AC is just like the old golden days of Baja

Too much like them. I only lost connection 13 times within 45 minutes. I seem to always manage to play games on the absolute worst servers it seems. Baja, Innoruuk, and now Darktide. It's pretty spiffy because I had noticed upon logging in tonight that there were -and get this- over 400 players logged into the AC PK server. I am pretty sure that's an all time high. Excited upon entering, I receive a message from Kamion saying "Hey Ron, I have 2 level 18's and a 16 on me in Zaikhal, come help me." So I go there, we begin to fight, and then we all simultaenously begin to say "wtf lag," and all lose connection.

Upon reentering Dereth (the first time) I then noticed there were only 102 players on Darktide. So much for a good round of battle with unworthy adversaries and an all time high 400+ people. Since I couldn't get back in game for more than 5 minutes without losing connection again, I decided to update and tell you about how I couldn't get back into the game after the 13th time of trying to get into the game for more than 5 minutes without losing connection. It all sounds so Baja-ish doesn't it.

Nighthawk must have said to hell with Ron and his Links page, because he went ahead and made one. I updated the Flash Links button, so now it actually has a purpose, which is pretty elite. I am pleased with Rich, because earlier this year I believe I mentioned I started on a Links page, but I was only lying to you with intent on starting on one at some point. I think there was a movie one time I mentioned long ago that I told you I had started on, but I really hadn't then, either. I am so much like Baja.

I just watched The River's Edge for the 111th time. Had to throw in this Dennis Hopper excerpt. I think I put it up on the Mal's page last year, had to include it again, because it owns me.

Was a motorcycle accident.....The whole gang ditched me......they kept on ridin'.

My leg was layin' right out in the middle of the street.

I remember......lyin in the gutter, all bleedin' and shakin'.

Starin' at my leg, right next to a beer can.

And I remember thinkin'.....yep.....that's my leg.

I wonder if there's any beer in that can.

What that had to do with anything I dunno, but anything I really ever have to say about anything relevant, scientists are still researching.

I hit level 21 today in AC. If you thought dying when you were over 10th level was bad because you lost 2-3 items, wait'll you die at 21 and you lose your entire set of armor and your bow all at once. That coupled with vitae loss can seriously put a damper on your evening I have come to notice.

Speaking of vitae, to all of you non-ACers, AC has without a doubt the best method of "penalty for death" of any other game that I know of. "Vitae" is your life force so to speak, but if you knew Latin I am sure you already knew the root word. Anyway, when you die, you lose 5% of your stats and skills, and an experience point value is put on each % of vitae loss. When you get that much experience, 1% of stat loss goes away. So none of the loss is permanent, but it can be difficult to get it back....because when you go and die a lot and have 30% stat loss like Joe, you seem to be incapable of killing anything very easily to even gain any experience, because all of your skills are weakened, HP decreased, etc. etc. All experience you gain goes both toward your Vitae loss, as well as your normal pool of experience...so it doesn't make you lose any time you put into the game or anything. When you gain 500 experience and you have stat loss, 500 experience goes to your vitae loss, and 500 experience goes to your normal pool.

Wonder if that made any sense. I bet if you concentrate on it really hard it might. Bottom line....play AC. Come kill me and let me kill you. Oh yeah and stop asking me if I will be your Patron, because I won't give you elite items and I pretty much won't talk to you. I have seen that most people who are monarchs and leaders hook their vassals up with shit, well, I don't. I am a self centered prick. I am so much like Baja. Matter of fact, I bum all my money from Nighthawk, and he is my vassal. I take that back, you can be my vassal if you will give me elite shit. Just give Ronald McDonald a tell sometime. However, if you aren't going to give me cool shit, I am not going to allow you to be my vassal and let me rape all of your experience points.

There, I wasted 15 minutes updating. Maybe I can stay in game longer than 5 minutes. Watch The River's Edge sometime.

Crispen Glover owns you. - Ron

Asheron's Call

I've played this game for a few days now and I've come to realize a couple of things. First, I'm not very good at gaining levels. I'm direly short on information on where an archer/life mage gets good exp besides Crude Monougas outside of Zaikhal. Needless to say, any suggestions are welcome from you 20+ lvl mofos because it's obvious that these things aren't going to get me past 15th level without being mindnumbingly boring.

I've also noticed that people don't like to fight other folx if they're close to the same level. Maybe the reason is that it's such a huge pain in the ass to heal in combat. If you're even slightly outmatched, your only hope is running or waiting for the inevitable. I don't understand why they made healing in combat so difficult... maybe Microsoft in it's "consume every company" mindset thinks that the bigger dog should always win. All I ask for is that every pvp match doesn't end up with someone having to run like hell before finally being cut down.

