Microsoft fucked up? Never!

Well, I've found myself back in Asheron's Call a lot more recently since Camelot has unfortunately turned into a carebear levelfest. I can't go that long without pvp and AC's Darktide is constant pvp. So, I missed it. Sue me.

Anyhow, today the producer of the game, Microsoft, decided to change the login procedure. Basically, thousands of players have been completely unable to access the game at all today thanks to their total incompetance. Yahoo reported on this issue pretty well.

You'd think that after all their fuckups MS would learn to TEST SHIT before releasing it. Of course, you'd think wrong.

God I pity poor Turbine. They make such an outstanding game and they are fucked time after time because of their contract with Microsoft.

I sure as hell hope that AC2 doesn't have this same setup. Turbine, go that project alone. MS has done nothing but to prove that your partnership was more of a pain in the ass than it was worth.

- Nighthawk


Return of the Living Dead

Well, I'd certainly say "It's been awhile," and as many times as I have unwillingly been subjected to that lame ass (Staind) song, I certainly find it fitting. In tribute to my brand spankin' new up-to-date computer, I have decided to return, so that I could put the bastard to some use....so, my forever-long site and gaming sabbatical has come to an end. I've had so much shit going on in the past year that I had to let the rest of you chodas saute on the back burner, and for that I should apologize, but that'd be unlike me.

It had been almost a year since I even checked the site e-mail in fear of the text scaldings I'd be receiving, as well as never updating my pop-servers when our host transferred to this new extremely shitty Interliant company, so my first step in returning to the promised land was to check up on old neglected correspondence....little did I know I'd be waiting a few hours to do so.

If you mailed prior to 11/20 and didn't receive a reply, don't count on one. I am however once again checking my e-mail, so feel free to resubmit any complaints you feel need to be readdressed. I'm sure I'll ignore them once again with the same enthusiasm I have always shown.

As Rich mentioned earlier, I have begun playing Dark Age of Camelot (Gawaine). It didn't take me very long to get back into the swing of things as far as undermining policies goes. Took me all of a week to be introduced to my new resident CSR's here.


I was somewhat perturbed when I had to change my name, as I was of the assumption that being a Hemorrhoid was a role I'd be playing well on the PvP scene, but apparently they thought otherwise. How Hemorrhoid is "Offensive" to some I'll never truly know, but I guess I have to deal. Every fucking possible name I could think up afterward was denied, so my character is now simply "Area Man" in homage to The Onion. I have managed to make it to 32nd level, Joe to 39, with Rich and Bob and the others joining late on Gawaine and moving ahead nicely at 21. Soon enough we'll be ripping some ass like the old days. I'm sure you'll hear all about it as the time comes.

Just wanted to let you know I am indeed alive for now, and I will let you know more about the swing of things soon, the movie, site, et cetera. I truly do wish to help restore our site to its past glory, and I feel we'll manage to do so easily with the future ahead of our victims in Dark Age.

It's good to be back.

Bed calls.

- Ron


WTFMen Unite!

An unprecedented event has actually taken place. All of the WTFMen are actually playing the same game and on the same server. Part of my JoV guild and I have moved over to Gawaine on Midgard to join up with Ron and Nyar. Soon thereafter Azile, Greybeard, and Zander followed suit. Downside is that there is no worthwhile pvp until lvl 30 in DAoC. Upside is that after we're all there (and higher)... funfun.

God help the other realms on Gawaine. =P

- Nighthawk


Planes and New York

For the 2nd time in two months American Airlines lost a plane within city limits of New York. I swear, that city can't catch a break.

Since this plane was still in it's flight path, at the moment it doesn't look like it was an intentional crashing. At least I'm hopeful that this wasn't another terrorism attempt.

Gonna be a shitty Monday, I can feel it... :/

- Nighthawk


Beard' on Lum

I hardly think itís a secret that none of us WTFMen ever had any love lost between Lum and us. We flamed him, we parodied him, we even blew him up with explosive Slimfast shakes. I must however, interject my 2 cents in regarding Lum and the demise of his site.

