acct4.jpg (29914 bytes) Rocky Racoon is a great tank thief in the making.

acct2.jpg (57210 bytes) Home sweet home, owned by Sea Bass.

Don't miss this chance to own a rock solid account. Save yourself countless weeks of work and jump right into a fully developed account thats ready to roll right out of the box. This is a no reserve auction so get your bids in today!