Another thing, if you're in war mode and you're moving, don't plan on arming or disarming anything. That's 90% of why healing for non-pure-mages is so homosexual. "Here, let me stop, take off my bow, change stances, put on my wand and then I'm finally ready to cast when I needed to heal about 10 seconds ago... oh wait, I'm dead". Having to arm a wand to cast a spell seems somewhat stupid.

BTW, anyone who tells you that there aren't "dex monkeys" in AC is lying their ass off. Obviously, that thrills me. :/

On the upside, it's not a bad game at all. It looks great and is certainly a challenge to be on the pk shard. Its cool to hang out with Ron and Vapor like back in the old days of UO and God knows that no stat loss is certainly appealing. I've played it plenty this past week, so I would definitely say it's a good quality game. If not for the couple of negatives mentioned above, it'd be a great game. The biggest upside, of course, is that OSI doesn't have a goddamn thing to do with it. No item decaying houses, no "oh you wanted to KEEP your vendor" patches, and no bullshit promises like alchemy and necromancy. I never thought I'd say it, but, "Thank God it's a Microsoft product."

- Nighthawk


WTF Happened to Honor Bound?

For those of you who enjoyed playing there and are surprised to find both the shard and the web page missing, well, there have been some pretty dramatic changes take place within the past 24 hours. If you are a veteran player wondering what happened to the shard, or are interested in playing on one of the most kick-ass player ran shards around, be sure to check out:

http://www.wtfman.com/hb - Greybeard

Now I know how Don Corleone felt

Just when you manage to get out... they suck you back in!

Yep, what can I say.. Ultima 9 looks pretty smooth, so I am heading off to see if Comp USA has it in stock. I am sad to say that I dont share Ron and Night's AC fetish, I got all of the drudge bashing out of my system back in beta. If only Ron hadnt been such a tool and downloaded the freaking beta when I asked him too. Nooo.. he was far too busy surfing gay pr0n sites.

Ah well. I am sorry to have missed the WTFFest in Columbus. Personal issues unfortunately kept me in town, and the guys wimped out on their final hour plan to drive up here to Detroit. I was so looking forward to a bodyslam from Nighthawk too. Fellow UO fiend Kodiak aka Sea Bass and myself ended up drowning our sorrows in an incredible topless bar for several hours that night. I later wondered "WTF Man, how did I manage to blow $800 in a damn titty bar?" but the ear to ear grin and nipple prints on Sea Bass's foreheard assured me it was money well spent. I love this country. - Greybeard


I drank Rich under the table.

Weighing in at 135 pounds, Ron drinks Nighthawk under the table.

Make fun of Rich.

Rich and his woman are now cowering somewhere in Columbus amazed at the amazing vitality of Ron and his magic stomach. More news at 11.

- Ron


Help Wanted

As you may know, I have been spending most of my time time lately playing on Honor Bound, a privately ran TUS shard. We are actively looking for someone who who TUS scripting experience. (note, we need scripters.. not seers, councelors, etc etc)You don'nt neccesarily need to be a God at it. but by the same token dont waste your time applying if all you know how to do is script in pink mongbats.

This is a kickass shard that is growing by leaps and bounds and we need someone dedicated and talented who is willing to donate their efforts to the cause. If you're that person drop me an an e-mail. - Greybeard

NH Joins the Boston Marathon

A warning to anyone who is thinking of playing Ashron's Call : there is a LOT of running in this game. The good news is that there is an "autorun" key so you don't have to hold down a key or a mouse button and you don't run out of stamina from all the running. However, the bad news is that the people running away from you never have to stop unless you kill him. Judging by all the running people do, I have no idea why I bothered to have swords since it's going to be pretty hard to slash at someone at a full sprint.

Another great thing about AC is that people can log out in 7 seconds - even in the middle of a fight. So, all that running you just did just to keep your target in sight was wasted because he'll just logout when he figures he can't lose you or kill you.

Not that I'm any threat to anyone. I've might be the baddest ass 2nd lvl newbie on the shard, but that sure isn't saying much. The only good part of AC so far has been hanging out with Ron again... hopefully, it'll improve.

Oh yeah, whoever took my name on the PK server - fuck you.
- Nighthawk


WTF Beer Fest Directions for Friday

If I was a nice prick, I would probably have taken the effort to make a little map and give you step by step instructions, but as I am a lazy prick , and Nighthawk is now in Asheron's Call, I have to spend time with my boy making sure his shit is set up properly.

