The Comics Page
Welcome to the Joy of Villainy Comics Page.  I've seen a million comics pages, so I figured it was about time that I add one.  For any comments or suggestions for new strips, please email me. And yes, I will actually make a strip out of your idea if it's good and I have the time.
 Bad Hair Cut
Starring Warik as Vergil the Barber, Omega as Uriel, Lady Zexia and Lord Larson Stryker.
 GM Treachery
Starring Warik and Sauron.
 Deep Impact
Starring Warik, and a mystery man wearing tights.
Special thanks to Delusion for teaching me how to correctly add in speech for the characters.
 The Gathering
Warning: If you've never seen the movie or TV show "Highlander", then you probably won't understand this comic. =(
 Adventures in Hythloth
Don't you hate it when someone tells you "I got it...", Joe the Roleplayer sure does!
 A New Beginning
The return of Super Warik.
 Adventures in Hythloth: Part II
Because happy endings are UNACCEPTABLE!
 Disposable Heroes
The Man of Steal makes his presence felt on his new planet.
 Welcome Home
House looters in trouble? No problem!
 The Bug Police
Bug doesn't work? Never fear!
 Another One Bites the Dust
A typical day in the life of Warik and Sauron.
The Man of Steal is confused and frightened.
Warning: You should visit Zeromus' UO Toons and read the episodes with the character Malik to understand this comic fully.

Comic created with permission of Zeromus
 Game Over, Man
Getting on Man of Steal's bad side isn't a healthy course of action.