Calling all geniuses

I'd just like to take a quick minute to ask anyone who is amazingly good with C++ (experience with the Unreal engine is a huge plus), web design, art, etc - to get in contact with me if you're interested in how I operate.

An email with your personal information, how long you've been doing your thing, how good you are at your thing, and an example of work, et cetera, would be appreciated.

I appreciate the interest I received last time I asked, but unfortunately I had to reformat my computer shortly after and wasn't able to get back to anyone. For that, I'd like to apologize.

*tips hat*

- Azaroth


Angry Rant #60653

As I sat, bored, between banning speedhackers, I watched a conversation between a newbie and an obvious scammer and Britain bank.



"what have u got"

"what do u mean"

"wat u got in ur bank"

"not much"

"how much gold"

I like to jerk it jerk it

"ingots or boards"

"I have 42 ingots"

"if u give me all that I will give u a house"

You pretty much know where this is going. This continued until buddy took our newbish friend out of town, and, obviously, scammed him. Took his stuff, banned him from the house.



Well, heh, no, but it's a decision the other player was free to make.

I am, though, certainly not here to debate scamming. However, as I walked up to the Britain GY and witnessed a newbie, who I had just seen get taught the very basics of the game from one of the kinder players, get demolished by some reds and looted dry within FIFTEEN SECONDS of entering the GY for his first time, something started to dawn on me.

Fuck you idiots.

But, more accurately, fuck you idiots who would take the only 42 ingots and 200 gold a defenseless newb has to his name, or roll through the fucking graveyard with your 7xGM gank squad PKing newbs for "fethers" and fucking bone gloves.

Fuck you all.

I mean, I knew how I felt about it. But shit never really fully dawned on me how much I despise and loathe this crap and the people who get off on it until I made my rounds around the net later on.

In regards to World of Warcraft's naming policy, one particularly whiny-assed advocate of griefing had this to say:

Is online gaming really sinking to this level? Whatever happened to freedom of speech? Its becoming so that its solely reserved with people who still retain their testicles in the proper place. People who aren't afraid to stand up for what isn't the "proper norm", are quickly silenced by the crowd with the fat wallets, or the power hungry mods/admins who side with the people taking the money from these tools. 9-11 really fucked alot of shit up for people. Alot of people can sit there and take their shot in the mouth from "the man", fuck that. I may have to spend $60 just so I can cause some trouble in the first month. I'm trying to come up with some funny, but offensive names for the WoW opener.

I mean, where do you start with this shit. Freedom of speech? Are you fucking serious? Freedom of speech does NOT mean your ability to name yourself "JEWNIGGERR KILLER" in an online game, around other, paying, customers, who can be of many different ages/races/tolerances for your complete and utter stupidity. Why should they have to put up with that shit because you feel it's your fucking right for some fucking reason to expose them to whatever stupidity you can drum up in your socially rejected little brain. In a game someone else owns, and thusly they make the rules for. In the faces of other paying customers who aren't interested in your stupid adolescent need to bend the rules as far as you can before someone smacks you in the face for being a retard.

Freedom of speech is meant for people who actually have something to say, with, at the very least, some minor point - not as an excuse to be a fucking mongoloid and act like as much of an ignorant child as much as you possibly can.

Trust me, it isn't a "shot on the mouth from THE MAN". Don't be so vain. They don't care about you. You're not special, no matter what your mommy has been telling you your whole life. It's so much less about "the man" keeping your righteous fight down, and so much more about the people who are trying to run a fucking game and a fucking service just trying to avoid your stupid, immature, annoying, ignorant ass wasting the time of their paid employees and either pissing off their paying customers, or even driving them away. They just want you to shut the fuck up, because what you do is stupid as shit and annoys other people. Period. You serve no purpose. So shut the fuck up and don't piss around with my other customers, dickhead.

You think you'd run a business any differently?

Don't get me wrong. PKing, stealing, whatever. It's all got its place in a MMORPG. For damn sure. But where does the person naming himself "IEATURBABIESVAGINALOLOL" get off, besides in his pants when he comes to the conclusion of his lifelong quest to be stupid as hell by naming his character that and running around seeing how long it takes him to get banned by calling people niggers.

You see a lot of this crap running a game. And really, it has no valid place. If you're that stupid and immature, you don't need to expose others to it. And either way, whether you wouldn't pull this kind of shit in real life because you'd get your ass beat by all of the people who simply wouldn't put up with your shit, or would do it in real life because you're THAT much of a shitstain, people coming into an online game to enjoy themselves, especially if they're paying to do so, really don't need to put up with it.

