19 years...

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19 years...

Postby Mafghine » Sat May 21, 2016 10:56 pm

I think I found this site about the time right after release of UO. Man, I would wait the full 5 mins for the movies to load so I could watch them again and again. I was 27 and on dialup. I am now 46.....wtfman?

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Re: 19 years...

Postby Nighthawk » Mon Aug 15, 2016 8:28 am

It's crazy to think about how long ago this site started. We were so thoroughly obsessed with UO and then AC and the latter of which we left... wow... 12 years ago. 12 years since I've been crazy passionate about a game.

That's a little depressing.

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Re: 19 years...

Postby noober01 » Fri Sep 23, 2016 3:10 pm

So this slice of of the past is still breathing, eh?

Long time lurker, played waaay back like the rest of us in the old days of UO before it took a shit.

Cannot believe it's been this long. I mean, I'm so damn jaded from the current gaming world it's not even funny. Probably why I periodically find myself coming back here to remember the glory days. Well it doesn't matter much anyway as life is probably too busy to be grinding away hours on an MMO... ha.

Oh the power of nostalgia... thanks for keep the memories alive Nighthawk!

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Re: 19 years...

Postby Almighty061582 » Wed Oct 26, 2016 11:29 pm

Well said.

34, here... Not a ton to be excited about. Gaming wise especially... Does everything just get worse with age? I seem to enjoy everything less, but appreciate my enjoyment more??

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Re: 19 years...

Postby shytingclvrs » Thu Nov 10, 2016 11:10 am

And so the nostalgia hits again. If only I had time to game...with any amount of frequency like in my past....31 years old and I am already on my porch talking about the good ole days.

To be fair I travel the world these days, so I got that going for me, IRL gaming!

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Re: 19 years...

Postby Widow Maker » Wed Jun 07, 2017 3:03 am

^ Hellspawn from Great Lakes?

And fuck, it has been awhile. My nephew is 14 and I try to convey the excitement of being on the MMO frontier that was early UO. I'm nearly 34, recently out of the Army, and just enjoying my days backpacking. . . wishing there was a legit isometric MMO with full loot/pvp.

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Re: 19 years...

Postby Brianna » Thu Jul 13, 2017 8:42 pm

I'm 32 and have a kid and commute 3 hours a day and work in a boring office doing boring office stuff. I dream of the time when I had time to be "bored" and have free time to get really into an MMO.

I gave UO Forever a try for about a year and had quite a bit of fun getting back into the game. However the assist programs for player run servers are so crazy now they can automate 99% of pvp. Things like "target closest" or "attack closest" have ruined pvp. There's one giant zerg guild on the server who you either join (you have to pay them 200k gold to join) or you will spend the entire game being instantly killed in basically every pvp encounter by 20 guys running around ebolting you to death the second you appear on their screen. So I stayed away from pvp for the most part. All my pvm characters were built to at least be able to defend themselves from solo/duo PKs which there were quite a few of. And I had some fun just trying to survive and sometimes kill my attackers. But overall the pvp scene there is just 1 guild dominating everything because they have literally thousands of members.

But if you want to fuck around in the game and don't mind running from pks and dying to pks a lot then UO forever is probably still the best (most populated) player run server. If you haven't played UO in forever, you will die like a bitch a looooot until you figure out how to use Razor or UO Steam or Sallos (the server's very own custom client/assist program).

Anyway I check wtfman occasionally and read my one or two story mentions just to remember the good times.

NIGHTHAWK - we played together a bit on Baja and even had you on ICQ!

I'm going to throw out random Baja names that I can remember for fun

Lords of Death
The Malagents
The Lords of the Dead

V Finger Discount

so many other people I would remember if I saw their name

UO on Baja was the funnest times I've ever had in any game.. I still have lucid dreams sometimes where I'm playing UO in my dream

I've tried a few MMOs like the last Star Wars game and Elder Scrolls Online and Neverwinter and some other stuff but they're all just total garbage

right now I'm playing Witcher 3 on Xbox One. pretty sure PC gaming is dead now :(

I was sad to learn Asheron's Call had shut down (only noticed because of the last post on wtfman) - I was never able to hack it on Darktide, my life expectency was about 10 seconds no matter where I went, but played on non-pvp servers for some time. I actually made a ton of money selling AC items on ebay back when you could do that, which supported my teenage weed habit at the time.

I played AC 2 and loved it, I was always confused why they shut it down and then (sort of) brought it back for a while. I guess it just never had enough players, but the classes were so fucking weird I loved it. Tumerok shooting magic out of drums or shooting bees at you, Luigians throwing goddamn boulders, etc weird ass game but I loved it

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Re: 19 years...

Postby Gothokaos » Thu Jul 13, 2017 11:38 pm

I was 28 in 1997 and started on Baja the first week of launch. My main character was Leviathan. I was in the goody guild Guardians of Virtue early in the game. Even got my special good guy shield after a lot of macroing.... (can't remember the title)

I joined "Cult of the 7 Sins" on Baja till I quit the game. We were at war with everyone... so I was attacked a lot!

I remember some names from back then too...

Macabre and Aliena? A married couple who had a key ring so full that it would open most houses and lag the shit out of the area when in his bag. They taught me the fine art of PVP.
Jackal : He lived in SoCal like me and was a cool guy.
Ronald McDonald and Cichlid : Who didn't know that couple LOL! I think most people on the server had been killed by them!
Some kids that lived in the Turtle Rock area of Irvine. We pk'd ALOT.
So many more that I cannot remember.

Remember battlefield communicator? That was the first voice chat I ever used... it worked alot better when I got DSL in 1998.

I also had a master tinker named Gothokaos. Most of my fondest memories in game were killing people with trapped boxes in cities. Curiosity killed a lot of people back then.

I have had this site linked on my browser for at least 17 years. Hats off to you Nighthawk for keeping the nostalgia alive!

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Re: 19 years...

Postby bakon » Fri Jul 14, 2017 9:23 pm

FUCK Can't believe it has been 19 fuckin years.

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Re: 19 years...

Postby bakon » Fri Jul 14, 2017 9:24 pm

SHIT 20 years now, this post was made a year ago HAHA.

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