The Miner Mafia Returns

Back when I used to play an avid pk in Ultima Online, I was considered the Miner Mafia. Sure I hit the dungeons, graveyards and other such people infested points, but for some reason I enjoyed extorting ingots from miners.

I wouldn't be the standard miner pk that just ran in and leveled the place. I slowly walked in happily displaying my red murder status and announced that I would like a donation. Those that ran or refused, died. Those that gave me something (nearly anything that wasn't an insult like a pickaxe), I would allow to continue mining unharassed by me as well as protecting them from other pks/ore thieves. Mafia protection at it's finest.

Last night, I spent 30 minutes in AC doing roughly the same thing except instead of a mine I was holding my "services" in a dungeon. Since you can't recall to any spot in the dungeon like you could in UO, I could stand at the enterance and ask for a donation as people came in. I was at a lugian dungeon so since they drop mana stones (which are light and sell well in the dires), my expected donation was 2 mana stones. For each item over 1k value they brought me (preferably light), I would give them one lvl VI buff.

Of course, one person wasn't interested and he got an Imperil V for his trouble. Since I didn't want to chase him down, I just wanted to give him a hindrance for fighting wall to wall lugians. Most everyone not only complied with my demands, but kept coming back up to me and giving donations for the occassional buff. You die? Need rebuffing? Better have some payment.

Not only was I holding the place hostage, but I had people thanking me for it. Was highly amusing.
- Nighthawk

He's the one they call Dr. Feelgood.

Yeah, it's The Patriot, showing now. I especially liked the part in the flick where the Continentalists were telling the black man how different of a world it would be and how much he had to look forward to with the beginning of a New Nation. They failed to mention cotton.

All in all I was highly disappointed in the movie, can't really blame our good man Mel, but in my opinion it blew some gnarly cheese-puff and chocolate milk chunks. It was another of those shit American Feel-Good movies like Independence Day that are nothing more than what you can achieve for 120 million dollars less by renting Rocky 3 and sitting your fat ass on the recliner with a bowl of Orville extra buttery. At least Braveheart made me wish I lived in Scotland. This movie just made my ass sore that I was 3 hours nearer to spending 3 more hours tomorrow on an American barrel laiden highway.

God bless America.

There, I just saved you $7.00 and 2 hours and 44 minutes. You owe me big.

I belong at the Academy. - Ron


But does it have a pool?

As some of you may know, when I am not PKing or fragging my fellow man online I work as a real estate investor to make my living. I have to admit though, I have never came across a house that was quite this feature laden before. I guess I could advertise my homes as having a "large" or perhaps "sizable" dick, but I dont think I could honestly proclaim it to be "huge" without purchasing one of those swedish enlarger pumps. - Greybeard


AC Character Guide

Just wanted to give a quick heads up that I've updated the AC Character Building Guide. It doesn't include any of the "extreme templates" that require twinking, but it does have much more updated templates than were in there until just now. There is one for Archer, Mage and Melee. The Mage one hasn't changed much, but the other two have drastically.
- Nighthawk


How many topics can I cover...

Sitting here at work early on a Sunday and I'm reading all the Asheron's Call websites since I have nothing else to do. I see that Mu actually updated, so I read his rant and thereafter I hit the more mainstream sites. Finally, still bored and trapped at work with no one talking in IRC, I decide to hit the UO sites to see how things are going.

Much to my amusement I find that OSI tried to publish another massive patch that allowed house placing in their new "I'm 100% safe from pvp here so I can be all the asshole I want to be" lands. Obviously, OSI + Large Patch = Collossal Failure. Gee, they couldn't see that 150,000 people would be trying to log in to place houses? OSI miss something obvious? I'll try to contain my shock.

Moving along, I wanted to mention that I got the new double-dvd Fight Club. I never thought I'd like a movie with Brad Pitt in it, but just like when I saw it in the theaters so many times, this movie entertains me no end. If you have somewhow managed to not see it yet, you're doing yourself a disservice.

Onto another topic, I've been weeding out a lot of crap pics from the Ron and NH AC Kills section. You won't be able to tell until I post the revised section, but when it gets posted (later this week) you will note all of the unimportant names gone and several more added. And if by some freak coincidence my memory actually functions and remembers the occassion where the person was killed, I'll type up a little background for further entertainment.