Thus far the most annoying thing, is some ass-clown has already taken the name "Nighthawk" so poor Rich is forced to take on the maiden name of "Nighthawk Jov."

We all feel for Rich.

Ok, where was I. Oh yeah, directions to Champp's in Columbus :

If you live in the area..it's the Champp's across from the Easton, in the Easton Market (not mall), across from Comp USA and Steak n' Shake, Logan's Roadhouse, and a plaza deal. If you live here, you know where the Easton is, so it should be no trouble finding it.

If you do not live in the remote area like some of you coming do, or if you live here and are retarded and have no idea where the Easton is : I have enclosed a valuable resource for you to find your own friggin' way here. Thank God for MapQuest. Go to www.mapquest.com and map your route from your starting address, to Champp's address, which is :

3993 Morse Crossing
Columbus, OH

MapQuest will map your route for you, both with map and road by road text instructions, and all will be well. It's free, it's fast, and it's far better than any map I could posibly muster in my current state. See all of you there.

Oh and important : Be there before 6:00 EST. Champ's doesn't accept reservations, and a Friday night there, though it is a huge place, gets packed very quickly after 6 PM. When you arrive, ask the hostess where the Castro District Internet Nerds are, and you will promptly be escorted to the area where we aren't.

- Ron


One thing AC sorely needs

Not sure if you read Azile's take on what she feels the game needs, but I have to add a thing I feel is wrong with the game, though it's not a bug.

In EverQuest, when you form a group, regardless if you're grouping for PvP or what not, it places your group members' lifebars in a small little convenient panel in the game window. The cool thing about them is that you can actually target your group members by clicking on their bars, rather than having the absolutely frustrating time of trying to click on one of 6 people in your group that's running on and off of your screen in front of 13 other people that look the exact same as he. It comes quite in handy when you are in a big fight and can't target your friends in the midst of the fray due to misclicks, lag, and other things on your screen.

In AC you have no idea how your friends are on life without targeting them, and when you are in the middle of a big ass fight, whether it's against people or monsters, you can't really take the time to click them (if you are even able to get a mouseclick on them anyway) to see if they are need of a heal or not.

Even if they say "heal me" you only see that in a chat window, and you have no idea which person's graphic on screen says it. In UO people would say that and it appears over their heads, so you know who needs the heal(on top of being able to pull-up lifebars and keep them out), in EQ you always have a view of everyone's life and can see it (and target that person by clicking it), but in AC it's absolute chaos trying to assist people in your group. Even with the handy-dandy radar, all you see is a wide assortment of green and red dots flying around like gnats, and targeting the person there is just as hard if not harder than targeting them in the main window, because either the dots are in one big blob, or you don't know which dot is which person.

AC needs a group lifebar window such as EQ has, and bad. If it had something of the sort, PvP would be almost perfect for AC, and grouping deep in a dungeon or practically anywhere for the non PvP types would one hell of a lot easier as well. If you're in agreement (to those of you who are ACing), why not help your favorite clown get this point to some of the AC developers, I don't think it would be too hard for them to add.
- Ron

Asheron called me the other day.

And there was merriment for all.

Played the living hell out of AC all weekend, as I don't start working until Wednesday this week, so I had to take advantage of my final days of veggin' out. I have to say, that once you get past that annoying-ass Zone setup, you're in for a real treat as far as gameplay (on the PvP server) goes. Remember that first feeling you had in your loins back in the day of UO's greatness? When you hear Asheron's soothing voice, you get that same feeling, only amplified.

If you haven't yet picked up the game, or are still unsure if you should or not, I'd have to say take the risk, and hop into the game as soon as possible on the PvP server. I don't really think that the game would be worth playing, however, if you are not into PvPing, as I would fail to see the point of playing. So if not into PvP, I'd recommend you stick to EverCrack, because the graphics are better and you don't have to rebegin a life of camping items all day on a different game. In AC, you have no bank, no housing, so you can't really horde anything - yet another reason not to play if not interested in PvP. You're just playing to get a bunch of items you won't be able to carry.

A bunch of us started pretty much this past weekend, and we have a tight little group so far, even if outleveled by the rest of the world. Fighting alongside Azile, Nyarlathotep (the Crazy Columbian), Lum the Mad, Azash, Buck, Helix, and Stormcrow to name a few. This past weekend we kicked the ever living dogshit out of pretty much all the competition we came up against, but not to say we didn't have our share of beatdowns. I am pretty sure that Sunday night we killed at least 100,036 people in a few hours' time, most of which are the esteemed logger-outters known as the Punisher-Razor clan. Even when we got our asses kicked, it was a lot of fun in all the combat. It's been quite refreshing.

