Next for Me

Several people have emailed me suggesting this or that for my next move. The suggestions are appreciated, however, I must please ask those suggesting UO to get a clue. Couldn't give a fuck that they are removing statloss - really. Its 5 years too late. Did they remove Trammel too? Because if not, its still a game dominated by carebears that you can barely look at funny as they remain on their entire half of the server that is utterly safe from pvp. What fun. :/

At the moment, it appears that the next move for me will not be an MMORPG at all. I went out and bought Unreal Tournemant 2003 and have been having fun with it. I haven't played an FPS since I played Quake 1 before UO was released 6 years ago, so I definitely suck. But, its fun. So few exploits, no carebears to whine to the devs to dumbshit down, people constantly wanting to fight and no goddamn levelfest. I tried to play DAoC and even bought the graphic expansion for it... I couldn't take it. Just getting to level 4 I was like "wtf am I doing?" So, until a real RPG comes out or the exploits in my favorite game get fixed (AC1), I'll be on RPG-sabatical while getting my ass handed to me in UT2003. If you want to search me out and blast me, feel free to - I'm under the pretty obvious name "Wtfman".

- Nighthawk


Taking Another Break From AC

I was just going to leave this posted on the JoV AC Guildpage, but I figured most wtfman fans don't read the guildsite and I wasnted everyone to see it.

I'm starting to get aggrivated at the exploits again. I have 3 mains basically - a lvl 100+ in each class and they're all boring to me. Here's why :

Melee - My sword guy is pretty smooth. Has a major str item which gets him to 325 buffed str. You'd think I'd hurt people, right? Well, you'd think wrong. As nice as tinkered weapons are, tinkered armor is so much better its not funny. Not to mention that god help me if I actually do enough damage to someone that they actually get to half health, all they have to do is jump and spin and I'm suddenly a radar behind them. The jump spin exploit makes melees utterly useless. Having to be right in someone's face? I can live with that. It automatically makes you the immediate target for that person and most likely everyone in his fellow. While you're attacking, you're utterly defenseless. But, as I said, I can handle that - what I can't handle is the fact that the spacebar completely counters the character's ability to kill someone.

Archer - This class is basically feast or famine. If someone is unfortunate enough to not be baned, they are going to die - no qualms about it. However, killing unprepared opponents is boring. 120, dead - weee... what a fun fight. :/ Now, take someone in fully tinkered armor against my 158% AR bow with 270 base coord and 340 base bow - I have a chance right? Well, not if they're a mage and have half a brain. Drain 7 = fully healed and I'm now half dead and a war undoubtedly on its way. Did I mention that I'm hitting for 30s? Tough to kill someone with 250+ hp when you're hitting for 30s. "Please don't heal for 10 hits in a row - thanks". Not to mention the fact that all mages are (wisely) getting MissleD which completely takes out the machinegun archer which means that 10 hits in a row will take roughly 1 full minute - and thats assuming that you hit every time.

Against a melee, its just pointless. I sit there evading him or getting crushed by an uberlevel melee while they sit there getting hit for 5 behind an uber baned shield. Best case, its a draw. Boring...

Mage - I've played a mage as my primary since December 1999 (before most of you were even in AC, let alone DT) until maybe 2 months ago. The reason I hate mages is simple - they're too ungodly powerful. I don't use them, but if you toss fastcasting and Drain7 into the mix they are damn near unkillable by ANYONE other than another mage. And 9 times out of 10 the mage-on-mage kill is just a lucky 2 wars in a row. Seeings how I absolutely refuse to exploit with fastcasting because I think exploiting is weak, I'm at an automatic disadvantage against the one class that I could get a good fight against otherwise. Here's a hint folx - if you have to cast twice as fast as I do to beat me, then you're not as good as I am. I don't care if you beat me 10 out of 10 times factasting - you're still my bitch as far as I'm concerned. And don't claim that its skill - its not. Strafe x 50 and a hop forward is NOT skill - its twitchy keyboarding. Also, if a PLUGIN can duplicate this "skill", then its obviously not skill. Real player skill cannot be duplicated with a plugin and thats a fact.

