Finally introduced my spawn to UO

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Finally introduced my spawn to UO

Postby Kepher » Wed Jan 27, 2016 9:26 pm

And he loves it so far. He keeps saying how all the old games are better than modern ones. We are just running around UO Second Age killing deer and mongbats, but it's been a good trip. Treating it like playing dungeons and dragons. I'm enjoying seeing his reactions to it as something new and big.

I will be keeping him away from this site for quite a while, though!

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Re: Finally introduced my spawn to UO

Postby TQQ » Sat Jan 27, 2018 7:22 pm

Damn. I remember reading about UO in a game magazine early 1997.
It would be a 24/7 ONline world where you could do ANYTHING you wanted to do with 1000s of other players 24/7.
Bought it during the first week of release and it was amazing.
Played Atlantic server until Siege Perilous opened up and played there for almost a year before quitting late 2000 and going into AC beta where I played on DT for the next 3 years or so.
As a 19 year old working prt-time retail I eventually started Selling UO gold for real life money way before it became a common thing..
One of my first customers ended up being published in a game magazine later that year being interviewed about how he was buying gold in UO for his coworkers so they could play the game easier. I factored in the hours it took to farm gold and how much I could sell it for and it turned out to be more money then i was making on my hourly retail job. And at the same time I could have fun farming gold , have fun pking, and doing whatever the fuck I wanted to do. I "worked" UO for almost 8months until gold prices plummented as gold selling exploded and everyone started doing it. Sold my UO accounts for a pretty nice amount and moved on.

I Haven't been able to get into any MMOs or offline games ever since I quit AC.DT (then Darkfall for a solid 18 months was as good as it got to bringing back oldschool MMO fun)
Always hoping a true UO2 sequel with old school graphics in HD would be released with oldschool rules but just wishful thinking.

I also played IPY 1 ,2, 3, All those eventually got shut down but had a blast on those free servers.

UO Second age has been around 7 years I guess and has the pre t2a pvp system in place. I couldn't play UO after they implemented stun punches and trammel bullshit. Been logging into UO second age the past few weeks and this game is so damn fun again. There seems to be a steady 120-140 players online and doesn't appear the server will be going offline anytime soon with it's track record.

If I had kids I would be make sure they played old school UO. It is such a great experience even in 2018.

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