Here within the month I will redesign and recontinue McDonaldland for more in-depth looks at our AC happenings. There's certainly going to be a lot to talk about.

Now that Nighthawk had the misfortune of being banned for stupidity, I am going to try to get his ass in-game to rebegin the killing he's so good at. When he's in town he'll be checking out the game at my place, and since Champ's is convenient;y located across from CompUSA, we'll get him shit-faced and walk him over to buy it. In the meantime, I urge you to Tell Nighthawk to get his ass in AC for me. - Ron


Ahh well...

People are amazingly sensitive in this game - OSI most of all. This sensitivity has again gotten me banned. How humorous... the irony of putting off my "last run" is not being able to make it.

Again, I was a racist mofo with the deadly word "gook". Nevermind this was in response to being called a "nigger", which I laughed at and didn't feel the need to report. What amuses me even more was that BOTH times I've been reported for harassment, OSI's own harassment policy was not followed except the "capture a log" part.

Although ORIGIN cannot control the conduct of other players, we do not condone their actions. However, Ultima Online is a role playing game which encourages various play styles. These play styles are not in themselves harassment. For example, harassment does not include: Player killing Stealing Combat WHAT TO DO If another player is harassing you in the game, there are several steps you should take to protect yourself and inform ORIGIN: Ask the offending player to "Please stop what you are doing, it offends me." If possible, move your character away from the offending player.

Report harassment to the ORIGIN Game Masters (GMs). To do this double-left click on your in-game character to bring up your character's paperdoll, then left click on the Help button. When the next screen comes up, left click on the box "Another Player Is Harassing Me" and report the offense to the next GM who comes to assist you. Make sure that you include the name of the offending player and the harassing conduct.

In case you're looking for it, that was taken directly from OSI's HARASSMENT POLICY on their website. The bold/yellow portion about asking the player to stop/let them know your offended and LEAVING THE AREA comes before reporting to a GM. Anyone else notice that? My lawyer did. =)

Anyhow, thankfully, I know what a bunch of whiner listeners OSI is, so I planned ahead in case of such an event happened. I'd moved all of my real estate and gold from my characters (except for 300k or so) to my gf's account. I'd just started working on a new character (on another account ironically) to make a 7x GM specifically for pking since it looked like my last run wasn't going to happen. Thankfully, between me and my ex-roommate, we still have enough accounts to stay in game if we choose. Even more thankfully, we both have enough rl cash to make this a pain in the ass for OSI by getting fun lawyers involved.

I'm amused by OSI's continued lack of standing behind their own policy, encouraging the "whining = results" theory, and the fact that they did indeed turn out ot be Nazi'ish in their policing of the game. I guess Ron's movie Know Your Enemy hit the nail on the head....

- Nighthawk


Stat Loss III

I don't know if OSI gives a shit, but I've been posting on my stat loss perspective on the Dev Board as well as emailing the few Dev Team emails I have. Basically, what I sent to Sunsword, Runesabre, and Calandryll is this.

Let me say first that even though I have a pk character, I am not against stat loss. It has done exactly what it was designed (and was needed) to do - reduce the rampant pking. However, there is an overlooked problem with this system that hopefully could be resolved in many different ways.

The problem is that if a stat-loss murderer lags or loses connection, he could die to something as simple as a ratman or ogre. This is an extremely harsh way to receive stat loss. I can personally attest to that because I've died on my stat loss pks several times due to bad timed lag or lost connection. I guess part of that is because I'm not into hunting with big groups, so I don't always have someone else there to heal/invis me if I have connectivity problems. Lord knows the Internet is an unstable place and all aspects of it can't be controlled. Anyhow, here are my two suggestions for a solution:

1> If the pk doesn't receive 50% of the damage from a player or player controlled entity (ev, demon, blade spirit, etc), then he doesn't getstat loss.


2> If the pk's head is not removed, then he does not get stat loss. Naturally, bounty hunters would remove the head to collect the bounty/givestat loss. However, the body not being chopped could lend to several conclusions. Either the pk died alone with no player involvement, the player(s) who killed him wanted the kill and loot but not to destroy his character or that the pks companions successfully defended the body for the 10 minutes it takes to decay.

I personally am I big fan of #2 and I can't think of any reason why this shouldn't be coded and implimented. It can't be exploited in any way that I can think of, adds options to now pre-determined outcomes and adds a better amount of playability to an already extremely hard character to play.