Uber guilds - This game is built so that he with the biggest guild wins. Obviously all the sheep from carebearland have figured this out and are flocking to Blood with the herd mentality that they're renouned for. For those very select few that have been in blood since they were 500 characters strong, I'll give them a bye on that stereotyping, but since they've been the largest guild on DT ever since then (with the exception of like 2 weeks), the rest of you are just cattle. Moooo.

Gangbanging - First off, I'm alone 90% of the time I'm playing - literally. I raid with my guild maybe 3-4 nights a week and frankly I'm depressed I don't do it more since my guild is what drives me. Anyhow, since I'm alone so much I'm about tried of being told when I'm raiding with my VERY small guild that I'm a gangbanger. Its just unbelieveably amazing that a person who's alone as much as I am can have the GAUL to hang out with his friends a couple of hours a week! And you know what folx? All that time I'm alone, I'm CONSTANTLY getting gangbanged - and my bet is that the people who are doing this gangbanging are the same people (or at worst in the same guild) that were whining about it. I fight against odds all day long, so stfu about it. You join a guild with 15 active members and then you come talk to me. Grow a pair.

Exploits - 1) Fastcasting, 2) Godmode elixirs, 3) Sticky melee 360 spin break, and 4) Agressors not being flagged as in pvp (melees drug through portals when attacking, people casting on you then running through a portal, etc).

Having jumping cause 50-75 stamina to be lost while flagged in pvp (same flagging as recall/portals) would solve the melee break and godmoding elixirs instantly. You could still do it, but not over and over and over ad nauseam. There Turbine, I just solved two of the above for ya! Now you impliment it and fix the other 2 and we'll call it even.

Anyhow, I may or may not come back to AC as far as playing goes, but for now I'm just going to continue making rl$ in it and move onto another game for my pvp needs. I'll keep my ears to the ground and see if Turbine actually finds a moment to get their collective heads out of their asses and fix the pvp aspect of AC1.

- Nighthawk


How Stupid Can One Company Get..

Its time for Turbine's monthly patch to AC and I'll be damned if they didn't find a way to fuck up AGAIN. They've been teasing us with the idea of being able to sellback and re-spec skills after creation and this patch was supposed to bring it to us. Getting back some skill credits and correcting mistakes you may have made with your template is a huge fucking deal. Don't want Bow trained anymore? You get your 8 skill creds back. Don't want meleed? You get 10 back. Etc.

One would think that this would be relatively easy to perform QA on. A monkey could sit down for an hour and test credit sellback and see if the numbers turned out right.

They need more monkeys at Turbine or Microsoft (whichever does the QA for AC1). You now get 3x the skill creds back you're supposed to and there's even a bug to get back twice as much exp as intended. This being discovered within the first couple of hours of patchday it goddamn sure as hell should have been discovered before the patch was released.

My favorite game, AC1, is being run into the ground by a bunch of mouth breathing morons. EQ/UO/DAoC have all gone so carebear I can't stand to think about them. AC2 is gonna suck. SB is on ancient technology and isn't entertaining at all. Star Wars is still a ways off and doesn't provoke a lot of interest in me. Can't anyone make a MMORPG thats worth a shit?

Its bad enough I have to deal with idiots in game all day, the last thing I need is stupidity from the developers.

- Nighthawk


Fun With Fire

I don't smoke and never have, but throughout my time working in clubs I learned that having a lighter is just handy. Well, I never took it to the level that the guys over at ZippoTricks.com do. The site is about "Zippo Tricks bound to Impress and Amaze". When I first thought about it... how could a lighter trick impress me?

Go watch their Letís Get Tricky With It video and you'll see.

I'm off to buy a zippo...

- Nighthawk


Turbine Screws the Pooch Again

Ahh patchday...how I look forward to it every month. New dungeons, new items, new quests, new ways and places to kill people. Joy for everyone.


