The Newbie Guide to Evil

The links below contain information vital to any person who is a "newbie to evilness" in Ultima Online.  They will teach you thinks such as creating an evil character, developing an evil character, and it will tell you many important things that you must remember when you are evil.  However, as UO is a constantly changing environment, a lot of this information is now inaccurate. Tips that are not current or don't work anymore have been left for information purposes, but will be marked with (*No Longer Works*).

GM Character Building - AC VersionJanuary 5, 2000
PvPing as a MageSeptember 2, 1999
GM Character Building Part 3July 29, 1999
How to Macro EverythingMarch 22, 1999
Housing (Revised)March 16, 1999
Raising Stealing SkillJan 5, 1999
GM Character Building Part 2Dec 10, 1998
GM Character BuildingOct 13, 1998
Character Creation
Character Development
Things to Remember
Roleplaying Evil
BardingBy Nuker