Anyhow, that's my take on it all. Comments, arguements, or whatever are welcome both via email or on either the JoV Forum or the WTFMan main Forum. If you feel the need to email OSI your thoughts, the Dev members emails are linked above.

- Nighthawk


Stat Loss II, Myth II

Being the sympathetic brother I am to poor unfortunate mister Rich, (he's a WTFMan, I am forced to be sympathetic to all WTFMens' needs), I decided I would add that I, too, feel that stat loss due to monsters is an extremely gay part of that worthless game that you all play. Matter of fact, it was a major cause of my quitting besides the sudden realization that the game - did in fact - suck large quantities of feecees, regardless of stat loss to monsters.

I find it humorous that since like, let's see, since the Fat Boys broke up, Origin has been able to masterffully craft over 178 patches and new improved anti-UOE code that, go figure, never worked a single time - yet they cannot implement a code to take away shit as lame as a Lord of the Abyss being so agitated at you for murdering 10 people, that he decides to make your magery and baking go down 20 points after shitting down your neck. That inconsiderate fuck.

In EverQuest, their code could tell who did the most damage to what, and if let's say, you were killed by a monster, another PK wouldn't be able to loot you (unless he did more damage). The code would be similar, just make it where your stat loss wouldn't trigger when more damage is done to you by a (fellow red and murderous) monster. Could it be that hard? No. Would it be bad to anyone if they implemented something like that? No. Give me one good reason why it would be bad. See there, you can't.

My "Final PK Run" consisted of me taking the stat-loss spoon in the ass three times, none of which were caused by another player killing me. Granted, my mad attention span and overwhelming intelligence were the cause of those 3 deaths, 2 of which were me killed by my own summoned earth elementals in my own goddamned house, but nonetheless, should my character have been ripped apart for that? The first time, I had to get something to drink, I was thirsty, so I went to get something to drink only to come back and realize that that little bastard, "A", was shooting hoops with my red skull in our 2-story playroom. It was Origin's way of saying red's couldn't get a fuckin Michelob out of the fridge. Blues had Shasta hand-trucked to their keyboard by their mothers. It wasn't fair.

The second one, well, see, I had to urinate, only to come back and see that little prick, "A" again, had decided to mash me into the carpet really good. It was clear to me then that Origin had decided that red's deserved to take stat-loss for pissing, while blues all over the country were able to just sit and wet their pants at the keyboard.

Now I bet you are wondering, "Gee Ron, what did your tales of sorrow have to do with anything?" Well, I'll tell you:

Myth II is a great game. Nothing can give you the satisfaction of watching 13 of your own troops get splattered into itty-bitty pieces of bloody gnarly flesh by your own solitary dwarf and his hand-grenade. In the past 2 days, I have been able to PK myself, nonstop for hours, and then get to watch instant replays, with a zoom feature. Also in the benefits package, they have a "pause" feature which allows you to grab a beer, piss, watch a movie, and come back in time to see a grenade land into the middle of your infantry. I'll never go back to UO, ever again. Who needs UO?

By the way, thanks to the hard-work of Brules and his characters I get to mark obsolete, I will be going with Nighthawk on his last PK-Run in UO this month, to ensure both his safety, and that he dies. I hope you Baja-ian mofo's are prepared for the wrath of Ron, his UOE 3.1, his broken Alt and Ctrl Keys, and Nighthawk. Be careful at Vesper bank, cause that's the first place I'll be gating us. - Ron


Stat Loss

I've been putting some thought into this. After having received stat loss several times, there is one part of it that stands out as just flat out uncalled for.

If you die alone, lost connection, and another person didn't even do so much as 1% of the damage you received, you shouldn't get stat loss. 95% of my pk deaths have been lag or lost connection oriented without another person having anything to do with it. Yet, because I play the murderer, and I lose connection, it's ok for my character to lose stats.

Go back to the old way where at least someone has to turn my head into a guard to get stat loss. Stat loss is pretty harsh for a lost connection at the wrong time in the wrong place.

- Nighthawk

Like I Need a Bigger Ego

Momaw/HamBurger posted an update on My Ten Bucks about new lyrics to the gatorade "Be Like Mike" song. The new title is "Be Like Night", so naturally, I like it.

On a side note, I'm finally sharing happiness and joy in only the way that I can. I've been pking every minute I'm online with an account of a friend that quit. So, I haven't taken my main perma yet, but at least I'm out doing what I like. I finally got to hunt with Eternam and Balinor, as well as having a couple of good runs with JoV guys. Anyhow, it's nice to be killing again.

- Nighthawk