For those of you asking, yes, I still enjoy AC a lot. I play Patryn 99% of the time now since I enjoy playing a mage. Thankfully, the new diamond scarabs didn't result in anything Dereth-shattering enough to make me feel the need to reroll. I just hit lvl 48 and having to start over would be a complete pain in the ass, even though Patryn didn't start with the template I'd wished he had. Hindsight is indeed 20/20.

I'll close with this thought : Ritz crackers own. If you like Saltines or any other type of cracker more than Ritz, you're a fuckhead.
- Nighthawk


Atheism is a farce.

Well since religion seems to be quite the hot topic, I might as well throw in my views on this ever so sensitive discussion.

Sure, those of you who don't believe in God or a "Higher Being" can back up your views usually by citing Biblical innaccuracies or contradictions in your theological discussions. Sure, you can ask yourself or others "If there is a God whom is "good," why do we have things as plagues that kill innocent children, or rapists roaming the world at large," among other things. While these are certainly good questions, and certainly good arguments with closed minded bible-toting Southern Baptists, they go nowhere with me. For I myself, having witnessed the power of God, am delivered from Evil. I have proof of a higher being. I have no fear for the future. For I am saved.

I have the new Deftones album.

Our good Reverend Maynard even makes a surprise guest appearance, amazingly finding it possible to record track 9 with them while touring for one of the many other proofs of a higher being's existence, The Perfect Circle album. Go forth sheep, support your local screamers. Be saved, so much as 2 dollars if you shop at Virgin. Long live the power of Sale.

I am a scholar. - Ron


He's a Scatman

No you sick fuck, not THAT kind of scat. If you have never heard any music by ScatmanJohn or if you dont play Team Fortress you'll probably wont get it, but I myself found it amusing.

Do the Scatman - Greybeard


A hunk o' burning love

I must have been absent back on the day in sex-ed when they taught how to launch flaming gerbils from your anus for fun and pleasure. These two guys however have perfected the technique. Kudos to Rob for finding this one. - Greybeard


Pinky needs love too

Just be sure not to make Pinky angry. That would be bad. - Greybeard


I am not dead, though sometimes I wish to be.

Sorry for my current absence, as I have been stuck in traffic on I-270 for about 3 weeks trying to get home from work. For some reason the fuckin moronic engineers here in Columbus have decided to work on not one, but absolutely EVERY fucking road in town at the exact same time. Essentially, no one here can get where they are going at any given time without 3 tanks of now $2.00 a gallon gas and 3 extra strength Excedrin gelcaps while stuck behind 1,533,988 idiots in front of you for some reason trying to merge into the "Lane Closed 1/2 Mile Ahead" lane just so they can all want to merge right back in about 3 seconds later, into the only lane of 4 on our highways that is open. The good news however, is none of the contstruction will be completed until late 2001.

Just here tonight, I left work (15 minutes away) at 5:00 EST, and I arrived home at 7:57 EST. Longest jam I have ever been in. This is the first time in my life I actually saw people in their cars pulled over into the median fully reclined with their eyes closed snoring. Sad thing is, I am not joking. At one point in this mess, I traveled about 10 yards in 30 minutes. I spent most of my drive home, in park. I had hoped I was going to come up onto a wrecked plane in the middle of the road with a bunch of flaming passengers or something, but I was out of luck. I still have no idea what took so long, but I wouldn't be surprised if Origin was responsible.

Due to an extraordinary headache, this is all I have to say about my current events. My absence recently has left me with a lot to say, but I am afraid I have to leave that for another day.

Oh yeah, Joe got married. Fucking sucker. And I had to be in the wedding. Fucking sucker. I predict a divorce before all the road construction is over....but I'm an optomist. Pictures of that to come, among other things. - Ron

Superfly Johnson.. he's a bad motherfu.. shut yo mouth!

Just when we all were so utterly disgusted with the pathetic, dated shitball that is "Daikatana" Superfly saves the day.What can I say, at least the MP3 makes me feel a little better about the $35 bucks I pissed away on the game. - Greybeard

Welcome to BlowMe.com

Yes thats right, 3 out of 4 rabbi's agree that critics can kneel down and take a mouth full of my manhood. I frankly never gave a fuck if my opinions met with mass appeal, I for one am not interested in being the next Lum or UOVault (for obvious reasons) So to those of you who have not liked some of my recent posts, (and I would point out, far more HAVE liked them than not) you can go take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut.