Turbine has had a streak of good patches here recently, but they today have shown their utter lack of a clue of what its like to play on the pvp server. Much like other companies have done to them, they decided to steal an idea from another MMORPG. They have decided to impliment a no-recall timer for people involved in a fight as well as making it take longer for people who've been fighting to log out (normally 7 seconds - now takes about 30). Sounds a lot like the system that UO has been using for a long time now, doesn't it?

Well, while I agree that AGRESSORS shouldn't be able to recall from a fight, hit a portal or log out quickly ala UO, what Turbine has apparently (will explain this "apparently" later) done is to make it harder for even people who are attacked to escape. Sounds great for us pks, right? If you don't know anything about the pvp server in AC, then yeah, it would sound good. Unfortunately, half the server is made up of 1 guild which is basically a bunch of skillless sheep who have to flock to one guild for safety in numbers - Blood. Bloods love to gangbang and camp portal drop spots. Its all they do. Hell, last night I was called a pussy because I wouldn't fight 10 of them... these people are genuinely mentally retarded. We're all used to gangbangs from other games, but this is really pathetic.

To continue, thats how Bloods fight. Now, the antis fight them the same way. Tons of gangbangs, portal campings, etc. So basically my server is sadly made up mostly of people who can't fight without numbers or levels on their side. This isn't really the environment where you want to fuck the person who's being attacked which is exactly what Turbine has done. Good thinking...

To explain my "apparently" earlier - this patch itself has been horribly done. It was 5 hours late to be installed and is now repeatedly crashing the server. People are duping left and right. So of course, this means a rollback. But right before they brought the server down they saved everything and then patched, right? Wrong... they have to rollback to lastnight instead of 9am this morning.

Can't anyone use their brain anymore?

- Nighthawk


Fuck Clinton and Bush both. Twice.

Allow me to wholeheartedly say, that I have no idea how anyone could take my last post as a endorsement of the democratic party. All I can assume is that NH had a very rough day yesterday. Apparently his dog died, the test results came back positive, or he finally came to terms with the fact that the pony he has been asking for every year for christmas since age 7 is simply not going to come this year either.

Take a moment and re-read it. The "Re Elect Clinton" line is known in some circles as sarcasm, which apparently is lost on some of you. The only two things I point out is that our current president has a wife who is a moron, and our former president chased poon. If that makes me a card carrying democrat, then sign me up. I believe that chasing poon is indeed a critical component of any democracy.

For the record, let me make the following clear:

Democrats as well as Republicans are IMO both full of shit. I believe that anyone who thinks there is any substantial difference between either of these two self serving groups comprised primarily of elderly, wealthy, land-owning white men is also full of shit. Furthermore, I believe that anyone who actually desires to be the President, is full of shit as well. It is a thankless, underpaid job serving millions of ungrateful people that only the most egomanical bastard dying to watch themselves on CNN would desire it. Frankly I think anyone who actually wants the job should be automatically disqualified from having it. We would probably be much better off if we send Ed McMahon and a camera crew off into the street with a van full of baloons to knock on someones door randomly every 4 years and proclaim "Congratulations, you are the next President of the United States for the next four years, how do you feel?"

Frankly I think the NRA should become a political party. With Charlton Heston as president, who would fuck with us then? I mean come on, he was Moses. Better yet, he could address the U.N. with the classic line "You damn dirty Iraqis, damn you all to hell!" Tell me congress wouldnt let us bomb those bitches with impunity then. Anyways, enough political debate for the time being. Next week we shall return you to your nomally scheduled broadcast of dancing asian men and fast food news.



Fuck Clinton

Allow me to wholeheartedly say that the below comments by Greybeard are definitely NOT shared by this WTFMan. I for one think that the first lady should play a more reserved role. Contrary to the former Mrs President who has to be the most leftist person on the planet. Some of us recognize Clinton as the draft dodging bitch that he is and his "wife" is nothing more than a partner in politics who has so many times shown how unbelieveably power greedy she is.

