As you might have guessed

MWTF2 has taken a lengthy delay. I've had a lot of shit going on this month that was unexpected, so due to family crises in St. Louis, moving, root canals, mononucleosis, cable, and general lack of creative juice, the movie has been pushed back to April. So I'd like to take this opportunity to say a sincere "forgive me" and "fux joo stop e-mailing me asking."

What I do have done is easily enough to release, but given the chance to either give you half of something or all of something, I choose to give the final product. So while I am much like Origin in my ways, I am not completely and totally Origin. It is this knowledge that gets me going through the day.

If it's any consolation, I'll have you know I haven't even gotten a chance to take part in violently disassembling my mighty Zoltrix modem either (a much anticipated event since finally going with cable power) so that should be proof enough that I am not just being the lazy schmuck I usually am.

So, in the meantime, I suggest you take some time to hit a few other sites that regularly update Flash which does not suck, while patiently waiting for my shit to stink once more. - Ron


Waiting for UO2?

I swore I wouldn't post anything else about that shithole of a company, but I had to laugh at their expense... again.

Electronic Arts and Origin Systems have announced a plan that will increase their focus on Ultima Online and halt production of UWO: ORIGIN (UO2)

I don't know what else to say... Origin has time and time again shown that they are a joke. I'll never again have to answer "Are you going to play UO2?" with my standard answer : "I'll never have anything to do with another product that Origin touches". Ha ha.

BTW, for those of you who are playing UO and get banned, stop emailing me. I get no less than 5 emails a week just from people who got banned and want to whine about it. I told you over and over that OSI is ban happy - if you're too stupid to listen then that's your problem. Excuse me for being blunt, but some people seriously need to get a clue.
- Nighthawk


Dear God.. my eyes!

Umm.. thanks alot there NH, now ill never be able to sleep again. I guess I can at least be happy it wasnt the goatse.cx guy sending me best wishes... - Greybeard


Belated Birthday Wishes....

Didn't want Grey to think that Carrie (below) is the only one who cared enough to flash some skin. This reader cared enough to match tit for tat.... heh heh

Its a stiff competition for who's breasts are better, but I think this one wins the hair contest hands down. Not to mention he didn't have to graphically add the "y" in "happy".

- Nighthawk


The Zen masters explain the universe

Thanks to gamefaqs.com we know know the origin of the "All your base" movie. Read the details here. On another note, we now feel special as I believe we have recieved our first award and are officially fierce. Maybe next week we can go for groovy.

- Greybeard


Happy Birthday to Me...

As some of you may already know, today was my 29th birthday. I recieved the usual assortment of gifts, cards, and e-mailed best wishes. Thanks to my dear friend Azaroth and his lovely associate Carrie, I also recieved a wonderful set of breasts.

What can I say, I love this country. - Greybeard


Laundry Lesson Learned

Well, just went out with Joe and Eiric and came back to the laundry of mine in the dryer. I had just tossed in my load of khaki's before I left home. I just got home and took my shit out of the dryer, and am overjoyed to find out all 9 pairs of my pants have nice big ink blots all over them.

Never leave an ink pen, much less a good full one, in your pants pocket while doing laundry.

Much like when you spilled water or kool-aid on yourself in the 2nd grade, it just so happens all of the biggest blots are on the crotch/asshole area of the pants. Everyone at the office will now think I piss blue, frequently.

I am fucked.

Thank you.

- Ron

Current Status

Well, finished the first half of the new movie this past weekend, and will begin finishing it up next week. I'd say around March 15th will probably be accurate for release. Could be sooner, could be later. I'd certainly love to finish it up this weekend since I have been enjoying the past 2 weeks of spare time working on it, but unfortunately (well, fortunately actually) I am moving into a different apartment this weekend, so will be all tied up as I have been already this week with moving preparations.

As a side note, if you liked this past movie, you without a doubt will dig this new one. Though most of the time my opinion is about of much of a use as a logarithm to a 10th grader, I'd have to say it is certainly better than anything else I have done from many standpoints. Certainly a longer one as well, and due to this, it is most likely going to take up 2 files to ease loading times.

In other movie news, those of you familiar with Pudrick's Flash work, or any of you perhaps not familar, he'll also be releasing his awaited Life of a PK 2 here in the near future as well to ease your inner pain.