Now normally I wouldnt of even bothered to post this, since most people who have been reading my work know my general take on critics, but since some certain asshole who I wont name (*cough* Nighthawk *cough*) felt it neccesary to make a public post about how what I had been posting to date was not only shit, but that he in in infite wisdom planned to "get us back on track" I thought I would take this opportunity to let both my dear friend as well as the handfull of idiots on the message board know that I have a tubesteak sandwich here with their name on it. Bon Appetite'!

- Greybeard


Welcome to Bibletalk.com

I don't try to stay on any one particular topic, but I feel compelled to say, "goddamn I'm fucking sorry for the recent bible-oriented postings."

Hopefully, far more entertaining, non-bible-study related things are coming in the near future. Maybe I should post some porn to get us back in balance here. :/

- Nighthawk


Greybeard vs. the Bible Toting Moron part deux

Last night dear Aegis ICQed me. Turned out I actually knew the guy, he used to play on Atlantic with a character named Bitenose. Believe it or not he was even in my guild. In any event, here is the transcript of the conversation where after all sorts of back and forth banter, dear Aegis aka. Bitenose actually demonstrated some intelligence in the end.

Whoa, guess you thought our discussion was relevant to make the news I see..

Whose discussion?

Remember your guild on atlantic? I was in that.. I posted as aegis on the MB

roflmao, didnt know you were Aegis... heh. good thing too, otherwise I would of bitchslapped you in ICQ as well :) *grins*

Really confident in your ability to argue eh? well, you are pretty good at it.. But it's all about those witty comebacks you make at the end.. Still think moses was the one that married an ethiopian/cushite ?

think? I know he was... heh. Not only have I read the bible myself, I have a good friend who is a theology major who confirmed my thoughts. Cush itself is a very large region so she could have been egyptian even, but since some testaments specifically refer to her as being Ethiopian, its safe to say that she was.

yes, not disputing the fact that she was of a different ethnicity than moses.. Kush/Nubia was a region below the Kingdom of Egypt. At that time Egypt was small. So she was either a dark skinned african or ...

Feel silly now? I hope so :P

well, it doesn't really matter. Actually, i've only been studying the bible for a few months now. So you may have an upper hand on me. I'm only 16 years old, probably not as worldly as you... What should I feel silly about? Miriam and Aaron were the ones that got married.. Moses was the one bitching at them about the race mixing..

No, Miriam spoke out against Moses because of Moses's wife, hence God opened a can of whoopass on Miriam, That coupled with the fact that the other scriptures you quoted either had nothing to do at all with race mixing, or were taken totally out of context by you. Dont be so close minded chief.. lots of people will try to shovel their opinionated shit your way. Take time for yourself and draw your conclusions from real life experiences, not what anyones books or narrow views tell you to. We sill get 2 to 3 thousand hits per day, and probably 85% or more of them agreed you were a tool either on the msg board or via e-mail. hence, my comment about you feeling silly. If that many people knew that I made a fucked up racist argument and tried to (unsuccesfully) defend it via obscure biblical passages, Id feel like a gimp myself.

You really think I'm some kind of nazi don't you? or at least a pseudo-closet racist.. Let me tell you this. I'm far from it. I work with blacks at my job. I am great friends with many blacks. It is only my opinion that we should stick together when it comes to marriages. Which is only what I would practice..

By definition that makes you a racist. Like it or not chief, thats what you are preaching. I mean, no one actually wants to admit to themselves that they are some backwater thinking descendant of nigger lynching rednecks, but thats exactly what your comments say about you.

what comments? why don't you quote a "racist" statement from what I had said...

The simple fact, that you claim that romantic relationships between blacks and whites is wrong, is grossly racist. You give no merit at all to the personality of the individuals at all, you base your decision solely on color. Thats 1955 Alabama thinking at its finest.

ok, i'll go with the general consensus.. Maybe I am wrong.. But then again, it doesn't really matter. It's just an arguement, like any other argument.. There is no right or wrong in an argument, well in some arguements atleast. And i'd say the other 15% of the people that didn't agree with you are the right-winger nazis that visit your site... Am I entitled to my own opinion? yes.. Personally, I think it isn't right to marry with another race.. But that's a personal statement. I have no problem with other people marrying different races. Now if you think that is grossly racist, then I think you'd perhaps need to look up your definition of a "gross racist".. Hell, I may be a bit conservative, but I don't think I cross the "card carrying, Neo-Nazi boundary" one bit... I'm still looking for a quote from my post(s) that says a racist statement from you...