Anyone who doesn't see the democratic party leaders as people who have exploited the system for their own personal gain are people who have closed their eyes to the many times that they have stepped on their own dicks and gotten away with it.

I'm utterly embarassed that the words "re-elect clinton" are on my website. As if 8 years of that duo in the whitehouse didn't teach us a thing....

- Nighthawk


Re-Elect Clinton I Say

It is said that during most administrations that the first lady from behind the scenes has a tremendous impact on her husbands presidency. With that being said, I sincerely hope that President Bush keeps his wife locked up in a linen closet and gagged with an old sweatsock. This ignorant bimbo basically issued a public statement warning people to not let their children watch footage of the 9/11 terrorist attacks because it may be traumatic for them.

In case noone told you Mrs. Bush, the childen will be too busy carjacking people in GTA3 and getting in headshots on their best friend Billy during a rousing game of Counterstrike to pay much attention to the T.V. And if they do bother watching any T.V. at all, it will probably be either that last episode of Buffy with the lesbo makeout scene or the latest Eminem video on TRL to see how many bald faggots get beaten with a crowbar. If the people in power (or at least, the people giving oral to the people in power) are so ignorant to the realities of how American society really even works, we are in some seriously deep shit. At least Bill did a halfway decent job of keeping Hillary shut the fuck up while he was out chasing poon.



Quit Fucking Whining Already...

Earlier in the week for shits and giggles, I fired up DAoC for the first time in months and started playing again with Grybeard, my healer. All was going well and eventually I bumped into a pal of mine named Agony (used to be in the same guild with Ron and I up until Ron joined the peace corp and moved to Zimbabwe to help aid their growing circumcision crisis) Anyways, Agony invited me to join the guild he was in which seemed to be good sized and comprised of some pretty cool people, so I joined.

It wasnt two days later, when I logged in and found guildchat full of pathetic fucking spam about how so and so the guildleader made some decision without consulting the guild, and how so and so was gonna quit because of it, and so and so was upset by it, etc etc. The sheer drama of it all made me feel like I was watching a rerun of some sappy daytime soap opera. It even had it's humorous moments when some retard named "Dubya" (go figure) accidently messaged the guildchat channel about his plans to split and start a new guild instead of doing a proper /send to whatever assclown he intended his message for. It is to him and all those like him that I send this heartfelt message.

Fuck you.

It is whiny little complaining bitches like that who have eventually brought down nearly every guild, group or organization I have been a part of online. Don't run around like a little bitch crying and causing dissention and chaos. Speak up to the people who are in charge and get something done about it, and If you dont have the balls to do so, then pack your shit into a happy little pink suitcase and find the door and thank you but no, I dont need you to notify me of your departure. If I had it my way, I would load every one of you damn whiny, over-sensitive and delicate motherfuckers into a titan rocket and send you all headfirst into the sun at 10,000 m.p.h. God help you all if I ever get a job at NASA.



Everybody Yatta!

Ok, I saw this a couple of months ago and thought little of it. I recently saw some of the flash movies based on this very odd Japanese song and found myself highly amused. I don't know why, but I did. Being the great and giving guy that I am, I show you what amuses me. Ain't I swell?

Yatta - The original video of Japanese walking around in very little clothing singing this fucked up song. While funny, its not quite as funny as the flash movies based on it.

Shockwave 1 Shockwave 2

From making light of what Japanese words sound like in english, to Dave Thomas vs Dave Thomas to All-Your-Base type Yatta parodies... much humor.

- Nighthawk


Video Humor

Saw these two movies recently and figured they were too good to not share :

Internet Helpdesk

This is a good play off of what my life was like in tech support. Props to DeadTroll.com.


This is how Apple Macintosh commercials SHOULD be. Props to DrunkGamers.com.

- Nighthawk


Lawsuits in the US

Lawsuits are becoming all too goddamn common. Hell, there's even some fool taking fast food restaurants to court because *GASP* fastfood isn't good for you and now he's fat. You poor bitch.