Really, there's freedom contributing to the reality of the online fantasy world, and then there are stupid kids (or adults who, let's face it, should probably just get shot) who are there to get their little, immature rocks off on pissing people off and even making them quit.

There's just a difference. And if you even want to start about how there isn't, let me give you fair warning in advance - you, sir, are fucking wrong.

There's a difference between PKs, being able TO PK, and PKing and dry looting newbs all day while simultaneously emoting *AHHA FUCK YOU FAGGOT NEWBIE I FUCKED YOUR DEAD NIGGER COUSIN*.

Do I understand why a guild was banned for emoting assrape over corpses? Well, yeah. Of course I understand that, now. Granted, I don't agree with the action that was taken, but when you realize that it was taken by a company who had less interest in the freedom of players to be douchebags (obviously, very little interest, but that's beside the point) and much more interest in the people who were emailing in and complaining about being "assraped" while trying to teach their twelve year old daughter how to make a tailor.

Funny? Sure, very funny. To the people doing it. And the people like them checking out some screen shots.

But that's the point. These people are the most ignorant, selfish people you can come across. It's quite funny that a father was sitting with his twelve year old daughter trying to teach her the game when that happened.

But it's never about other people. That's understood, that's how shit works sometimes.

Of course, maybe it's time to grow up.

Interestingly enough, I was in a particularly poor mood watching that newbie get scammed. After the newbie cried for a while and left, I decided to pop out and say something to the effect of "Now, was it really worth 42 ingots to spend a half hour scamming a newbie and making him hate a great game, and probably quit playing it because you wanted to be a cockholster?". Hell, I even went on to explain how he's totally free to scam as much as he pleases.

But, pretty quickly, and I mean even before I got my second sentence out, our scammy friend was offering to return the newbie's items, which certainly wasn't what I asked for or even hinted towards, but shows to me what pussies these people can end up being in real life, or when simply confronted by a little bit of retard slap.

Probably time to stop getting off on internet anonymity so much, because you know damn well had you tipped over his shopping cart and yelled assrape at his daughter in real life, that father would have stomped your fucking teeth into your throat and had you coughing up bloody chicklets for the next four months solid.

I realize what's going on, how it's going on, and why it's going on on many different levels. People are scamming and PKing and doing whatever they can at record levels because of the crowd we attract, with a higher percentage of these players than normal. It's going on because we've got a game and a set of people running it who really do believe in the value of freedom in an online world. But why the fuck is it so ferocious? There are, and I mean a LOT of, people who literally play for no other reason than to kill newbies and do their best to make other people quit or have a terrible time in such a great game.

Really, it's because of two things stemming from the same problem. For one, you've got the old timers who used to have their freedom but have had it snatched away from them, and they've been tied down for years. Now they're chomping at the bit to kill some newbie ass.

But the bigger problem is the kids who NEVER got to experience the freedom, or only experienced it when they were newbies themselves, and now they either want their turn, which, of course, being kiddies, includes very little respect or honour, or lack that respect and honour simply because they were never there to experience it and foam at the mouth for their "Holy Christ I can act like an ignorant little cockslut all I like and nobody can pound my skinny and/or fat ass" time every day.

Just remember, the people who quit this shard and go back to playing EQ get bad impressions of real MMORPGs, and fuel the desire for more EQ clones in the future. Whether you want to think so or not, this shard IS a small part of the front line in the battle for a comeback of real MMORPGs. Disprespecting that, and playing your cards incorrectly in relation to that by being a little ignorant self centered immature retard and making people quit to go back to a safer game, makes YOU a HUGE part of the reason every game looks and feels exactly like EverQuest right now, and why they probably always will.

- Azaroth


Legal Looting

Some of you may remember way back when that several former councelors banded together and brought suit against Origin/EA for not compensating them for their time. Apparently, they had a good lawyer...

This is a check that went out to a former councelor that I know (hes the guy who snuck me into the OSI IRC server ages ago to wreak havoc, so God bless him) The rumor is that as part of the court settlement EA had to pony up approximately $1300 to each of its former councelors that were involved with the suit. Its a classic story, the squeaky wheel gets the oil or in this case, the cash. "I'm sorry I cannot help you with that... now fuck you, pay me."It always warms my heart to hear tale of EA taking it in the pooper. Enjoy. - Greybeard


What the hell are you looking at?

Lately it seems several people have been getting a bit of a snort and a chortle at what's been "going on" with IPY, and at what Nighthawk described in his post.

We're learning there's a lot more to running a game than what we thought. Okay, sure. Absolutely, and I'm proud to have learned what I have.