You blind chief? I just spelled it out for you. ra·cism (rszm) The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others. Discrimination or prejudice based on race. PREDJUDICE BASED ON RACE = "Interracial relationships are wrong" There is your racist comment.

Racism is the practice of racial discrimination, segregation, based on racialism.... I do not believe in either one of those... I think holy matrimony and integration are a little bit different... Integration applies to things like water fountains, schools, etc.. And like I said before, it's marriage.. It's not friendship that I am opposed too..

Listen man, you are entitled to your own opinion and thats fine. Personally, I know that you are full of shit and thats as far as it needs to go. Spend all the time you need to trying to convince yourself what a great guy you are and how your views are sooo correct, but there is no need to blow smoke up my ass. I know your type all too well. Sooner or later with experience you will learn what right and wrong really is. Frankly I look forward to the day many years from now when your 18 year old daughter brings home her new boyfriend Jerome, and you have to come to grips with the fact that your sweet little girl has been getting banged by a brother 3 shades darker than Shaq.

See? just when I bring up something that you do not or can't argue, you have to come up with a witty comeback, this Jerome and my 18 year old daughter thing...

Whats to argue? The fact that you are an idiot trying to finesse definitions to cover the fact that you are a bigot? That one is pretty much etched in stone my man. My point about your future daughter is 100% valid also. You will shit your pants the day you have to deal with a real word situation like that, and sooner or later you will.

What's to argue.. I guess that's a defense mechanism for you.. When you do realize that you CAN'T argue your point, you have to consult your insult / "this guy is an idiot" handbook.. Very well, you can end this discussion if you want.. But as I will remember it, I won.. Because I am the last one that brought forth a counter to your statement..

You say You "won"? ROFLMAO! All you won is the animosity and ridicule of thousands of people across this planet for your idiocy. That plus I guarantee you that your little bigoted dick gets hard every time you see some fine dark skinned ass shaking on MTV, that makes you a hypocrite also. And if you try to tell me that if some ultra hot Tyra Banks looking babe wanted to put her face in your lap you would refuse her based on the color of her skin, I'd say you were either a bold faced liar, gay, or possibly both.

ha, you're probably right about that.. But fucking and marrying is a different thing.. and you should know that.. Fucking and marrying are two different things?

BWAHAHAHA! My God man, you are tooo funny. So much for your argument about genetics then. It's ok to fire off a load of spunk into a lovely black woman, but not to love them or marry them.. Damn, I'm laughing so hard I neary shit my pants on that one.

yeah, they're 2 different things.. It's not like I wouldn't wear a rubber anyway.. I'm not a dumbass. Wouldn't want to have a child at my age.. Oh and that's very romantic what you said, fire a load off in your wife..LMAO, you make me shit my pants when you talk sometimes.. Well, anyway, keep up all the funny posts at wtfman.com .. Because you will always have me as a fan to your site..

Listen man, this is the bottom line. People should be judged for their personal character, not the color of their skin. Anyone who tells you differently, is ignorant. Maybe what you need to do is muster up the courage to ask some fine black chick out. Perhaps once you realize its all pink on the inside that will help you get over your color barrier thing. Let me know the next time you are in Detroit, ill hook you up. Whenever you go back to alabama, tennesee, arkansas or wherever it is you are from I would bet 10 to 1 that you wouldnt look at another white girl again.

lol, I'm from atlanta.. Plenty of black chicks there.. I have a damn fine looking girl anyway.. D cups are fun.. But I might take you up on that offer :)

Atlanta baby, home of the Freaknik. Even Nighthawk could get laid in a town like that.

heh, the thing is, i live in the same suburban town as nighthawk, probably 3 miles down the road from him... Freaknik is gone though, they don't have it in here any more.. But Atlanta is a pretty good city. has some nice strip clubs.. probably better than motown..

Aha, so you DO know about the Freaknik then. I bet you even got the latest Snoop Dog and Eminem CD's too. Guess I should call rich up have him take you downtown and scope for some honey's You want to know another strange phenomenon regarding interracial relationships, that actually works in your favor? Its not uncommon to see a brother with a white girl that you wouldnt fuck with a stolen dick. Big hefty ones with fat rolls hanging out from under their halter top and buck teeth you could slice cheese with.Dont ask me why, some of them are just happy to nail a white chick.