There needs to be a "Loser Pays" law in this country. If you want to sue me for a million dollars, be my fuckin guest. But if you lose, YOU PAY ME. None of this "oh, well I wasted our time and your money and whatnot to fight something that was unfounded - I was just seeking a free meal" shit. Fuck that. You sue you better be fuckin sure you are in the right and that the law agrees.

If not, pay up.

Thats the way it should be. 70% of lawyers would be on the street tomorrow. What a great world we'd live in...

- Nighthawk


Suggestions for Life

I'm not exactly old, but I am at the point where I can look back on my life and see what I wish I'd done differently and what I'm happy I did right. I figured that since I'm oh-so-fucking-wise, I would share some suggestions to those of you who happen to read the site and are coming up on the years that my advice could help. As you can tell, I put a green ball next to what *I* think I've done right and a red ball next to what I know I fucked up.

  1. Never rent - Renters are suckers. Unless you have a good chance of living in an area for less than a year, you're an idiot if you rent. That goes for an apartment, a house, or whatever. Why? Because you're giving money to the owner so he can build equity. You build jack shit. Build up YOUR net worth. ()

  2. Never get other people stuff on your credit - No matter how good of a friend they are or how much they promise that they'll make payments on that motorcycle/car/boat/etc, don't do it. If they end up having a problem or just being a prick and not paying, you're the one that gets it in the ass. ()

  3. Take Credit Seriously - Building your credit is easy assuming you don't fuck it up from the get go. Get a credit card, get a SMALL bank loan ($200) and never be late on payments. If you do fuck up your credit, plan on 7 years of anguish. ()

  4. Get it on paper - If you go to college, get a degree - preferably a PHD. I know it takes forever and is a pain in the ass, but its worth it in the longrun. If you're not in college, get certified in whatever it is you're doing if there's a certification for it. You never know when that one line on your resume will get you a job. ()

  5. Get a good job - If you make enough money to pay all your bills and have cash leftover to spoil yourself and people around you, you'll find that you're a lot happier. There's nothing more pathetic than having to say "i can't afford that" to simple things like a nice dinner or even an occassional rose for your gf. If you don't have a job where you can do that, then apply yourself. Christ, you can make good money pressure washing driveways - its just a matter of doing it. (99% of my life )

  6. Friends are everyting - Don't ever let them down. I don't care if you think you have hundreds of friends, there should be a small handful that you would go to the end of the Earth for. Go there when needed - they'll notice. ()

  7. Thank God for your parents - I know when I was growing up, the thing I wanted was to get the fuck out of their house. I wouldn't go back, but I sure as fuck miss mom's cooking and free rent/laundry service/food/house cleaning/yadda yadda. Looking at my parents now heading towards their 70s, its starting to become apparent that they won't live forever and that can seriously bring you down if you think about it. I cannot stress enough how well you should treat your parents. Life is short. ()

  8. Try not to be an idiot - The problem with most idiots is that they don't realize how stupid they are. Everyone has a handful of friends who think they're cool, but the real question is are you a hazard to everyone around you just because you exist. Would I trust you with a loaded gun? lol... ()

Anyhow, it may be boring, but I just thought there might be someone on the verge of adulthood that may happen across the site and maybe a couple of the above may make sense to him. Wish I'd gotten all of the above right... I'd be a set mofo. - Nighthawk


World Cup Results

Well, as most of you know, Brazil won the world cup here a short while ago. While I personally don't find that too interesting, I did get an email from a viewer that put a new spin on why Brazil even got to the final round. Apparently, they just have high quality fans. As "GoDoG GoDoG" pointed out, here's a pic of some Turkey reps :

And now, the Brazil delegates :

The obvious motivation factor (or lack of for the Turkey chicks) should be clear. You have a fine Latin piece like that on your side and its hard to go wrong. Just something to think about.