Anyway, with my new domestic scene comes a long awaited shove into modern technology, as I will finally be off of this piece of shit Zoltrix modem, and onto the joy that is cable modem. Unless anyone would like to purchase the Ronald McDonald Collector's Edition Zoltrix 56.6 for an obscene amount of money, I will be holding an extended celebration early next week alongside my friends Mr. Zoltrix and Mr. Balpeen Hammer in my local parking lot, so I am inviting you to join in on the fun next Tuesday at approximately 5:00 EST, so we can all raise our hammers together and set a Guiness for number of shitty modems simultaneously crushed, beaten, and ripped into tiny metal spinters. Be sure not to miss this exciting opportunity. This has been a moment I have dreamed about for some 3 years. I will finally be living in the 90's.

While we await these new upcoming events, you can kill the time faster by heading over to X-E to shoot some nostalgia into your veins.

I hate packing. - Ron


"Dodge This."

Time to "get the PR Machine running," as Bob once so eloquently put it in the past.

The nightmare of meeting a deadline I can exceed begins.

Bring the violence, it's significant.
Or something.

- Ron


Those kooky AzN's...

PK, loot and plunder them as we may, we now have fair warning that all our base now belongs to them.

ph3ar the base

Oh and by the way, Markee Dragon still sucks.

- Greybeard


Had to share...

There is little that makes me laugh out loud to the point of having my co-workers turn and look at me funny, but this did.

Take a look around that Shugashack.coms Image of the Day. area. Some damn funny shit in there.

- Nighthawk


Its time for my yearly post yet again...

Being that Ron and Nighthawk have maintained a steady 2 post per month quota, I guess its time for me to throw my 2 cents in. For those of you who have asked, no, im not playing UO anymore. In the amazingly small amount of spare time I do have, I usually spend it playing Diablo II or Counter Strike. Alas, TF II and Shadowbane still seem so far away...

Anyways, those of you with no taste may appreciate these two tidbits. For the discerning Barbarian.. Beans, they're whats for breakfast. And best of all, Azaroth is back. Be sure to pay him a visit jam him ISP with gratuitous porn downloads. - Greybeard


In an effort to stay on top of current events

I have finally written my version of our Toronto trip five or so months after it occurred.

During all of this time, I have managed to forget well, almost every detail of the trip, so I have given you a very slanted summarization. Feel free to check out how cool we're not, in picture form. - Ron


Perhaps they were tired of being paged with unreasonable requests.

Since I don't play UO anymore, I don't really follow Britannia's local scene anymore, however, I was mailed a link yesterday and I have to say I found it it most interesting.

Now, I am not sure if any of you understand the great pains Ron went through back in the day to get a few pixels of hair on his head and chin, but it sure as fuck wasn't this easy. It's obvious to me that GM Clyde must've been booted out of the office or something for an update like this to be implemented.

Unbelievable. - Ron


Oral Sex

So I'm driving into work today in traffic and I started to reflect on such interesting things. I got to thinking....

You go over to a chickie's house and you're sitting there having a nice conversation. Out of nowhere she's on the couch next to you and grabbing for your belt. Obviously at this point, you aren't complaining. So she starts going to work on you and in no time you're firing on all 8 cylinders. Yer up, yer ready to dive in, but she keeps going. Hmm...

If you can hold back a smile at this moment, you're either a better man than I or just very strange. There is nothing so pleasant as the moment you realize that a chick wants to blow you just to do it. No foreplay, no fuckin around - just wants that.

I've come to the conclusion that women who aren't willing to do that aren't worth giving the time of day to. I suggest that if you have a girlfriend that doesn't do that occassionally, you dump her. She doesn't love you so kick her to the curb. Thank God for women and for there being so many of them to choose from. If yours doesn't, another one will.

To summarize :

Blowjobs = good.

- Nighthawk


AC Guide Updated

I updated the AC Character Building Guide with the "Og mage" and "Og archer" templates. So many people have been asking for a template for Bow that I finally put one up along with easily the best mage template out there.

As a side note, the Turbine folx really need to do something about this lag on Darktide. I don't know if it's Microsoft that needs to front some funds or Turbine needing to dedicate staff to it, but all of this server-side needs to be addressed ASAP.

On yet another unrelated topic, all you folx coming to Atlanta for the superbowl party (you know who you are) need to RSVP to me so I can figure out how much food/drinks to buy. I'm guessing somewhere between 20-60 people, but that's a pretty wide range. So if yer coming, speak up.
- Nighthawk


AC JoV Guildpage

Some AC sites still point to the main WTFMan page as the correct place for information on the Asheron's Call Joy of Villainy guild. It's not, so I put up a link on the lefthand menu (below the flash menu) to the correct JoV Guildpage URL.

And no it's not your imagination that I've been the only one of the four of us to post in a month. Me... the slacker... go figure.

- Nighthawk