You rarely however see a white guy with an ugly black chick. IMO, most white guys are so hung up on the whole race deal that they dont have the courage to ask a black girl out. I think you would be surprised what drop dead gorgeous black women you could date simply by being friendly and asking them out.. you might even get laid once or twice despite yourself. Normally its just white dudes who think they are black that chase them, so it seems to be a change of pace when joe average white-boy has the balls to approach them

yeah, already knew that.. So you're an average joe white guy? I'd always thought that you were somewhat of a wigger...

"wigger".. heh. No, I wear a belt and my pants dont sag around my ass, I listen to much Korn and Garth Brooks as I do DMX and Ice Cube, and I tend not to refer to my house as "the crib". Yeah, you could call me Mr. Average White Guy, albeit with a little more game than most.

Ok, all you had to do was say that you wear a belt :) Actually, I can kind of see your point.. It doesn't really matter if you marry a black or white, it's just freaking skin color...

Can you believe it folks? He actually said something that made sense. Perhaps there is hope for our dear friend after all. I only fear that if Rich does indeed take him out and get him laid then I will start getting e-mailed threats from fine sista's all over Atlanta to tell that goofy, skinny assed white boy with the wu-tang outfit on to stop hitting on them. - Greybeard


Do I make you horny baby?

If you are as big of a fan of LumCorp as I am, then you will no doubt enjoy this behind the scenes and candid footage of Lum in action. My apologies to Stile.

- Greybeard

Greybeard vs. the Bible Toting Moron

Every once in awhile, someone so amazingly retarded pops up that I cant help but give them a good bitch slapping. This latest fool on our message board was such a ass-pirate that I thought I would share the fun with our readers. It all began with another asshole posting some racial slurs in the forum regarding my wife, who happens to be black. Enter the moron in question:

I'm sorry, but I'm just a lil' religious.. by Aegis posted 6/5/00 10:43:53 PM

And I think interracial marriages are just wrong.

Well... by Greybeard posted 6/6/00 4:59:33 PM

I think I've made it clear how I feel about most morons who extoll the virtues of organized religion. If I gave half a fuck about your ignorant opinion I would rush directly to the nearest nuthouse and have myself commited. However since I dont give a fuck about your half witted perception of things, I can gladly piss on your thoughts with a smile on my face. You sir, are a dipshit. All we can hope is that someday Darwinism catches up to you and you get run over by a bus before you can breed and bring even more morons like you into this world.

Since when do insults account for facts? by Aegis posted 6/6/00 9:24:50 PM

I'm not here to convert, change, or tell you that what you are doing is wrong. That is for you to decide yourself. If you feel that what you are doing is right, then that's your opinion. But then again, you can't just insult another person because they feel that interacial marriages are wrong. Sure, you may be married to a black woman, but that doesn't make you any more right than me or give YOU the right to call every opinion that isn't yours a half-witted, ignorant opinion.

Here are a few reasons why I think race mixing is wrong: The bible says it is wrong.. "And Miriam and Aaron spake against Moses because of the Ethiopian woman whom he had married: for he had married an Ethiopian woman" (Num. 12:1). also see Exodus 34:11 and 2 Cor. 6:14. A child of a race mixing couple will have no real sense of identity. It may be hard to associate with blacks children and it may be hard to associate with white children. Genetically, mixing races will cause certain groups to disappear. When people from different groups intermingle and have interacial children, this is a form of genocide because a certain genetic form is not being reproduced and will eventually disappear. People who have interacial children are practicing genocide or fratricide, and this is morally wrong.

You want facts jerky? by Greybeard posted 6/7/00 4:42:50 AM

Your quoting of that biblical passage just makes it crystal clear what a fucking idiot you are. You see, I have studied the bible a bit myself, and I know how the REST of the passage goes. You convienently forgot to add in the rest of the story, whereby God turned Miriam and Aaron into lepers for saying some dumb and hateful shit like that. Oh yeah, the other two passages you pointed out say absolutely NOTHING regarding race mixing. What, you think rattling off some verse numbers that dont mean shit somehow make you look like you know what you are doing?