My take on the time timeline is this:

#1. Lum gets a job at Mythic.
#2 Lum, seeing the conflict of interest between his site and his job, leaves the daily operation of the site to other people.
#3 The idiots Lum leaves in charge in his absence, insist on fucking with the source of his income (Mythic)
#4 Lum tells everyone to go fucking pound sand, and pulls the plug.

Kudos to you Lum. Some insist on calling you a sellout, some call Mythic heavy handed bastards, some call Mychief a short-visioned feminist dimwit (well ok, so they were right on that one) I say fuck them all. Were it me and I had to choose between my financial welfare and the wants and needs of a few cockblocking ass-clowns on my web site, trust me... That site and everyone involved would disappear faster than an oreo cookie at a weight watchers convention.

Lum made his site what it was. Eldin, and everyone associated with Slownewsday can go eat a bowl of dick. If you guys think making and maintaining a popular website is so easy, let go of Lum's jock and your weak-assed excuses and go do it yourself. Fucking vultures. Better yet, quit bitching about how much games suck, get off your bloated asses and go make your own games. Donít get me wrong, I am more content to sit on the sidelines and bitch, as I have hardly the time nor inclination to sit in front of a computer and write code all day, but I do know how to call a spade a spade. Lum, if you ever read this, I want you to know that I enjoyed the site and hate to see you go, but I understand and wish you best. And oh yeah, we want precasting in DAoC beeyotch.

- Greybeard


Deja Vu

Over the weekend for shits and giggles I picked up DAoC. I managed to make it to about level 8 before I realized what a complete fucking waste of time it was. Now before you get your panties all in a bunch, relax. I'm not saying that DAoC isn't a good game, it is. The fact that its launch went as smoothly as it did is a miracle in and of itself. What I'm saying, is that itís the same fucking game all over again. EQ, AC, AO and DAoC are little more than warmed over rehashes of the same old shit. It is a tried and true policy that worked for many years in the movie industry, and now is par for the course in the gaming industry.

Case in pointÖ. Dune, Warcraft, Warcraft II, KKND, Command and Conquer (all 4635 versions of it) AOE, AOE II.. what do they all have in common? All fun and well received games, but most importantlyÖ THEY ARE ALL MORE OR LESS THE SAME FUCKING GAME. It's a case of a genre being milked for all its worth. We have taken the "Real Time Strategy" thing and beaten it to a bloody pulp. The same thing is now happening to MMORPG's. Im willing to bet fifty bucks that the upcoming Star Wars: Galaxies will be nothing more than yet another rehash of the same old shit, albeit this time with lightsabres.

Why all the bitching anyway you ask? I am just bored shitless. Moving back to my comments on the movie industry, you can only watch American Pie 2 so many times before you remember that you saw that same crap long ago, only that time it was called Porky's. You can only watch so many Segal and Van Dame fight scenes before you want to retch. Then comes along something like the Matrix. It takes you by surprise, sets a new standard and for a time, gives you something exciting to talk about. One of those milestones of filmmaking that you can discuss for a long time to come... (OK, so if you weren't a Matrix fan, fuck you. You have no business on this web site anyway)

MMORPG's need a Matrix. Ultima Online was pretty close. It was exciting, ambitions, and something never before seen with huge potential. Too bad that it got fucked up along the way by corporate bullshit and the occasional stupid assed programmer. We need something new to break this couple year long streak of cash making clones. Just wait, by next summer we will probably see a Tomb Raider MMORPG. "Tomb Raider Online Ė The Quest for Phat Lewt"

I have a little hope for Shadowbane, but I'm not holding my breath. I hate to say it, but frankly I think our best hopes for another revolutionary game in this genre probably lies again in the hands of Richard Garriot. At least now he has more money than God and owns his own company again. If worse comes to worse and he screws this one up too, we can always revisit the whole teabag incident on him again.

- Greybeard