- Nighthawk


IRC is Highly Amusing

I am in IRC quite a bit speaking to my guild and whatnot and I've seen some of the funniest shit I've ever seen was said in there. Well, ironically someone in IRC linked a site with a ton of great quotes from various IRC rooms. I defintely suggest taking a look at the Quote Database Top 50.

- Nighthawk


New Sense of PVP

I actually logged in and played Asheron's Call for a few minutes last night. Someone in IRC said that 3 Dev-controlled characters were at some festival stone, so I figured that was worth logging in to check out. I show up and of course the dev-controlled folx are gone (about 2 minutes after the global message).

So, in a crowd of 100+ people (SS by ZojackOwnith - look at all the dots on the radar) about 50% of which are spamming for peace like the good carebears that they are, some fights break out. Being that I hadn't logged in for quite some time, I was just standing there looking for the Devs. Naturally, since people love me so much, I'm attacked. Of course, I'm all for it and happily engage. Of the people that attacked me first, 19 of 20 recalled (or tried to before dying). That is a 95% ratio. I attack an HoS guy who is my level and he runs around screaming "PK!" over and over until 5 people jump in to help him. The only upside to that is that its better than being called an anti....

Then later I have a Blood jump log on me 9 times while his partner is inepting and draining to his hearts content while outleveling me by 10 levels.

I've decided that it really doesn't matter how good of a game AC is or isn't. The problem with MMORPGs nowadays is the people and mostly because of the carebear influx. Guilds like Blood and TLS give these no-backbone having peacelovers a place to hide until they're high enough level to finally leave the safezone of the mansion with 20 of their friends to tackle 1 opponent.

Sad how well DT started and what its degraded to...

- Nighthawk



What happens when you look for love in the wrong places? Your parrot flys away.



Bad Joke of the Day

Q: What do you tell a woman with two black eyes?

A: You shouldnt have to tell her anything, you already told the bitch twice.

How do I know? cause' Stone Cold said so.


Thats Amore'

Now some of you may of already seen this, if not it has got to be some of the best work of the SA forum goons yet. See what happens when l33t d00d's r0xx0r the Dating Game.



Cry Havoc and Let Slip The Dogs Of Mediocrity

At long last I have gotten off of my ass to post something. I am certain that after all this time you no doubt are expecting a rant of biblical proportions, one that will be so laden with vile humor and sharp wit that you will no doubt struggle to maintain bowel control due to it's incredible comedic content.. Well, sucks to be you I guess, since all you are getting from me is some incoherant rambling. Yeah I know, and Episode II was a letdown also.

My e-mail is finally working again, so now you all can feel free to send me midget pr0n and goatse.cx links once more. Ron is still MIA, and Rich is disenchanted with AC once again. Looks like the more things change the more they stay the same no? Life for me is pretty much unchanged, work pretty much dominates my life and the only free time I have for online life is basically spent playing the occasional Diablo II game trying to snatch up the phat lewts that Mephisto drops before SupaBaba the Korean dynamo I'm party'd with gets to it first. I play a bit on US east, Greybeard-wtf is the ol account name. (original no?)

Funny to think that most every MMORPG sucks such immense ass that the only thing that captures my attention is the classic hack and slash. I've been through most every online game in recent months, AC, EQ, DAoC, AO, etc, and find that eventually they all end up boring me to tears. Nothing it seems inspires me to those all night marathon gaming sessions like the old days of UO did. Oddly enough I even miss the TUS server days of Honorbound and Honorbound II. Sure the endless stupidity of some of our members drove me to near madness, but there were some great times also. For those of you who missed such events as Britan being invaded by the Spice Girls, and Cove being layed seige to by Angry Lebanese Party Store Owners, you missed some classic moments in gaming history.

Ah well, enough of that. Sooner or later a game will one day hit the shelves again that r0xx0rs in a fashionable way. Maybe we will even get around to finishing M:WTFII. Maybe even Azaroth will forgive me for not linking his site 2 months ago when he asked me. In the meantime, i'll be here in Detroit trying to pretend that I am actually interested in the Redwings when someone brings them up for the 3826636th time this week.