Maybe you should READ and UNDERSTAND the book before making stupid assed claims about what "God" says is right or wrong. And with your comments about genocide, I have to wonder if you arent a card carrying member of the Klan, as only some neo-nazi retard would be dim enough to think of a gimpy argument like that. Maybe after a thousand years of good old fashioned fucking, everyone will be a nice even shade of tan, then racist short sighted cocksuckers like you wont have any color lines to try to divide.

I disagree.. by Aegis posted 6/7/00 11:56:41 AM

I am not predjudice or racist in any way. I think racism is stupid, immoral, and wrong. I have nothing against other races. But on the other hand, I think as far as intermarriages and interacial children go, I think it is morally and ethically wrong. And then again, that is just my opinion. I'm not trying to convince or change you or your ways or tell you that you are an evil person and are going to hell for marrying interacially, I just like to debate and PROVE that I am right.. Now, lets look at your post.. God turned Miriam and Aaron into leppers for being RACE Mixers, not for saying "stupid shit" as you said... as for the two other verses I gave you... 2 Cor 6:14 Be 'ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with dark Let us paraphrase.. Unequally yoked, righteousness with unrighteousess, communion between light and dark.. Basically it is opposed to intermarriage of the races because it breaks down the barriers God has established. That is, it degenerates the races.. Although there is no verse in the Bible that dogmatically says that races should not intermarry, the whole plan of God as He has dealt with the races down through the ages indicates that interracial marriage is not best for man.

I believe we see principles, not specific verses, to give us direction for the avoidance of it. The people who built the Tower of Babel were seeking a man-glorifying unity which God has not ordained (Gen. 11:4-6). Much of the agitation for intermarriage among the races today is for the same reason. It is promoted by one-worlders, and I oppose it for the same reason that we oppose religious ecumenism, globalism, one-world economy, one-world police force, unisex, etc. When Jesus Christ returns to earth, He will establish world unity, but until then, a divided earth seems to be His plan. Exodus 34:11, I can't find it *smiles*.. Basically, it was saying something about jews not being allowed to marry non-jews and sticking with their races. Now I realize that this whole subject may offend you a little bit, and if you don't wish to argue about it, that's understandable. But if you do, I'd love to hear what you have to say to tear down my arguement.

re: I disagree.. by Greybeard posted 6/7/00 3:56:52 PM

The assumptions you make, are just that.. assumptions. You presume that the whole "light and dark" thing pertains to race. The way I read that scripture, has nothing to do with race. Its about believers and non believers, those with faith (good) and those without (bad). I laugh at the rest of your argument, simply because your attempts to paint yourself as not being racially prejudiced are undone by your underlying racism. To say that blacks, hispanics, asians, etc etc cannot love, marry, or have any sort of caring and devoted relationship with a caucasion based SOLELY on their race, means that you are a bigot. To say that this is a mandate of the bible, means that you are implying that Jesus Christ and God himself are racists.>

I think the bottom line here is that you are simply a pseudo-closet racist. Perhaps you dont walk down the street waving a nazi flag, but you draw lines based on color and discriminate accordingly. I personally feel sorry for you. That kind of narrow minded thinking has perpetrated some of the worst crimes against humanity that this planet has ever known. All I can say that if "your" God and "your" bible tells you that love, caring and compassion for a mate simply because their skin is a shade darker than yours is wrong, and you are stupid enough to believe that sort of shallow bullshit, then not only are you all idiots, but if indeed there is such a place as hell, you sir will be in it for your evil hatred no matter how you try to candy coat or justify it it.

Oh and by the way by Greybeard posted 6/7/00 4:15:23 PM

You are DEAD wrong. Those two were made leprous for speaking out against moses because MOSES married an ethiopian woman, or in some testaments she would have been called a "cushite" Trust me on this one sparky, I know what Im talking about here are you are completely full of shit. Crack a book and do some reading sometime before trying to twist and contort biblical verse to fit your racist views. Like I said, the bible DOES NOT in any way, shape or form disapprove of interracial marriages. Anyone who tells you different is just a bigot trying to warp the facts. If anything, the verse you quoted whereby God basically layed the smack down on Miriam and Aaron for talking trash to Moses about his BLACK (aka ethiopian/cushite) wife, stands to reason that God blessed such unions.


. - Greybeard


AC Patch Day

The entire game has changed with one simple addition to the game : a whole new level of spells. The previous goal of spell casting was to be able to cast lvl VI spells. No longer with the advent of lvl VII spells - if that's indeed what the diamond scarabs are for. If your character won't eventually be able to cast that, you're going to be sub-par.