But, some people would ride around on a rather tall horse assuming that we've learned that all the bitching we've ever done was unfounded, or assume that since we're not pleasing all of the players all of the time we've failed at our original mission statement.

That couldn't be further from the truth.

The original intent wasn't to make all of the players happy all of the time, and it wasn't to show anyone how to do customer service. Shit, I'd be the first guy to tell you that, I, personally, will be winning no customer service awards in the near future. We've got some really great counselors, and we do what we can, but beyond that - you're not going to like, me, personally any more than you liked anyone at Origin. You got killed and you want your gold back? Well, no. You're not getting it back. Even if I could prove you had the gold in the first place I wouldn't give it back.

Hell, you'll probably like me much less than any OSI employee you've ever met.

I think people forget a lot of times that we're still the same guys we were before we started doing this. Emphasis on myself. If you're a slobbering mongoloid on the messageboard, I'm probably going to tell you so. I'm free to do that. I'm not getting paid to be a doormat for you. If you're an idiot, I'm not going to smile, nod, and stroke you a little for your ten bucks a month. You're not giving me ten bucks a month, and even if you were, there'd be no way I'd let you think that it entitles you to be a moron anywhere in my presence or the presence of my staff. Yes some people donate, but you'll also notice that any time someone brings up that fact while they're being an idiot, they're told to take their ten bucks and cram it neatly into their arsehole. We are indeed quite grateful to those who decide to donate, but never once has a donation been a free ticket to anything on IPY except the satisfaction of knowing you're helping us give you guys a game to play. As an added bonus, you get that great "I'm doing a service to freeloaders everywhere" feeling.

But, of course, the point of this post is to kick into the nuts of those who would jump quickly to acheiving a superior little smirk on their face when reading Nighthawk's post and thinking, or posting, shit like this: Just a little bit.

"In the end, some people are going to hate every decision you make and some are going to love it. It genuinely is hard to make a game changing policy change that you know a vast majority is going to hate even though you fully believe it is best for the game. "

From wtfman.com

In other news, the staff at EA has been overcome by fits of laughter...

or, even, like this:

The obvious irony here is that so much noise was made about the IPY server largely because it was supposed to teach OSI about how to properly serve the customers. In the original version of this little fable OSI played the part of the clueless developer who had lost it's connection to the customers, and the little IPY server was the enlightened crusaders who understood just exactly what the starved consumers really wanted and how to give it to them. I can't say I'm not surprised and even a little tickled to hear that the IPY folks are discovering that maybe things aren't quite so simple.

The point of the shard, my uninformed and yet surprisingly snide friends, was not, ever, to make everyone playing it happy, or to somehow outshine paid customer service representatives on our spare time with a playerbase having a very large chunk of itself comprised PvPers and griefer-type players.

The point of the shard was to do UO correctly.

We're not worried about pissing people off to make the changes we feel are right. We're not worried about telling people to shut the fuck up because they're a gaggle of mouthbreathing troglodites.

We're worried about taking our vision of what UO should be, whether you agree with it completely or not, and running a server with said version of UO on it.

I don't do this for any reason more than I do it to show what UO can be if you have people who actually love the hell out of the game behind the wheel, and what it can be when you don't have large companies directing changes behind the scenes to ACTUALLY try to make everyone, or the majority of them, happy, so the money keeps rolling in.

"Best for the game" does not equal "best for our wallets", and that makes all the difference. And it's not so much about not having monetary gains involved as it is being free to create and shape the game in the way we see fit instead of in the direction some suit who doesn't know jack shit about what made the game great is pulling the strings in.

You sure as hell may not agree with everything we do, but we're doing what we think is best for the game, and I think we're doing a pretty decent job. Of course, if you doubt that, you can peer over the fence at SunSword and EA's DiabloxLame hybrid mod.

- Azaroth


Development Understanding

I know that a lot of you have noticed that WTFMan has become a little more stagnant since some of the WTFMen have gotten involved with the In Por Ylem UO server. Well, there are some reasons for that and they have helped me come to understand developers and their process.

I used to hate the devs of OSI. Hell, I think I still do. However, this experience has brought me a little insight to what they had to go through on a much larger scale.

Basically, we players are relentless. Even if there are thousands of us playing the same game, we all have a thousand different opinions on what would make the game great. Granted that can be narrowed down a lot by group. People very often say "everyone wants this!" when it's simply their group that wants it and no one else. People form groups because of thinking somewhat the same, so naturally to the "everyone" feels the same. It's exactly that mentality that really leads to some serious hurdles as a developer.

