What, has it been awhile?

Keeping up with my long lasting tradition of site-laziness (which I would argue to some degree, though certainly not now), I have taken quite a long break from the daily (weekly, monthly) task of updating the site. Consider this your monthly update from your peer of laziness, Ron.

I am almost depressed that I couldn't go any longer without wasting breath and fingerstrokes for you schmucks (majority), but alas, it's been long enough. Basically, I am here to inform you of upcoming events that you do not care about, for the sole reason of having something to type on this here webpage.

Rich (that'd be Nighthawk) and I (Ron), and Joe (Married Colombian) will be heading up to Toronto tomorrow for all of Labor Day weekend to get shit faced (read comic books) with
It's sure to be a good time. I am just envisioning a weekend where I will be completely incapable to take anything Azile says seriously due to their pronunciation of the word "about." Azile has also informed me he will get a hold of some of that (legendary) Canadian garden weed to further our good time. Unfortunately I don't partake in the consumption of anything green with exception to spinach, because then and only then can I admire my colored handiwork in the john. I simply don't like laughing at everything that isn't funny. Call me a relgious freak if you want, but I believe only in the Holy Trinity - Beer, Vodka, and Jack.

Besides from deporting to Canada, I have been up to well, exactly nothing. It's been everything I thought it'd be, and I love it. You message board losers can stop with your "he must be playing UO" nonsense, as I'd just as soon be tied naked to new asphalt in a Miami parking lot for the entire month of July while being rubbed with poison ivy than to play that game again. Doing nothing is what I excel at. I'm good at what I do, and I enjoy it. Now leave me alone.

I'll attempt to give a detailed report with Rich on our Toronto excursion when we return...until then, feel free to peruse our site and it's lack of content. Don't get lost.
- Ron


What I've been up to in game....

Aside from updating the quote of the day, I haven't had much to say here recently. Just wanted to give you a link to check out what's been going on in my in-game life here recently. Pk guilds have semi-unified against the neutral and good guilds and have decided to take the most desireable town in AC - Ayan Bakur. We may not take it over, but we're sure gonna make living there a bitch for the antis.

Anyhow, for more specifics on the goings ons, go check the Darktide News Network. If I had more time I'd do a quick writeup, but for now that link will have to do.
- Nighthawk


Dammit Scotty, I need more power!

It was just laying there, had been on top of my desk for about a week or two. Originally I bought it for Ron as a bribe to get him to work on a web page for me, but apparently he was too busy cow tipping, or whatever it is they do in Columbus Ohio for fun, to work on it. Alas, that shiny new 64 meg GeForce 2 GTS video card had been sitting nestled firmly in its package for some time now just waiting for a new home.

And then disaster struck. *WARNING* -- "SMART detects imminent failure on primary hard drive master"... Well fuck me. I have never had a hard drive take a shit on me, and now was not the time I wanted to start. Not only did I lose invaluable and irreplacable items like my aunt Edna's Tapioca Pudding recipe and my copy of Team Fortress Classic, I lost all my good pr0n bookmarks as well. Sometimes technology blows.

In any event, the next day the new hard drive goes in, and since it was sitting there staring at me.. taunting me even... out went my old TNT card and in went Ron's would-be new 64 meg monster video card. I got to tell you, not being able to look up my favorite porn with a simple mouse click is easily compensated for by l33t pimp daddy graphics that only a GeForce 2 can provide. Now if only I can find a chinese joint that delivers, life will be good.

In any event, now with my PC back online I can actually start updating again (at least occasionally) and now thanks to Ron sitting on his ass, I can enjoy watching hardcore swedish sheep herding on my (his) new viedo card with megapixel anti-alias rendering, whatever the fuck that means. Though deciphering the techo-speak on the box is basically futile for anyone without an advanced degree in physics, I can definately tell you laymen out there that the GeForce2 GTS card owns. If you dont have one, go buy one now. Charge it to one of Rons many pre-approved VISA cards while you're at it. He likes it.

- Greybeard