People ask me a lot about the templates in the AC Char Building section. Only one of those is any good anymore - the mage. The two archer templates are basically 2nd generation templates and I think we're up to the 9th generation now. So, they're outdated. The only one of those that is worth using exactly as stated is the mage.

That having been said, my characters in AC are WORSE than those templates. So, my characters have absolutely no chance of ever being able to cast the new VII spells (again - if they exist). What does that mean for me? Well, it most likely means a re-roll which pisses me off no end. I knew that Patryn was pretty gimped, but he could cast lvl VI with a lot of self-cast Creature buffs. The chance of ever casting VII is bleak to say the least.

Since they gimped exp gain from untouchable areas (through walls, from perches, etc), that means my re-roll is going to level damn slowly. I'm glad they put that new coding in, but it's definitely going to hinder my new character. *sigh* It's a good thing I like this game so much... at least in the end I'll have a correctly built character (for once).
- Nighthawk

How Amusing

I was looking at Grey's poll and noticed that a decisive 48% have voted "Hell no!" that they wouldn't buy their girlfriend or wife tampons. I find that entirely too funny.

I mean, it's as insignificant as the female asking you to pick up a toothbrush or shampoo. The people who said "she better give me a blowjob" or other such comments amaze me because that's just about the dumbest thing I've ever heard. I assume that Bob only posted that to provoke contraversy, because anyone who isn't sure enough of his manhood to buy a female product needs to get his ego checked.

Its simple - by nature women do a helluva lot more for us then we do for them. They cook, they clean, they shop, they let us use every hole in their body like a cum recepticle, yet somehow the issue of picking up tampons at the store for them is too much to ask. Be serious.
- Nighthawk


Ever get that "not so fresh feeling?"

While making a run the the grocery store the other day, I noticed that on the end of the list my wife made a last-minute addition... maxi pads.

My response was "You've got to be kidding, right?" She wasnt. In light of my refusal to stand in line with that happy pink box in my shopping cart, an argument ensued and she assured me that I was just being a macho asshole, and that most men would would indeed have been more than happy to buy feminine products for their spouse/girlfriend.

What do you think guys? Am I indeed a "macho asshole" or would you too refuse to be Captain Kotex at the supermarket...
Take the poll. - Greybeard


The video clip you've been waiting for

Sitting here bored at work, I have time to surf a lot of interesting sites. One of which is one I've never plugged but should have. Badassmofo is a fuckin hilarious site that I've been reading for a while now and I can't believe I didn't mention it earlier in case someone out there has missed it. And yes, it's updated more than we are. ;)

Anyhow, I was going through their older news and their Fun Stuff section on Painful Videos when I stumbled across this video clip. It's from Meet Joe Black which shall hereto forever be called the "Brad Pitt bouncing between the cars movie". Ok, so the title gives away the clip too much. Its still one of the funniest things I've seen to date.

For extra fun, get this clip of the basketball shot gone awry. That's good stuff.
- Nighthawk


Fun with customer support

At one point or another while playing UO we all end up dead. Here we can here one fellows quest for help after meeting with an untimely demise. - Greybeard



- Greybeard


A shameless help wanted ad

In this day and age everyone who wants a job has one, so it's tough to find good employees. I planned on running an ad this weekend in the Detroit News because I am looking to hire a couple new guys for my home improvemenmt business. I figured what the hell, we get enough traffic here maybe I might get lucky and find someone in the area. If not, what the fuck, it was free and thats a helluva lot cheaper than what the local papers charge.

On one end I need a reliable general laborer. Someone with basic building skills (drywall,carpentry, plumbing, electrical, etc a plus) in the Detroit area that essentially isnt a lazy asshole. All I push is a 40 - 48 hour work week, but I do expect you to bust your ass and do the job well. Starting salary is 21k to 27k annually based on experience.

On the high end of the spectrum I am looking for someone highly skilled with all aspects of home remodeling. Mechanical, carpentry, masonry, etc etc... basically an all around guy who can tackle just about anything in the average home renovation project. Must have your own tools and any licensing in the building trades is a big plus. Starting salary is 38k to 50k annually based on experience.

So, anyone who might be intetested feel free to drop me a line. - Greybeard