In addition that, players really love to express these oh-so-dear-opinions constantly. Being an admin I am constantly bombarded by ideas. Email, IRC, message forums, and in game communication can really inundate you with information. And certainly players don't just come to staff with their concerns, they discuss with and even outright attack each other over almost every single issue.

And as devs, we have to step back and assess what we're told and what we hear and combine it with our goal for the server/game in general. Does this idea work? What are the downsides? Will this get us to where we want to be or is this just one of many steps? If the latter, what are the other steps?

In the end, some people are going to hate every decision you make and some are going to love it. It genuinely is hard to make a game changing policy change that you know a vast majority is going to hate even though you fully believe it is best for the game. For example, item decay or reducing monster loot. Neither of which are popular from a player perspective, but as a dev it can lead to a more healthy and stable server as well as making everything instantly more valuable while building longevity into the game.

On the flipside, adding things that everyone LOVES (like rares) is an easy decision. People love to have a status symbol in MMORPGs... it's only natural. Be it a huge house, uber gear or simply a rare fruit basket. I mean, if a fruit basket wasn't "rare", would you give a shit? Most players wouldn't... I know I wouldn't. So, adding them isn't enough, you have to add them in such a way that they are indeed rare. And so, players get pissed yet again when the player base again turns into the haves and have-nots even though that is the very essence of rares!

I am spending 60-80 hours a week doing this IPY stuff. Granted, we're a little understaffed, but that's not the only reason I do it. I do it because it's a completely different aspect of the game than I've played for years and plus the players, in general, seem to appreciate the efforts.

Anyhow, the point is that I'm starting to see that the job of the dev can be a serious pain in the ass. I don't even want to think what it would be like doing this on a brand new game without an already ideal mindset like the big name company devs have to do. Granted, they often take the carebear way out ala current UO and EQ, but that's because so many of their paying customers want them to. We at least have the luxury of saying "no" when an idea counters what we envision for a close replica of the glory days. Lucky us... =P

- Nighthawk


Does anyone even care about OSI UO at this point?

Er, EA UO. I guess it's been that way for quite some time, but it's been made official at this point. For those of you who just don't care enough about EA/OSI to be even remotely up to date with the current news, EA is shutting down OSI in Austin and absorbing the operation into an EA building in California.

But, really, who fucking cares. So half of the employees at OSI right now won't be staying with the project. Not like anyone was doing anything any justice anyway, or was able to with their hands completely tied, and it's not like a whole new crew working on UO or, ehm, UXO, is going to do anything but move in the current direction a bit faster.

Take their new expansion for instance. Key feature? Samurai and Ninja classes. To appeal to the Asian audience.

I mean it's obvious that no one cares about the "Ultima" in Ultima Online at this point, but don't rub it in our faces. Shit, are you even appealing to them? I know for one that putting cowboys and indians into an Ultima game to appeal to me wouldn't work so well. In fact, I'd be downright insulted, and disgusted with your lack of respect for the game or what it is supposed to be. Which, I guess, is something anyone familiar with UO is used to by now.

Just take the next step and change the name to "Ultimate Online" for the people who are playing this game for the new-and-improved Diablo flavour or Ninja player characters, and make it official that Ultima Online has nothing to do with "Ultima" anymore. Hell, go all the way and just officially rename the game to PlzGiveUsMoneyU Online. Idiots. Garriot must be spinning in his grave.

Hopefully the very few people who actually gave a shit about UO in Austin don't move to California (like anyone who wanted to do anything but tram up the game would get an offer anyway) and get to do some work on a better game in the future. That isn't being twisted by a large corporation for the the dollars of housewives and the won of Koreans. For those of you who actually cared about UO and won't be moving to be closer to the mothership that's ruining the game we all loved, I really do wish you luck in finding something you can care about as much as UO, and actually work for the good of the game instead of cheesing it the fuck out for people who don't give a flying fuck.

On that note, I'd like to wish Sunsword much luck continuing to ruin the game for EA and lying to the playerbase of UO on a regular basis in California. Maybe you can get a job ACTUALLY eating penis one day.

A girl can dream.

- Azaroth


Fun between the covers

Ooh, let's cover that ugliness up. As far as I'm concerned, the persons in question can fade into nothing like our previous problem makers, and happiness will be mine. I have my own opinions on the situation, but we'll just have it die.

On a much brighter note, In Por Ylem has recently received its first dose of print media coverage.

I hold in my hands GMR Magazine issue 14. On page 100, there's a nice little half-page blurb about IPY and how much we rock your collective worlds.