Yesterday's AC Patch

Well, I've seen it before in UO and surprisingly enough now I've seen it in Asheron's Call. With Turbine's most recent monthly patch they have totally turned AC into a PVM game. Every single form of damage (mage, melee and archer) has been nerfed making it even harder to finish an opponent unless you have a ton of people with you or they aren't prepared to fight. Since I play on Darktide, most everyone is prepared to fight. That is supposed to be a good thing - we want good competition.

But hey, they put in longer buffs and got rid of 90% of the components spells needed. Great right? Well, if you're into monster bashing, sure. But if you're into pvp and don't want to have to gangbang for every kill, the damage reduction is too much to bare.

Why do companies keep fucking up perfectly fun games? Well, unfortunately the answer is obvious. The problem is that these gaming companies are spending so much time catering to the carebear crowd that they completely overlook the detrimental effect their changes will have on pvp.

Origin Systems did it to me and now Turbine.

My apologies to anyone who's started playing AC recently due to my suggestion. I had not idea how game altering of a patch this would be. Unless something changes, I won't be playing AC much anymore. :/

- Nighthawk


Wanna try AC for free?

I've had a lot of people email me asking me if I thought they should try Asheron's Call. Let me be honest - I don't have a fucking clue what any of you would like. I know what I like and that's about it. AC has good pvp and a pvp server where there are no safe zones and where what guild you're in means something. Thats the sort of thing that turns my crank.

If you want, you can now download AC for free as well as get your first month free. Go to this page and follow the 4 steps.

Let me give a bit of advise if you're going to try the pvp server (Darktide). Step 1 should be to get the fuck away from the newbie areas. People from the carebear servers make newbies to bash each other there - its what we refer to as Quaketide. Hit Q (auto-run) the second you enter game and go in the first portal you see. The newbie quests get you some fair items for a level 1 and gives you a good walkthrough on how to play the game. Plus, only levels 1-4 can go in the newbie dungeon, so most people in there are there to learn as well.

Also, if you're going to play on DT, you best learn the politics. Darktide News Network is a must read - starting with their DT Newbie Guide.

So, you've asked. Now you can find out for yourself.

- Nighthawk


Star Wars

This most recent release of the Star Wars series really disappointed me. I'm starting to see a trend of "Star Wars movies suck until the big ending battle/lightsaber fight". For the love of god, this movie was damn near a chick flick with all the love story bullshit. I understand having to setup the plot so that the rest of the series falls together, but did we really need 2 hours of love story out of a 132 minute movie?

Not only that, but there are inconsistencies throughout the series. C-3PO in Episode 4 talks about "my this is a desolate planet". NO SHIT - you lived there with your slave-creator in episode 1, you fuckin idiot. There are tons of things like that through the series that Lucas fucked up. I'll give the man one thing, he knows how to make a film look nice - but as far as plot goes. Pfft...

Speaking of Star Wars ragging - this movie (17 MB) it pretty amusing.

- Nighthawk


Nice Sig Jpg

This pic was in a signature on an AC discussion board and I laughed enough to want to share. Plus, it summarizes my feelings about 99% of the population.

- Nighthawk


Next Game for NH?

Been getting a lot of questions about whether or not I'm planning on playing to Shadowbane when its released. Well, a long time ago I was pretty excited about the game. Of course, that was back in 1999 - three fuckin years ago. The technology they're using isn't anything to masturbate over anymore. They've had delay after countless delay and well... I'm over it. As a matter of fact, I've been over it for quite a while now. I personally think the game I play NOW stomps SB into the ground.

So what are my plans? Well, it should be obvious. I play Asheron's Call now and Turbine is releasing AC2 this winter. I downloaded a preview movie (keep in mind, it's not even in beta yet and it looks this good) and figured I would post it in case any of your are interested. Keep in mind, it's like 18 megs, so it's a bit of a wait for you poor dialup users. Anyhow, here's the AC2 Preview. If you can't view that, go get the newest windows media player and you should be fine.

- Nighthawk