So, show some love to IPY and head down to your local Electronics Boutique and pick up the March issue of GMR.

Well? Go, asshole.

- Azaroth


For what its worth..

I have seen alot of flaming of Sean and his company recently, and just wanted to take a moment to share some information that obviously isnt widely known. I make this post while wearing kid gloves, since one of our wtfman rules is that we dont publicly cockwave at one another when we disagree. With that being said, I dont want anyone taking this as the afforementioned cockwaving, as thats hardly the case. I would sooner piss on an electric fence than berate Rich, as he is one of the few fuckers out there as mean as I am, so he is best left unprovoked. I just wanted to take a moment and share my thoughts on the matter.

I cant comment on the allegations that Sean purposly did anything to harm the server. Although I do have a hard time believing it, fact is I retired from IPY 3 weeks ago and have no idea whats become of it during that time. I will share with you what I do know.

IPY survived and thrived during a dark time because of Sean. He provided us with a great host and great service during the period I handled the server. He worked tirelessly and gave us everything at cost, not making a penny on one single thing. Contrary to what some bullshit artists and conspiracy theorists would have you believe, he didnt try to make money off us by lying about us losing a CPU one night, that event actually happened and he in fact did get it replaced, for FREE. Never once did he ask for any additonal monies. He gave us a faster machine with more RAM and more bandwith and better pings than the box Rixus originally had us on, for comperable money. The only thing he asked in return was the opportunity to play on the shard and relive the same era of UO that we all enjoyed.

Unfortunately Cript, Azaroth and Nighthawk all got off on a bad foot with Sean. Seans loyalty layed firmly with me, (I was the one paying the bill and technically the client) so when other people tried to pump him for info or give him directions, he basically told them to go get fucked, which I guess is why when I left the shard relations with the other staffers was so quick to sour. I cant help but imagine alot of the "theories" floating out there are merely the results of sour grapes between Sean and my former staffmates.

In any event, I can only hope what Rich said is untrue, but even if it is I know Rich wouldnt spread mistruth purposly. If hes saying it, its because he believes it and I know him as a pretty trustworthy guy. But as I said before I havent been around the last three weeks to comment either way. Personally I believe the shard and its players owes Sean a debt of gratitude to some degree, and I am saddened that the relationship with him ended the way it did. While its unfortunate the parting had to happen, I am confident Rich, Cript and Az will continue to do all they can to make IPY fun for everyone. I wish nothing but the best to the shard, its players and its staff and was thankful to of been a part of it. - Greybeard


IPY Server Move

I know some of you aren't big fans of IPY while others are diehard. This has a little bit for everyone.

The reason we have moved our RunUO server out from Mitk's hosting is simple. The person who runs that service, Sean Kearney, is simply a moron. I really cannot express enough in words what a worthless piece of shit this 19 year old child is, but I'll do my best.

100% of our crashes over the past 3 weeks (that wasn't due to running out of memory) was caused by the server.exe closing itself. We started referring to as the "mystery crash". Many of the staff started coming up with the theory that it was our fine host abusing his customer's service. Certainly, no professional service would have it's co-owner deliberately bringing down the server he is providing... Well, that's what we thought. :/

Several of the staff members started to notice a pattern of when bad things happened to Sean in game, our mystery application crash happened. So, we followed him and sure enough he died, the console session (which could only handle one connection) that we had open was booted and poof - there goes the server application. This fucknut hates dying so much that he would quickly bring down the server before the next save and cause up to a 30 minute revert.

Needless to say, our players were getting furious at us because they thought the code or whatever was unstable. One day there was as many as seven mystery crashes. It became so commonplace that it was a depressed joke among the staff when we crashed "oh, I guess Sean died".

There is no real way that I can genuinely express the staff's disappointment, anger, frustration, etc at this person taking advantage of his access to the server his paying customers were supporting for thousands of players. With total disregard for what the other players online would lose everytime he reset the application, this selfish whiney little cocksucker would just pull the plug (figuratively) anytime he damn well pleased.

So, needless to say we're on a new host - it's more expensive, but no mystery crashes from Sean. We're in the "feeling out" process discovering that 1000-1300 people connected to a UO server uses up a ton of bandwidth and saturates small/mid-size Cisco routers with a ton of packets. So, we're working through that and sadly causing our players to suffer through some rough lag in the meantime... all to get away from the abuse of one host.

Obviously, I would warn anyone thinking about getting server hosting to avoid Mitk like the plague. Hmm... maybe time to contact the Better Business Bureau...

- Nighthawk